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Tiger Developments the previous owner conducted a poor consultation in summer 2020 the height of the holiday season and when we were all still in the pandemic. They said that was the last before submitting the planning application in September. ACA (Aylesham Community Action) was set up to campaign for a delay to allow proper consultation, and created the petition for much better community engagement: http://www.change.org/PECKHAMVOICES to have really meaningful consultation before the planning application. Tiger sold the site in 2021 to Berkeley Homes another developer.

  • Berkeley Homes now have a unit in the Aylesham Arcade open Tuesdays (1pm – 5pm) and Fridays (9am – 1pm) staffed to answer queries and discuss the development. They are also occasionally open on Saturdays. more information.
  • ACA is continuing to campaign for an Aylesham development fit for Peckham. Click here for information.
headline from The Standard article

Support the campaign

  • by joining the mailing list - ayleshamcommunityaction@gmail.com
  • by following @ACAPeckham on twitter, facebook, and Instagram
  • by coming to the ACA monthly community event in Peckham Levels. First one is 20th February 2024.

See previous petitions*

Latest News about the development


ACA 25Jun Poster A4 1 (1).jpg
ACA at Peckham Levels 29 May 2024
Multi Ward Forum 16 May 2024 Harris Academy Peckham Road
Right-For-Peckham-A4-Poster Screen 1.png
Thumbnail Right-For-Peckham 2 Square.jpg

26 June 2024 community gathering Peckham Levels

The next ACA catch up and discussion about community action to get alternatives properly considered will be on Wed 26th June, from 6.30pm meeting 7-8pm. Do come and join us, and come back if you have been before! We need widespread participation in this to get the right plan for the site. Please register.

25 June 2024 Berkeley public meeting

Call to local people to come and tell Berkeley what you think about the plans before planning application submitted. Media reports:

  • London News online - Peckham residents mobilise to voice opposition to town centre transformation
  • Southwark News - ‘Peckham not for sale’: Fiery residents protest against Berkeley Homes regeneration of town centre.

17 June 2024 Community consultation inadequate

ACA wrote to the Council on 17 June 2024 setting out how the Berkeley consultation process has been shallow and inadequate, that many important aspects of the development have not been discussed, and so the planning application is not prepared adequately for submission. Acting on behalf of the ACA, the Southwark Law Centre also wrote on 4 June 2024 to the Council setting out (i) how the community engagement has not met the mandatory requirements of the Council’s Development Consultation Charter (DCC) which is part of the statutory Statement of Community Involvement (SCI), and (ii) how there has not been adequate preparation for the Equalities Impact Assessment (EIA) which the Council requires to meet its Public Sector Equalities Duty (PSED). Headline points in the letter were summarised and listed in the covering email.

29 May 2024 community gathering Peckham Levels

This was a great ACA community meeting on 29 May in Peckham Levels. There was a catch up on what is known about Berkeley’s preparation of their planning application. This shows significant deficiencies which are not being addressed adequately. The photo shows local people engrossed in discussion about radical alternatives to the kind of plan that Berkeley have developed.

16 May 2024 Council Multi Ward Forum

This was the first public meeting arranged by the local councillors about the major redevelopment of the Aylesham redevelopment. It was held at Harris Academy Peckham, 112 Peckham Road. The Council also reported on the latest stage of trying to develop plans for the Peckham Library Square. Berkeley explained their plans for the Aylesham site. this was a rare chance for local people to say to ward councillors together what we think about the plans. But those hopes were dashed. There were about 180 there. But it was a disappointing experience. The 14 councillors as top-down decision makers sat up on a platform with Berkeley Homes the commercial developers, appearing to endorse the wrong plan for the site because it matched numbers in the Southwark Plan even though it is to local people a plan likely to ruin the attractive and unique qualities of Peckham town centre, while not meeting the real local needs for housing.
The many local people at the meeting were corralled into a Questions-only process with no comments at the only public meeting allowed. So there was no effective public discussion about the impact of the plans on Peckham. In the Questions it was clear there was full opposition to the current plans and demands for a rethink. People said there had not been proper community engagement on key issues of sustainability, green and open spaces, and the impact on the town centre small businesses, and called for more time for this before the planning application. There was unanimous support for a minimum of 50% affordable housing, and rejection of Berkeley Homes plan to sell the housing unaffordable to local people for 2nd homes. Several other issues were raised but there was no opportunity for satisfactory discussion.
Campaigners are encouraging people to write to their local ward councillors. Ward councillors have said they want to hear from their constituents. They ask that you write to them giving your views about the plans: Send your email to - Rye Lane ward councillors: Esme.Dobson@southwark.gov.uk, chloejtomlinson@gmail.com, Jasmine.Ali@southwark.gov.uk, CC to your own ward councillors. Click here to find their email addresses for your postcode - https://moderngov.southwark.gov.uk/mgFindMember.aspx? .

May Media

  • Southwark News 14 May 2024 Graphic shows how Peckham regeneration will ‘loom over lower-rise historic Peckham’ The picture shows the iconic Jones & Higgins building being dwarfed by huge towers. A petition launched by ACA making several demands of Berkeley and Southwark Council has gathered over 3,000 signatures. ACA has urged them to provide 50 per cent social housing rather than the 35 per cent usually stipulated by Southwark Council. The petition also demands that existing shops be protected, the creation of quality green space, and better communication with the community.

April Media

  • Southwark News 5 April 2024 Petition calls for more community involvement and social housing on Peckham Town Centre redevelopment. The online petition, launched by campaign group Aylesham Community Action (ACA), says: “Plans will soon be submitted for a massive redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre in Peckham. 14 new buildings of up to 20 storeys are proposed for the site – however community awareness remains low. “The current proposal doesn’t fit, won’t work and must change. Peckham’s communities have not been adequately listened to throughout the process. We support development of the site but the latest scheme contains the same issues as the previous, widely rejected plan. A more imaginative approach is possible.”

Tuesday 23rd April 2024 community gathering Peckham Levels

The 3rd monthly gathering for discussions about the Aylesham redevelopment and to meet other local people will take place in Peckham Levels from 6.30-8pm.
One of the serious omissions in developer Berkeley Homes 'community consultation' is that there has been no opportunity for community public discussion. For effective community engagement this is essential. In the absence of anything being provided by the developer, ACA is now arranging monthly community discussions in Peckham Levels. That is a good venue as it enables people to meet socially for informal conversation before and after the discussion and meet other local people to share thoughts and experiences of Peckham. All this is important for a local community to think together about the issues that affect us all - like the redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre. The first two gatherings have been successful with much animated discussion and leading to the consensus that a new petition is essential. The third monthly gathering will discuss progress on stimulating the widespread community conversation, and news on Berkeley Homes preprations and timeline for the planning application. Please note the date and help us by signing up when the Eventbrite link is ready. Google on Eventbrite for the link soon. ALL WELCOME, even if you don't manage to register in advance. Please spread the word about this event when you publicise the petition.

25th March 2024 new petition launched

Berkeley Homes have said they are soon going to submit their planning application for the Aylesham redevelopment. There are still significant gaps in their community consultations and other information they are required to collect and should have made available for discussion. The plans are for a massive redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre site in Peckham. 14 new buildings of up to 20 storeys are proposed for the site - between Rye Lane, Hanover Park and Peckham High Street. Community awareness remains low.

  • ACA has started a new petition to open up this issue right across all the varied communities in Peckham, so there can be a real public community discussion about the kind of development that's right for Peckham and its people. This is a development that will shape Peckham for many decades and the community has to express its views now. The petition will help to get the attention of the Council and Berkeley Homes that much more needs to be done to get local people involved and engaged in the discussion, before the formal planning process can start.

* Please sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/RightForPeckham

  • Please copy that link to spread the word to your friends and neighbours and in local online forums, social media and WhatsApp local groups. Find new ways to get the information to your neighbours in your street so that all parts of our community are included. Let's show what a widespread local conversation about the future of our neighbourhood looks like.
  • Can you help to deliver leaflets, collect more signatures, arrange a local meeting in your area or local group, or any other way?

If you can help the campaign, please email <ayleshamcommunityaction@gmail.com> to make contact.

community gathering 19 March 2024 at Peckham Levels

Tuesday 19th March community gathering Level 6 at Peckham Levels

There was a great buzz at the ACA community discussion about the Aylesham redevelopment by Berkeley Homes. Nearly 60 of us there. Consensus that it isn’t the right development for that site! There was great energy to get the message out across Peckham and stimulate widespread discussion about what is the right development. Discussion will continue Tues 23rd April 6.30-8pm at Peckham Levels. Please join the mailing list to keep up! - ayleshamcommunityaction@gmail.com

12th March 2024 Community Consultation process

Peckham Vision helped with others to found ACA (Aylesham Community Action) in 2020 with the aim of achieving effective engagement for the local community with the council and the developer to achieve development plans for the major Aylesham Centre site that were right for that site in such a significant location in the town centre. Throughout the consultation process with two owner/developers and several firms of architects it has been relatively superficial and not produced a scheme which fits with the town centre. In our view it has not yet met the requirements of the Council's own procedures set out in the Development Consultation Charter (DCC) which is part of the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). We have also been working with the solicitor at Planning Voice in the Southwark Law Centre to examine how the process so far does not meet the requirements in the SCI/DCC. As a result the Law Centre has written to the Council on behalf of ACA setting out what we consider to be the requirements which must be met before the planning application is submitted.

20th February 6.30-8pm ACA community event Peckham Levels

  • Around 60 attended the meeting which was very successful. See the notes from the meeting - Follow up email after the meeting and further meeting notes.
  • Level 6 at Peckham Levels Tuesday 20th February 6.30-8pm - come to this ACA community event for discussions on everything about the Aylesham redevelopment. Meet other local people socially and enjoy discussions about Peckham and how local people can have an effect on the plans. Register here to help prepare for refreshments.
  • Latest: The first plan from Berkeley was strongly rejected last year by thousands of local people. BH recruited new architects who have just produced new plans but they don’t look much different. There is still a lot to discuss about whether this is the right kind of development for this very large site in the heart of Peckham town centre.

13th February 2024 Media

11th February 2024 ACA statement

Thumbnail image001.jpg

ACA have just released a statement following Berkeley’s exhibition of their latest plans. Summary messages:

  • The ACA continues to question if this is the right type of development for Peckham. The new proposals are essentially the same as those rejected by thousands of local people over the last 10‐years: the insertion of very large buildings into low‐rise, historic Peckham, to create flats that will be unaffordable to most local people, with minimal green or open space
  • The scheme takes Peckham back to high‐rise development that has failed it in the past and the London Assembly has stated has problems with diversity of accommodation, lack of family housing, maintenance costs, embodied carbon, and community cohesion
  • The site allocation in the Southwark Plan of 850 units, which was contested by local people and considered to be an unjust process, is shown to be unsuitable. The new scheme indeed exceeds the indicative allocation given it was based on the bus station also being developed
  • There is still no coherent plan for the development showing the scheme can work, including traffic flows, the vision for the town centre economy, local public services and more
  • Concerns about the impact on adjacent businesses and services provided to both low income and ethnic minority communities have not been addressed
  • Public opposition to this approach goes back to 2013 and it is unclear what has substantially changed to try and gain Peckham’s support

January-February 2024 new masterplan unveiled

January 2024 More New Architects

from AJ Architects Journal 10 January 2024 - dRMM joined by new names on major Peckham regeneration scheme - Dowen Farmer Architects and Feix&Merlin have joined the recently appointed dRMM-led team regenerating the Aylesham Centre in Peckham, south London. The two locally based practices were revealed last month as the latest members of the design team working on the 2.7ha redevelopment following dRMM’s appointment last August. Developer Berkeley Homes and Southwark Council say Dowen Farmer and Feix&Merlin will work alongside the already announced Jas Bhalla Architects and nimtim architects on the scheme masterplanned by dRMM. Designs for the scheme are due to be unveiled later this month as part of an initial public consultation on the latest proposals for the long-running – and highly controversial – development.


click to enlarge

December 2023 South London Press

Peckham ‘may never look the same again’ as town centre and railway station are set for huge redevelopment. "Peckham town centre and its railway station are set for a massive multi-million pound transformation, with some plans to redevelop the area to be finished as early as 2027. A £40million project by Network Rail to redevelop Peckham Rye railway station was given planning permission on Tuesday, and will form part of Southwark council’s £27million plan to create a new civic square between the station and Rye Lane. It joins the enormous redevelopment of the Aylesham centre in Rye Lane – led by developer Berkeley Homes and believed to be valued in the hundreds of millions of pounds – and a £6million council-led redevelopment of Peckham Square."

November 2023 new developer consultation

NEW INFORMATION from Berkeley the developers Drop-in

  • Saturdays 18th + Sat 25th November, 10am-1pm at Main Hall, Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, 59A Rye Lane


  • Tuesdays (1pm – 5pm) and Fridays (9am – 1pm) at Consultation Hub at Unit 15A Aylesham Centre – .

November 2023 Jones & Higgins

  • Southwark News 15th November 2023. Planning application submitted to convert Jones & Higgins tower in to a night club.

August 2023 New architects

May 2023 Start again

April 2023 impact on heritage

Southwark News - Peckham historian battles to get listed status for the Jones & Higgins building despite Historic England snub. Nancy Coleman-Frank said Berkeley's plans for the Aylesham Centre made heritage status "more important than ever".

click to enlarge
click to enlarge - leaflet for on-line meeting & petition

March 2023 Over development

  • ACA (Aylesham Community Action) has created a series of graphics images here giving an impression of how a pedestrian would see Peckham town centre if the Berkeley Homes masterplan proposals, published in December, were developed. The page also gives links to media articles about the plans, and copies of ACA campaign leaflets and posters.
  • Southwark News March 2023 "... the ‘Borough Triangle’ development, in Elephant and Castle, could be forced back to the drawing board thanks to Sadiq Khan’s new fire safety announcement. It appears that one of south east London’s biggest residential developments may have hit an even bigger stumbling block. Developer Berkeley declined to comment on whether it would be submitting revised plans, but it’s difficult to see what other options are open to them. Khan has been clear that every residential block over 30 metres must have two staircases and their current plans simply don’t tick that box. It will also be interesting to see what implications this has for other tall developments across the borough. Will the Aylesham Centre 27 and 20-storey blocks, also proposed by Berkeley, meet the new standards? This is something the News will investigate."
  • Peckham Peculiar Comtinued controversies. "Berkeley Homes’ plans for the redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre in Peckham town centre continue to attract controversy and opposition, with campaigners claiming that display boards at the current exhibition of its masterplan proposals are misleading and inaccurate...“Berkeley’s consultation information is really misleading,” Eileen Conn of Peckham Vision told the Peckham Peculiar. “It indicates that the development would create a significant amount of green and publicly open spaces. “They say people asked for this – but that meant real public open space at ground level, because there is hardly any in the town centre. These plans don’t in any way provide such spaces.”

February 2023 Staggering scale

January 2023 green space misleading info

Southwark News-


December 2022 Masterplan criticised

November 2022 Masterplan published by Berkeley

12th August 2022 Southwark News


click to enlarge

10th August 2022 ACA online meeting

It is important for local people to have a chance to discuss the emerging ideas with each other, rather than just responding to sometimes not very clear or informative surveys. So ACA (Aylesham Community Action) has arranged a zoom meeting to report and discuss the latest on the development on Wednesday 10 August from 8pm-8:45pm, with informal discussion to 9pm, if you want to stay. We are keen also to hear what else you would find helpful to digest the information about this big development with a major impact on Peckham.- If you would like to attend, please register by email to get the zoom link: ayleshamcommunityaction@gmail.com or scan QR code on the poster -->>>

July 2022 Berkeley Homes consultations

Berkeley Homes (BH) consultation BH, the developers of the site, are continuing their consultation process by doing it in short stages over the summer. There seem to be two consultation surveys at this time:

To discuss and ask questions, you can visit their consultation hub (in the Aylesham Arcade) on Tuesdays from 1-5pm and Fridays from 9am-1pm in July. They aim to release their actual proposals in Autumn, with more detailed and fixed proposals in Winter, and official planning application submission in early 2023.

  • After you have done the surveys, let us know what you think of the consultation process and the development ideas by emailing ACA at - ayleshamcommunityaction@gmail.com . The ACA online meeting on 10th August will report on the information emerging and the questions arising.
to download leaflet, click to the left on 'directly from the pdf here'

June 2022 ACA Saturdays 11am-1pm table in Rye Lane

Beginning in May, ACA is most Saturdays (when there are enough volunteers) in Rye Lane at the entrance to the Aylesham Centre with information about the ACA, about the development, and with the Self-led Site visit leaflets. Do come and say hello. Join the mailing list - ayleshamcommunityaction@gmail.com - and ask for info about the dates the ACA table will be there.

May 2022 Self-led Site Visit

ACA has produced a leaflet encouraging local people to visit the site, on a guided walk in their own time, and learn about the redevelopment issues. This leaflet can be downloaded from the ACA news item here or directly from the pdf here. A copy can also be picked up in printed form from Peckham Vision's shop in Holdrons Arcade, 137A Rye Lane. The Arcade is open every day and the site visit leaflets are available in the leaflet boxes in front of Peckham Vision shop window, half way down the Arcade. Email to let us know if you make a visit and let us know how it was, and if any queries or comments.

April 2022 update

Berkeley Group have conducted some consultations to raise awareness of their presence and work to develop plans for the site. Information on these can be found on [ Berkeley Aylesham website]. ACA have had a few meetings with them urging a two way dialogue but it mostly remains one way from Berkeley to local people on ad hoc encounters. They say they will soon be consulting on their ideas for the site. The time scale seems to be slipping as we expected it would, though they are still they say aiming for a planning application by the end of the year.

January 2022 Community online workshop

A5 colour digital.jpg

This on-line event followed up the in-person event in November, and took a virtual tour of the site. It was a great community event - an example of real horizontal engagement - local people talking to one another - about Peckham's requirements in coming decades. The great event brought local people together through zoom to learn from each other about the site and how it fits into the town centre. Horizontal engagement strengthens the community and is essential for any corporate (vertical) engagement to be meaningful. If you want to keep up to date on what happens next, please join the ACA mailing list – email: ayleshamcommunityaction@gmail.com


November 2021 site tour

on the site tour November 2021
on the site tour November 2021

On Saturday 20th November 2021, we had our first event in Peckham town centre since the pandemic began. Peckham Vision is working as part of Aylesham Community Action (ACA). It was a fantastic walkabout on and around the Aylesham Centre redevelopment site. We started on the steps under the Arch opposite the Jones & Higgins tower, as the site is right up at the backs of the historic buildings on Peckham High Street. We had several stops to look at the issues raised by the previous owner's plans. We ended our walkabout with an hour’s discussion in Peckham Levels overlooking the site. It was a great team building event preparing for discussions with the new owners, Berkeley Group, about Peckham’s requirements and how their development will meet them. Please join us to take part in the community discussions and strengthen community voice. Join the email list: - ayleshamcommunityaction@gmail.com ACA - https://www.ayleshamcommunityaction.co.uk

July 2021 site sold to Berkeley

The site has been sold by Blackrock to Berkeley Group. ACA and Peckham Vision will seek discussion about Berkeeley working collaboratively with the local community - all parts of it - in creating the brief for the site. That has been missing all the time so far. It is a new start and we will be approaching them to ask for collaboration on devising real community engagement on the brief. They talk about community engagement on their website so worth trying to pioneer how to do it for real.

December 2020 first success

graphic created for the petition by Aylesham Community Action

The first stage of the campaign for meaningful consultation has been successful. The planning application was not submitted in 2020. Discussions are now in process on the way to design a different and genuine informed public discussion about the development of the site. These discussions are taking place between ACA members and local ward councillors and representatives of Tiger Developments, the owner of the site. See also here: history of the Aylesham site and latest update from Aylesham Community Action (ACA).

September 2020 SIGN PETITION

Petition for meaningful consultation on Aylesham Redevelopment. SIGN HERE http://www.change.org/PECKHAMVOICES We can have an effect if we get a lot of signatures for thorough examination of these plans before the planning application. There are big questions about the amount of truly affordable housing, amenities for children and families, public space, impact on the character of the area, impact on adjacent housing, and many other issues. Their consultations fail tests of genuine consultation. The petition is simply seeking a real consultation. We have proposals for that ready to discuss with them. This is a collaboration with others from Peckham Heritage and Peckham Society in the new group Aylesham Community Action - leaflet. A5 flyer The four images below show the whole site and its surrounds. The first is an aerial view now, and the others a photo of the developers model, their diagram of the plan, and a campaign graphic showing heights of the new buildings on the diagram.
Media coverage:

aerial view now 2020
thumb displays
thumb displays
thumb displays
Poster in 2017-18
Rooftop view
PV 4 sites walk & Bussey studio location map 2 lo.jpg
site map in NSP 2017 Preferred Option
site map in PNAAP 2014

February 2020 Developer's exhibition

AYLESHAM CENTRE REDEVELOPMENT CONSULTATION: Tiger Developments are holding exhibitions of their plans for their major redevelopment of the Aylesham Centre at Unit 15 in the Aylesham Centre on SATURDAYS 22nd and 29th FEBRUARY 10am-2pm WEDNESDAY 26 and THURSDAY 27 FEBRUARY 4-8pm

  • Visit to give your feedback. This redevelopment will have a major effect on the town centre. Some issues to look at - height of buildings, affordable housing, commercial spaces, redesign of bus station, effect on historic buildings, effect on rest of town centre.
  • Further information from: http://www.ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk . Phone: 0800 307 7562. email: info@ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk and ask to be put on their mailing list.


December 2019 news

We have heard that there will be a pre planning application consultation in the first three months of 2020. This is usually just a few weeks before the formal planning application is submitted. So these are likely to be the final plans from the developer. The concerns remain the same as before: The height of any buildings interfering with the rooftop views and the provision of social housing and not unaffordable flats.

March 2019 news

There has been no public news about the development for over a year. The Developers say they wil be consulting again in 2019.


December 2017 Petition to stop the 20 Storey Tower in Peckham

The rooftop view from the Peckham Multi Storey and the Bussey Building is now famous. But we have heard that the developers of the Aylesham Centre / Morrison's site are doing what the Council has been encouraging them to do throughout our campaign to draw attention to it - planning a 20-27 storey tower block. This is just in front of the Peckham Multi Storey and the Bussey Building. So the view that we and others have promoted for 10 years, and has had a dramatic positive effect on Peckham's economy, is threatened. Previous information about the campaign to protect the rooftop views. There are also additional reasons for opposing a tall building in the town centre - it is the wrong kind of housing for Peckham people, the real housing need can't be met by expensive flats in tall towers, and it is totally out of scale with the nature and character of Peckham town centre that has evolved over centuries.

To support the campaign to halt the tall building on the Aylesham Centre:

  • Sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/southwark-council-stop-a-20-storey-luxury-tower-in-peckham
  • Call in to Peckham Vision’s shop in Holdrons Arcade, 135A Rye Lane, Saturdays 2-5pm, Tuesdays 2-4pm
  • Write to: letters@slp.co.uk , letters@southwarknews.org , letters@standard.co.uk
  • Write to developers at: info@ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk
  • Spread the word through your networks and contacts
  • tweet your picture of the view to @NTlovesLondon @peckhamvision

5th November 2017 - 27 Storey Tower Block

The rooftop view from the Peckham Multi Storey and the Bussey Building is now famous. But we have just heard that the developers of the Aylsham Centre / Morrison's site are planning a 27 storey tower block. This is just in front of the Peckham Multi Storey and the Bussey Building. So the view that we and others have promoted for 10 years, and has had a dramatic positive effect on Peckham's economy, is threatened. Previous information about the campaign to protect the rooftop views.
To support the campaign to halt the tall building on the Aylesham Centre:

1st April 2017 Peckham Vision 4 sites walk

The Aylesham development site (NSP55) is one of 4 Peckham sites in the Council’s draft New Southwark Plan (NSP). Nearly 40 of us went on our Peckham Vision walk last Saturday to visit these 4 large development sites. In spite of forecast rain showers, it was a lovely day to explore from a new angle Peckham town centre. See here some photos of the walk: and Further information.

23rd February 2017 Local voices from 2016

Each year, Peckham Vision takes its stall and mobile exhibition about the town centre developments to several community fairs and festivals. The fairs are well attended and over the years since 2008, we have discussed the town centre developments with hundreds of local people. In 2016 one of the displays was about the Aylesham Centre redevelopment and we asked people to put comments on post-it notes. All the comments were typed up and are shown here. Selections and summaries of the comments are shown to illustrate the themes that emerged under these headings: • Scale & height of buildings • Street scene • Housing • Uses on the site • Facilities on the site • Consultation process. This document has been sent to the developers and their consultants and published through Peckham Vision's communication channels to contribute to the discussion. This community exercise, over several months in 2016 organised by Peckham Vision quite separately from the developers two workshops in November 2016, produced similar and complementary local responses showing their consistency with different audiences.

6th February 2017 New Southwark Plan (NSP)

The Council has published its Preferred Option of the New Southwark Plan (NSP) the borough land use planning policy for the next 15 - 20 years. This contains 4 proposed development sites in Peckham town centre, one of which is a revised plan for the Aylesham site which was first designated as a development site in the 2014 PNAAP (Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan). The proposals for the Aylesham site can be seen on pages 208-210 of the NSP in this extract of the Peckham pages. This Preferred Option Version of the NSP is out for consultation until 5pm 28 April 2017. Peckham Vision will be disseminating further information and holding discussions about the plans during the NSP consultation period.

21st January 2017 Community-led workshop

community-led workshop

Members of Peckham Vision and Peckham Citizens met together in this Community-led workshop on Sat 21st January 2017 to develop communities' ideas and aspirations for the site.


First consultations November 2016

Tiger Developments held their first public discussions with local people in November 2016 at two developer organised workshops in Rye Lane Chapel. The reports from these workshops are here. To be kept up to date with future events organised by the developers email: info@ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk . Their website is here: http://www.ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk

Background to Aylesham & Morrison's site development


The largest re-development site in Peckham town centre is the Aylesham Centre and Morrison’s car park.

Southwark News has reported that up to 1000 new flats, with shops, evening entertainment and public space could replace the current shops and car park. The site is owned by a joint enterprise between Tiger Developments and hedge fund Blackrock. For such a large and important site it is essential that local people have a chance to contribute their ideas and their needs before the site owners develop their plans for discussion with the Council.

For a long time we asked Tiger Developments and Blackrock, the owners and developers, to meet with us to discuss how local people can contribute before the plans are further developed. We had no response. Out of the blue in mid November 2016 we received an email about a consultation workshop on 23rd November 2016. This was far too little notice, and places limited to 50. After protestations at the limit on numbers they arranged a second workshop for the following evening. The developer's report on the workshops is here. Developer's information about the development is here. People should email info@ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk to ask to be on their mailing list for further events and information.

What local people say

Local voices from summer 2016

Each year, Peckham Vision takes its stall and mobile exhibition about the town centre developments to several community fairs and festivals. The fairs are well attended and over the years since 2008, we have discussed the town centre developments with hundreds of local people. In 2016 one of the displays was about the Aylesham Centre redevelopment and we asked people to put comments on post-it notes. All the comments were typed up and are shown here. Selections and summaries of the comments are shown to illustrate the themes that emerged under these headings: • Scale & height of buildings • Street scene • Housing • Uses on the site • Facilities on the site • Consultation process.

Spring 2016

We held an informal event in March 2016 at Peckham Library Square together with UCL students who presented their design proposals for the site, all with the purpose to bring awareness to the demolition and potential changes and to received feedback from locals on what they want. Their survey showed that local people think they should be allowed to decide how the development goes, who it's for, how tall the buildings are and how it contributes to the local economy. The survey reflects well known opinion about the town centre:

  • We wish to protect the view from the Multi-storey
  • We do not wish for tall buildings on this site as it would block views from the Multi-storey & Bussey building
  • We need more affordable social houses not private homes
  • We wish to keep Peckham mixed and diverse
  • A call for more public toilets
  • Traffic flow considerations
  • Provision for the disabled
  • A call for green space
  • We need safe spaces and activities for the elderly, children and community use
  • We wish to support local business
  • Keep parking capacity that currently serves the site and help local businesses
  • A call for a market, garden growing, and fresh produce for Peckham people
  • we want a street scene and not a closed shopping mall
  • We want the gaps filled in basic quality high street provision

Oliver Goldsmith Estate (Peckham) resident, Peckham Vision volunteer and UCL academic John Bingham-Hall said:
this is the biggest development in the town centre and will fundamentally shape Peckham’s character. The developers are working on plans without having asked residents what they would like to see happen here - they’re missing out on so many good ideas. Many people are positive about change but want to see it happen in a way that benefits them. So rather than wait to be consulted we decided to start the conversation ourselves and get people talking. It’s fantastic that we could link up Peckham Vision’s energy with the skills of the Bartlett students, who were looking for a community project to work on. I just hope Tiger Developments can see that this will be better for everyone if we work together.”

Upcoming events and consultation dates

  • Developer's workshop on 23rd November 2016.
  • Peckham Vision's stall has information about the development. The photos show the stall and display informing people of the Aylesham's redevelopment and asking them for views on what they wanted on that site, at Goose Green community fair on 8th May 2016. We have had the stall at several community fairs over the summer - Nunhead Cemetery Open Day on Sat 21st May, Choumert Sq Open Gardens 5th June, Brimmington Park Festival 2nd July, and at the Peckham Rye Fete on 3rd September. The information is also available in the Peckham Vision shop in Holdron's Arcade at 135A Rye Lane on Saturday and Tuesday afertnoons 2-4pm. Do come and visit.

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