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Peckham on film, video, audio

Here be Angels audiois a podcast about life in Peckham (SE15) and East Dulwich (SE22). It is produced by Richard Leeming, Heather Davies and Sarah Jane Griffiths, telling stories about life in SE15 and SE22. No drugs, no guns, no fools, no horses.

Here Be Angels episode 1 What makes Lordship Lane one of the most successful local high streets in London, and can Bellenden Road match it? What is the fantastic Dulwich Ukelele Club?

Here Be Angels episode 2 popup food and craft emporium in Nunhead, English Heritage's visit to Peckham and plans for a conservation area on Rye Lane and Peckham Hill Street, no really, and Heather and a Campari or three at the start of the official Peckham season.

Episode 3 - Peckham disturbances August 8 2011, two nights after disturbances had broken out in Tottenham and spread to other parts of London, there was an outbreak of looting and rioting on Peckham High Street and Rye Lane. This podcast looks at the aftermath of those events and the start of the effort to heal the divisions in Peckham.

Episode 4, music, movies and great art exciting new live music venue in Nunhead: The Ivy House Pub; in the run-up to the Peckham and Nunhead Free Film festival to back room cinema the Montpelier and what they're doing for the London Comedy Film Festival; Peckham Multi Storey car park to Bold Tendencies, the internationally significant Arts Festival.

Episode 5 William Blake tree planting minicast The name of this podcast is partly taken from poet William Blake's Vision of Angels in Peckham Rye... these angels were in an oak treee which isn't there any more ... so the Blake Society came down to the Rye to plant a new one...

Views of London from Peckham

From tall buildings in Peckham, there are magnificent views from Peckham of the whole of central London and beyond. This is because the River Thames flood plain stops at Peckham town centre, and gives uninterrupted views. The land begins to rise to the east, west and south of Peckham. Here the views are of the natural contours of the land and the wonderful greenery that is stil there between all the buildings and in the streets, parks, gardens, and cemeteries. There are two tall buildings in the centre of Rye Lane which offer excellent vantage points for these views. One is the Bussey building [see below], adjoining the south of the railway track. The other is the multi-storey car park, [see below] here, on the other side of the rail track to the north. The roofs of both buildings are now being successfully used from time to time for cultural and entertainment events showing the huge potential there is for Peckham to utilise these views.

Bussey building

Multi-storey car park

View north from Peckham Rye multi storey car park. Matt From London's photostream.

[In Pictures Sunset From The Rooftops Of Peckham Rye - Londonist.mhtIn Pictures: Sunset From The Rooftops Of Peckham Rye]

Peckham Rye

At the junction of Peckham Rye and East Dulwich Grove. It is a contrast to the colourful bustle of Rye Lane, only a short walk to the North. Geograph.

A Walk from Peckham Rye to Peckham High Street

Here are some pictures by Kamil M Janowski of Peckham's life today, walking from Peckham Rye Common and Park in south Peckham through Peckham Rye Village, to Rye Lane, past Peckham Rye station, along Rye Lane to Peckham High Street in north Peckham:

Football on Peckham Rye Common
picture Kamil M Janowski
Peckham Rye Common
picture Kamil M Janowski
Peckham Rye Village at the entrance to Rye Lane
picture Kamil M Janowski
Rye Lane market opposite Choumert Market
picture Kamil M Janowski
One of many Rye Lane butchers
picture Kamil M Janowski
Rye Lane central
picture Kamil M Janowski
Peckham Rye station, Grade 2 listed, in Rye Lane central
picture Kamil M Janowski
award winning Peckham Library in Peckham town square
picture Kamil M Janowski
Peckham Police Station in Peckham High Street
picture Kamil M Janowski

Documentary Photography: Rye Lane, Peckham by Tadhg Devlin

Tadhg Devlin says:

“Here are some photographs of an area in Peckham, South London, shown on the map in the first picture. These are part of my MFA in Documentary Photography which I am studying in Newport, Wales. There are plans to build a tram depot, which will be the size of four football pitches on the area marked on the map. The local council have said that this is derelict but there are in fact many artists' studios, an art gallery, performance spaces, and a number of small businesses and African churches, amongst other things. I started off doing portraits of the people and the space they occupy. Then I wanted to open the work up so started to work in the surrounding streets, working on streetscenes and details, some of which relate to the transcience of the city itself. I'm trying to look at a number of things including immigration, gentrification, regeneration, globalisation amongst other things.

I will be working on this over the next few months and hope to exhibit it on the streets of Peckham, close to the site towards the end of September.”

October 2008: "I am trying to explore what Jonathan Raban referred to as ‘the soft city’ – a city that involves the complexity of relationships and individual’s experiences, not only the physical space within a city but the psychological terrain created by its occupiers. ‘The city as we imagine it, the soft city of illusion, myth, aspiration, nightmare…. as real, maybe more real, than the hard city one can locate on maps, in statistics, in monographs on urban sociology and demography and architecture.’ "

Read more and see more here

Tadhg Devlin - Map.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - Church.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - Under railway bridge.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - Warehouse.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - Rye tree.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - Street porter.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - Church sewing.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - street litter.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - Clothes factory.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - family church.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - Rainbow.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - Trees in winter.jpg
Tadhg Devlin - CIP office.jpg