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The articles in the archives have been either superseded by newer information or the issue is no longer current. We have kept the articles on the website for reference.

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A Tram Depot is a desolate place

View looking across the depot ‘stabling yard’, where 24 trams are currently stored. Is this a positive outlook for the future of Peckham town centre?
In April 2007, Peckham Vision took Peckham residents for a ride on Croydon’s tram before visiting the tram depot.

The journey through Croydon by tram was as smooth and pleasant as I would have expected from such a modern form of transport. The service was prompt, quiet, clean and green. But as we arrived at the depot itself, I have to say my heart sank. This desolate place was a kind of ‘industrial suburbia’, clinging to the edge of the city and surrounded by large warehouses and car showrooms.

Security was tight, and a galvanised steel fence shut the site off to the passing public. As we entered through a small gate the vast maintenance shed loomed ahead. At 100 metres long, a street of two storey houses could fit under its huge roof. Read More..


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