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2014 July-September

Public toilets discussion Sat 20th Sep 2014

Discussion about public toilets for Rye Lane in the area around Peckham Rye station on SATURDAY 20th September 10am – 1pm at the Peckham CoDesign Shop in front of the station. This is the result of the local public toilets petition last year with over 4000 signatures. Come and help to work out the way to get these important public facilities.

Weekly workshops

There are two forms of workshop:

  • 'Treasure Hunts' which are 'adventures into the neighbourhood of Rye Lane.' These are part of a series of 8 workshops for young people and adults. They will explore the different physical, social and cultural layers that shape the identity of this neighbourhood. These explorations will define the key ingredients that will make the new station forecourt. To organise your own Treasure Hunt workshop, contact' These workshops from 3rd September to 18th October are on different days each week in late afternoon or evening; see the programme.
  • Saturday half day workshops on a variety of topics, in the morning and the afternoons. See here for the topics.

The events programme for the first week 3rd - 6th September is here. Updates on the events will be posted on the windows of the CoDesign Shop at Peckham Rye Station as well as on the website: and

CommonPlace map for ideas & comments August 2014

Everyone is invited by the Peckham CoDesign team to give their ideas and comments, about the area around the station, on the CommonPlace map. This is a really good way to marshal thoughts and get them into the CoDesign process. It can be done for lots of points at once, or bit by bit. First visit the map and have a look at other ideas and comments: Then enter your own comments. They say: “the data that we collect will be added to the ATLAS of Aspiration and will form an important part of our submission to Southwark Council.”

PeckhamCoDesign: how to keep informed & take part, as at 24 August 2014

The new consultation process is deeper and wider than previously, but the main period for contributing to the shaping of the thinking is scheduled to be completed in 7 weeks, by 17th October 2014. So it is essential to link in now by one or more of the following methods to keep up to date on how to get involved:

CoDesign stages and timescale 20 August 2014

The process is shown in 7 stages. The timescale for the first three stages of an intensive programme of events appears to be to complete them by 17th October. From the description of the process a possible timescale appears to be like this:

  • Stages 1-3 collection of community information & contributions - August to 17th October.
  • Stages 4-5 drafting & receiving public comments on the aspirations ATLAS, and its delivery to Southwark Council, GLA, Network Rail – October to November/December?
  • Stages 6 -7 appointment of architects and development & public consultation on detailed proposals – December to ??

The preparation of the planning application would follow this. There is no indication yet if this has to be submitted by a particular timescale. Confirmation of this approximate timescale has been sought from the Ash Sakula team.

The CoDesign process structure and timescale emerges 20 August 2014

The Peckham CoDesign was launched 20 August on top of the multi storey car park. See official video clips short talks from Cllr Mark Williams, & consultant Daisy Froud. The CoDesign team are organising a programme of events for the participation of as many people as possible over a period of 7 weeks from 3 September to 18 October. The overall pattern for these events will be on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday each week. They will include regular Breakfast Clubs, Working Lunches, Peckham Treasure Hunts, and Workshops, all on a variety of topics, mainly at the CoDesign Shop at the station, and also some different venues. The CoDesign Shop will be open to drop in at the station forecourt on Wed 9.30am-7pm, Fri 7.30am-4pm, Sat 10am-5pm. Details of the events are appearing in the programme of events. Everyone is invited to take part in all or any of them. The purpose of the whole CoDesign process is said to be ‘to address aspirations for the wider area surrounding Peckham Rye Station and focus on the station forecourt with view of developing more detailed DESIGN BRIEF for this space, [and to] … ask the community to help uncover what should a public square in Peckham be like?’

Launch event: Peckham Gateway co-design 20th August 2014

All Peckham residents, workers and business-owners are invited to the launch of the Peckham Rye Station co-design. The event takes place on Wednesday August 20 from 6-8pm. It will be held on the top level of the multi-storey car park at 95A Rye Lane, with drinks sponsored by Frank’s Cafe. Representatives from community engagement specialists and architects Ash Sakula and What if, who are spearheading the co-design, will attend the launch. Cllr Mark Williams, Southwark Council’s cabinet member for regeneration, planning and transport, will also be there. Cany Ash from Ash Sakula has said invites to the event will be posted to the 10,000 homes and businesses closest to Peckham Rye Station.

Co-Design process starts 5 August 2014

PeckhamCoDesign has just released the first news about the co-design process. They say:

  • Prior to the launch of the Peckham CoDesign on 20th August, we are now collecting CoDesigners.
  • Send us a profile photo, your name, your relationship to Peckham and a thought about the area...
  • Send it to and we'll add it to the CoDesigner Gallery on the new website. Spread the word!

This is the last opportunity to shape how Peckham Rye Station area develops - local people need to sign up for this process and get on the list.

Successful community public event 23 July 2014

The model was launched to acclaim amidst a joyous celebration of wonderful community collaboration. Locals queued before 3pm for the doors to open, and then we were kept very busy throughout and the meeting at 7pm was packed. Just recovering now from all the exertions as a 100% volunteer effort to get it ready and manage the day itself. There seemed a great buzz and we managed to attract people in from the street through our TODAY posters at the entrance and pictures along the passage into the Bussey building. There are still some buildings to be completed, and the model group sessions will resume in September. More here.
There is still room for more volunteers. If you want to take part, email:

thumb displays
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23rd July 2014 3-9pm launch of community-built model

thumb displays
thumb displays
thumb displays
thumb displays

Over 30 enthusiastic local residents have been working together since May 2014 to build a model of the Station Gateway site and adjacent streets and junctions in central Rye Lane as they are now. The event on 23rd July will be the first public viewing of this community-built model. It will take place at the CLF Art Café, in the Bussey Building at 133 Rye Lane. Connect in again or connect for the first time to the community discussion about our town centre. The programme includes the following:

  • 3pm-6pm: drop in exhibition and creative activities, come anytime.
    • something for everyone, including families and children,
    • up-to-date information about town centre developments, including the Station Gateway site and proposals,
    • model making mini film and hands on experience.
    • Nick Cobb, noted model builder & photographer, working on a new model during the exhibition as a practical demonstration.
  • 6pm-7pm: transition & drop in continues -
  • 7pm-9pm: the evening meeting will include -
    • short slide show of the buildings and history in the model area,
    • contributions from the model makers group, including mini film,
    • contribution by Cany Ash, consultant for the official Co-design consultation,
    • open forum discussion.

There will be CLF Art Café refreshments available.
Please spread the information about the event as much as possible locally to increase the number of local people who know about the model and about the Council's codesign process:

Volunteers are welcome for this event. it is an enjoyable way to become involved, get to know the issues and meet local people.
If you would like to help on the day, please email for more info.

The event is organised by Peckham Vision with many thanks for the generous and welcome support for the model making from the Peckham Society, Whitten Timber, Complete Fabrication, Khan's Bargain, and for the event from CLF Art Café and Southwark Council.
Local media articles about the model making:


Ash Sakula announcement:

At this meeting Cany Ash, from Ash Sakula, introduced their team who will be working on the co-design process. She reported that more work needed to be done before the process could start. They hoped that it could begin in August. News about the process is posted on their blog:

  • "During the coming weeks our team will occupy the unused staircase of Peckham Rye Station and facilitate the co-design process. We would like to introduce ourselves to you and get to know the Peckham community. Please come and meet us! RSVP"

2014 April-June

Southwark News reports on the model-making 19 June 2014

“A scale model of a town centre is being hand crafted by a group of residents, who want to make it easy for everyone to get involved in the redevelopment of the area. Around 35 enthusiastic novices signed up to build the cardboard model of the area around Peckham Rye station so local people and developers can literally play around with their ideas…” extracted from article in Southwark News 19th June 2014.

Peckham Peculiar – ‘Remodelling Peckham Rye station’ 14 June 2014

"Community action group Peckham Vision is making a model of the Peckham Rye station area to use during the upcoming co-design process… Around 30 people have set to work making a 1:100 scale model of the site that will measure 10 square feet. The station building will be the size of a loaf of bread, and the model will include part of Rye Lane and other nearby streets…" extracted from Peckham Peculiar June 2014 issue 3 If you are interested in taking part there is still time to join up. Email

Just announced - Ash Sakula appointed 5th June 2014

Ash Sakula community engagement specialist firm has been appointed to take forward the co-design consultation process on the Station Gateway project.
Council’s announcement is here.

Community model Station Gateway site June 2014

model making
scale measuring

The Station Gateway site is a complex one with commercial buildings nestled amongst railway buildings, viaducts and arches. The site is divided into properties with addresses on Rye Lane, Holly Grove, Blenheim Grove, Station Way, Dovedale Court, and Blenheim Court. So we created a site map showing exactly where these places are and how they related to the plans for total clearance that we were beginning to hear about. This aid to discussion proved invaluable as during 2013 we took two deputations to the Cabinet, attended a Scrutiny Committee, and took part in many community fairs, events and meetings, and discussion about the issues raised by the plans. Then Network Rail published their proposals to clear the site and redevelop it completely. To be able to have clear discussions, local people needed to have a model of the existing buildings and their layout on the site and also the areas around the site. We had suggested to the Council during the consultations last winter that a model would be very useful for this purpose. But the Council turned down the idea as too expensive. So Peckham Vision decided to ask local people on our networks if they would be interested in making a model with us for use in the planning discussions. Many people responded enthusiastically, and over 30 are now taking part in our model making group under the expert guidance of local architects Benedict O’Looney and Clyde Watson from Peckham Vision. Local organisations supporting the project are the Peckham Society, Whitten Timber and Complete Fabrication, Khan's Bargain Ltd. We acknowledge with much thanks their support for this community project. The model is at a scale of 1:100 and has taken shape building by building. PS = the model was displayed on 23rd July. There are still some buildings to be completed, and the model group sessions will resume in September.
There is still room for more volunteers. If you want to take part, email

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Official report on community responses to January consultation 31 May 2014

official report on January consultation responses

Co-Imagine the redevelopment of Peckham Rye Station Gateway 28 May 2014

This was an event organised by local resident Katy Hawkins to create a space for local people and those interested to co-imagine the future of Peckham Rye station and creatively respond to the site and produce their own imagined vision for the site. The contributions were exhibited at the event in the CLF Art Café in the Bussey Building 133 Rye Lane which included creative works from several artists and the Peckham Vision visual displays about the future of central Rye Lane and the Station Gateway site. The exhibition was followed in the evening by a panel discussion about the history of the redevelopment plans and some of the issues they raised. Comments from the public on postcards

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Election Planning Questions May 2014

Planning policies created by Southwark Council have a major effect on Peckham. The policies are developed by the political party or parties that get control through the local elections. So the Peckham Planning Network (PPN), made up of people living and working in Peckham, put some questions to the political parties standing for election to Southwark Council on 22nd May 2014. One of the questions is about the Station Gateway project. It points out that **Officers from the Council, GLA and Network Rail worked closely together from 2012 to 2014 leading up to the presentation on 18 January 2014 of Network Rail’s plans for the Peckham Rye Station Gateway development. After the plans were met by widespread concern and opposition as the wrong kind of development, councillors said that they were not happy with the proposals either. ** So

  • How was it that the relevant Executive Councillor Members did not know what plans were being developed in the discussions between council officers and Network Rail?
  • How will you ensure this lack of information won't happen again on this or any other significant project?

Here are the other questions:

Role of community in Station Gateway project May 2014

The local community played a significant role in initiating and championing the proposal to open up the front of the station. But when the public authorities – Council, GLA & Network Rail – brought the funding together (2011), the community was excluded for two years from the important stage of scoping the project - its purpose and scale, and its role in the town centre economy. This led to community rejection of the proposals for major redevelopment of the whole site. The authorities then agreed to adopt a ‘co-design’ process, which is about to begin. This story is beginning to stimulate commentaries on the role of communities in the future of their own neighbourhoods in an era of major redevelopments, and in the nature of organic change compared with major demolition and rebuilding.

Peckham Rye station gets Access for All funding 27 April 2014

Peckham Rye is included in the list of a further 42 stations to be included in the Department for Transport’s Access for All programme. This means that lifts to all four platforms will be included in the Gateway development project.

Station Gateway story as case example for London Plan April 2014

Peckham Vision's submission to the London Plan gives the story of the Station Gateway as a case example of self-regenerating medium-size town centres. This Peckham case illustrates the lack of understanding in the London Plan of the significance of self-generated organic change in medium size London town centres like Peckham.

Community engagement brief for Station Gateway project April 2014

We have now received from the Council, in response to our request, a copy of the community engagement brief for the next stages of consultation on the Peckham Rye Station Gateway development. This is out for tender now to eight firms who have to respond by 8th May. The winning bidder will be selected 14th May and will be appointed by the Council in partnership with Network Rail, GLA and Southern Railways who form the project team. The community engagement work will be launched in June following the 22nd May Council elections. The brief gives the timing for the submission of the planning application as ‘Autumn 2014’.

Letter from Network Rail to Harriet Harman MP 9th April 2014

Harriet Harman MP has released for information the letter she has received from Network Rail agreeing to her request to meet them to discuss details of the Station Gateway project and the further community consultation. She says she will let people know when the meeting is arranged, and asks local people “to keep in touch to let me know your views on this important issue.” The Network Rail letter says: “the extended period [of five to six months] will allow us to undertake further meaningful engagement and consultation and engagement with key stakeholders and others in the local community, with a view to submitting a planning application to Southwark Council later in the year.” To contact Harriet Harman, email: See Network Rail letter here.

New timeline for Peckham Rye station redevelopment 3 April 2014

Message from Southwark Council: "We have good news that the GLA has now confirmed that they are willing to extend the deadline for the delivery of the Gateway to Peckham project and that the £5m of funding for the scheme is secure. Network Rail and the Council have decided we need to appoint some community engagement specialists to ensure the next stages of consultation (via a co-designing process) are successful. These specialists will be appointed shortly and we're expecting consultation events to start in the summer with a view to developing submitting a planning application in the autumn. Please see the press release that has been issued today."

2014 January-March

Meeting with Harriet Harman MP in central Rye Lane 27th March 2014

Harriet Harman MP meets with local businesses

Harriet Harman MP today met several businesses affected by Network Rail’s Station Gateway plans; the meeting was in the office of Copeland Park (owners of the Bussey building). There was a useful discussion about the issues they face from the uncertainty that Network Rail are issuing notices for eviction by December, even though the recent decisions mean the plans are being reconsidered. We suggested a regular news email to improve information and communications. This was implemented swiftly by Harriet’s office, and an email news update was issued to their mailing list after the meeting. See copy below. They have promised to make this a biweekly update. Before the meeting we had a walk around central Rye Lane with Harriet to show key buildings and where they fit in the overall local economy.
Email Update from Harriet Harman’s office:
Southwark Council has now confirmed that the GLA has agreed in principle to extend the consultation period. The Council has also been looking at bringing in a third party to help facilitate or ‘co-design’ the process. We don’t have any more details at the moment but Cllr Fiona Colley should be able to provide an update shortly. Harriet is very keen to ensure that this extended consultation process is open, transparent and inclusive with the Council and Network Rail working together with the community to jointly agree the way forward. Since Harriet’s last email on the 13th March:

  • 19th March - Harriet wrote to David Higgins, CEO of Network Rail, outlining her views on the re-development of the station area see attached.
  • 24th March - She received a reply from the Mayor of London to her letter dated the 17th February see attached.
  • 27th March - Harriet visited Peckham for a tour of the key development sites around the station area, arranged by Eileen Conn of Peckham Vision, followed by a meeting with local businesses and creative industries at Copeland Park Industrial Estate to hear their views on the plans and the process for consultation.

In the coming days and weeks, Harriet will:

  • Meet the CEO of Network Rail
  • Clarify with the Council the arrangements for the ‘co-design’ process including the timetable
  • Reply to the Mayor of London’s letter (see above)

I will keep you all updated on any developments. But please don’t hesitate to contact me or Harriet at any time with your views, or to feedback ideas that Harriet can raise in meetings on your behalf. Best wishes,
Charlotte Dunn.
Constituency Office Manager to Harriet Harman MP

Council-community partnership for station scheme 25th February 2014

Thanks to everyone for a speedy response to Peckham Vision’s call: at the last count more than 100 local people wrote to the Mayor of London asking for the GLA's funding deadline to be extended, and it succeeded! Local residents, businesses and other stakeholders had told Cllr Colley that the initial plans for the redevelopment, displayed at a public meeting in January, had been rushed through, and that they had concerns about the size and scope of the project. Fiona Colley said “Plans are now being developed to make local people full partners in shaping the redevelopment.” See here for the full text of the Council statement, and the joint statement from the Council and Network Rail. The Council have agreed to explore the use of a co-design process to enable partnership with the community. This gives us the chance at last to move forward to a new era showing there can be real partnership between the community and the Council, for the benefit of our Peckham. This fantastic result is just what Peckham Vision had imagined and hoped would begin to happen two years ago, but better now than not at all.

Email London Mayor Boris Johnson to ask for more time 16th February 2014

There is a time-limit for spending the GLA grant from the Mayor's Regeneration Fund, which meant the money had to be spent by 2016. This date has meant that the development of an appropriate scheme has not been possible due to having to rush to meet planning application deadlines of March this year: far too short a time to work with the community to get the scheme that Peckham needs. See here further explanation for this. The Council is asking the Mayor and the GLA to extend the deadline on the GLA funding to allow time for the community to be properly engaged, and to make sure that the GLA funding delivers the benefits for the community that the London Mayor intended. Harriet Harman MP has written to the Mayor to support this request and has asked local people also to write to the Mayor in support of this extension.
Further information and download TEMPLATE EMAIL here.

local deputation at Community Council meeting 12th February 2014

Deputation to Community Council 12th February 2014

A deputation of local people and local businesses told the Peckham & Nunhead Community Council that the local community supported plans to create a new square in front of the station and improve the area around it. But it was not expected that this would be accompanied by far reaching redevelopment proposals for the entire station site. The deputation explained why the plans were unexpected and had caused a lot of dismay and concern locally, and asked the Community Council to arrange for a collaborative co-design process to develop a new plan. Deputation speech here. Cllr Fiona Colley responded by saying she had been appalled by the plans presented by Network Rail on 18th January and so was asking the GLA to extend the timetable for the submission of the planning application, and would get in touch about the community engagement process. spectacle blog report on the deputation.

Council seeks more time 11th February 2014

After a build up over the last few weeks since the Network Rail consultation event on 18th January, there has been a groundswell of concerned and anguished local voices shocked at the scale and type of redevelopment proposed by Network Rail for the station site. This got onto the London radar through ITN London News. Constituents began to alert Harriet Harman MP to the news. She has an additional interest in the issues because she is Shadow Secretary for Culture, and this redevelopment proposal would wipe out the creative and cultural industries that have already taken root on the site and they increase in number month by month. Harriet met with the Leader of Southwark Council, then with the Executive Member for Regeneration, which led to the achievement of some key points - especially the Council seeking more time for reviewing the plans. The letters are here:

The note from Harriet Harman MP's office reported:

  • Since the 31st January, over 60 constituents have contacted Harriet with their concerns about the proposals
  • On the 5th February, Harriet met with Cllr Peter John, leader of Southwark Council
  • On the 11th February, Harriet met with Cllr Fiona Colley (Cabinet Member for Regeneration), local ward Cllr Nick Dolezal and Sarah Green (Project Lead at Southwark Council).

From that meeting, Harriet Harman MP has proposed the following:

  • There must be extra time for consultation and engagement with local residents - Southwark Council is calling on the GLA (who partly fund the project) to ask for more time and Harriet will write to the Mayor of London fully supporting the Council's request.
  • Network Rail should include an estate management agreement that guarantees that local creative industries and small independent businesses in the area will form part of the plans and not be priced out by large retail chains or high rents, or replaced by betting betting shops and/or pay day loan shops.
  • The 1930's building on Blenheim Grove that houses the Sunday Painter and Peckham Refreshment Rooms should be protected and excluded from the plans.
  • The proposed height of the high rise residential buildings next to the station should be lowered.
  • The plans should include public toilets.

Network Rail plans reveal total demolition 18th January 2014

IMG 0904 adj - des prop - board 5 detail 96ppi.jpg
plans include 5,6,7 storey housing blocks
blue shows extent of new unexpected housing

The shocking news at the architects’ exhibition was that they plan a full clear out of buildings and enterprises on the Gateway site – the whole of Network Rail’s land around the station building. This would destroy that part of Peckham’s creative economy that has rooted there. How can this be? Have Network Rail understood anything about the micro life behind creative industries? They are trying to fix something that seems to be repairing itself in a way which promises self sustainability and economic diversity fit for the 21st century economy, in the creative industries sector of the UK economy which is the strongest. Since last April at the first deputation to the Cabinet, the council has said the plan was definitely not to clear out all Network Rail buildings around Peckham Rye station. Why did they say this and continue to say it?

Network Rail meets the local community in the Rye Lane Baptist chapel

More than 250 locals crowded into the 18th January event. All keen citizens, wanting to cooperate and take part. Why have they all been excluded while this plan has been devised between the Council and Network Rail? Why have the local community been treated like infants? How does the plan the local community has welcomed, to create Peckham Rye station public square, become a full redevelopment of all land, with the new public square such a small part maybe just around about 5%?

What went wrong? Was it because the Council and Network Rail prevented any public discussion about the implications and potential of the dynamics of new local economy developments and ways of creating the new square? This is what is of such great concern and so perplexing. A new strand in the local economy in Peckham town centre has been stirring into life slowly over the last 8 years, but increasing in pace more recently. While the effect has begun to get onto the London radar and noticed by the authorities and the big corporates like Network Rail, the nature of it seems to have escaped them. This is why good intentions might kill off the exciting potential that Peckham has to regenerate itself into a thriving self sustainable new form of economy for the 21st century. There needs to be more serious examination of how that alternative of the original idea of creating the square in front of the station and improving the environment around the station together supporting the new creative economy, might be all that is needed. As a recent commentary has said there is no need to fix things that are not broken. Ideas about alternatives will be posted here. Because of the lack of information from the Council and Network Rail, during the course of 2013 Peckham Vision facilitated a public conversation at community events. This is the official report on January 2014 consultation responses. The plan was withdrawn in February following a community deputation to the Community council, and further consultation promised.

Where and what is the station Gateway project? January 2014

MAP 1 - Gateway site as part of central Peckham's creative 'hotspot'
MAP 2 - creative enterprises on station Gateway site
MAP 3 - Nov 2013 Consultation Board 4 adapted to aid discussion
MAP 4 - station Gateway Network Rail 'preferred option' plan

Click on each of the maps to enlarge them and download.

Map 1 shows a cluster of four sites in central Peckham. These sites are identified on the map as A = Peckham Liberal Club, B = Multi-storey car park/cinema, C = Peckham Rye Station Gateway, and D = Copeland Park/Bussey. Together they are at the heart of the new creative industries in Peckham. This has caught the attention of the artistic, creative and cultural world who now refer to it as the latest creative ‘hotspot’ in London. The co-location and close proximity of the four sites, and the interaction this enables, is a key characteristic of the dynamic nature of the creative industries in this central area of town.

Map 2 shows the station Gateway site. It is the land and buildings owned by Network Rail, that surrounds Peckham Rye station between Rye Lane and Bellenden Road. It includes the commercial buildings in front of the station (blue on this map) and alongside the station building in Holly Grove and Blenheim Grove (pink), and behind the station (in green) the railway arches and forecourts in front of them along Blenheim Grove & Dovedale Court. The map shows the location on this site of the individual businesses currently operating there as a part of the new creative strand of the town centre economy. Bar Story was the first to arrive about 10 years ago, after the long established Arches Studios (yellow); others have located there since then, and with a quickening pace recently. Further details of these enterprises can be found here.

Map 3 shows the ‘initial thoughts’ produced by the Network Rail architects at the 30 November 2013 consultation event, and based on the 'preferred option' as in Map 4. This was the first step in preparing for the planning application to be made ‘in the Spring’. The 'initial thoughts' map shows the removal of the buildings in front of the station to create the new public square. This has wide public support, and so was expected. In addition, however, as in the 'preferred option' map, it shows that the ideas were also possibly to develop all the land and buildings on this site to the sides and the rear of the station. This overall plan if it went ahead looks as if it would need the removal of all current businesses, including those spearheading the growth of the creative industries on this site: those alongside the station building (pink in Map 2) and behind it (green in Map 2), although the Council has said that this is not their intention.

The architects presented their proposals at the consultation event on Saturday 18th January. This showed that redevelopment, involving total demolition and new buildings were planned. They gave a presentation at 3pm during the consultation event attended by over 250 people. This was the first opportunity for a public discussion about the future of the total site.

A key question in considering and appraising the proposals is what effect they will have on the young growing creative economy in central Peckham –
would the development encourage and support it, or would it seriously or terminally jeopardise it?
The overwhelming response at the meeting was that the scale of the plans was unacceptable, and that the plans were likely to terminally jeopardise the growing creative economy. This has been acknowledged by the Council and an extension of time to develop the plans is being agreed with the GLA.

Station Gateway consultation to be held 18th + 20th January 2014

See above for important background information.
This next consultation see flyer for details will be on the design proposals for the station Gateway project:

  • Saturday 18th January at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, 11am to 5pm drop-in exhibition
  • Saturday 18th January at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, 3pm public meeting presentation & discussion

Reports from this day of consultation, here and here.

  • Sunday 19th January on line:
  • Monday 20th January Peckham Square, 2pm-4.30pm drop-in opposite Rye Lane junction
  • Monday 20th January Peckham Library, display in lobby, feedback forms 4th floor.
  • Sunday 26th January deadline for comments.

Creative industries on the Gateway site 6th January 2014

The Government Inspector at the PNAAP Public Hearings highlighted the significance of the creative industries for the local economy and the future of Peckham in the Peckham& Nunhead Area Action Plan (PNAAP), and the need for changes to the PNAAP to reflect this. The PNAAP refers to Peckham’s growing reputation as a creative ‘hotspot’ and the Council’s aim to build on that in its planning of Peckham town centre. Consultation on the Inspector’s suggested changes to the PNAAP closed on 6th January 2014. Some local responses are here. Peckham Vision’s response describes the nature of the creative 'hotspot' in central Rye Lane located on four main sites and the links between them, with the station site as a key part (see map to the right), and the need to safeguard all four sites.

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