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Network Rail consultation 18th January 2014

the meeting at 3pm

Plans and models were displayed at the Network Rail consultation in Rye Lane Baptist Chapel on Saturday 18th January 2014. They can be found here. There was a drop-in from 11am - 5pm with an architects' presentation at 3pm followed by Qs and As. There was a steady stream of local visitors during the day, with over 250 attending the presentation and discussion. First reports from the meeting:

  • There was shock at the plan to clear out all Network Rail buildings and arches around Peckham Rye station. Why did Council say for so long that that is not their plan?
  • 250+ locals attended the 3pm meeting. All were keen citizens, wanting to cooperate and take part. But they have been treated like infants for the last two years while Network Rail, GLA and Southwark Council have been preparing these major redevelopment plans.
  • A key Q was put at the meeting - How has a welcome plan to create a public square in front of Peckham Rye station become a full redevelopment of all the land around the station, and the new public square is just a very small part of the redevelopment?
  • What went wrong? Was it because there was no public discussion about the ways of creating the new square, and how the local economy is regenerating itself as a significant economic player in the creative industries?
  • Report from Herne Hill Forum -

Network Rail design proposal

Network Rail design proposal

This outline plan which was on display (see board 5) shows that all existing buildings except the historic station building would be demolished. On Holly Grove and Blenheim Grove the commercial buildings there would be replaced by tall buildings of 7 or 8 stories, new buildings for work spaces would be built in the forecourts of Blenheim Grove arches, and a new two storey building in between the rail way lines with the arches turned into residential and similar units.

This is a table model view of the plan.

design proposal table model

The architects had produced a short animation looking at the redevelopment from all angles.
These are two stills from the animation.

animation still
animation still