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Panoramic view of the Bussey Building. George Bussey was a leading 19th British manufacturer who produced sporting goods on this site. (Photo by Adam Khan)

On Saturday 20th January 2007 Peckham Vision held an information day to give all Southwark’s Councillors the opportunity to get to know the then proposed tram depot site in Peckham, its current users and understand its future potential. One of the Councillors said they had been persuaded by the plan to build a depot on site because some years back officers told them it would regenerate Peckham by having housing and commerce on top of the depot. In fact, property experts said then that would be too expensive and the current plans did not include this. The original reasons for Peckham being selected as a preferred depot location no longer stood up, and needed to be looked at again.

On the January 2007 visit, the Councillors visited the Bussey building which is home to a wide variety of creative, business and social uses. From the top of the building they had a breathtaking view of London, and saw the extent of the 6 acre site to Consort and Brayards Roads, then earmarked for the tram depot.

All 63 Councillors were sent via the Town Hall a briefing pack for the visit. They all were then at that stage briefed on the issues arising from the flawed decision taken by the Council to designate this strategic site in Peckham Town centre for the tram depot. But it took another two years for TfL to do that review which showed this site was the wrong site for the tram depot on all aspects.Read PV News at that time...