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Version 1 of the new split-site plan.

The tram depot is planned for the heart of Peckham town centre. Originally this was going to be all in Peckham, but the Planning Inspector rejected this because of its adverse effects on the town centre. This plan is known as the 'single-site' plan (see here). The Inspector recommended instead a 'split-site' depot, that is part of the depot in Peckham and part somewhere else. The implication was that this would be smaller so that it would have less adverse effects on Peckham town centre. It is in fact less than half an acre smaller, and is more intrusive into the town centre. It would stable less trams – about 35 compared with the original 48 but it appears that the repair and maintenance workshops for the whole or major part of the fleet of trams would be on this Peckham site. The depot on this plan would still sterilise and close off for good this huge site which has a strategic role in realising the potential of the town centre. More...