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Map of possible one-way loop.
One way tram loop in Peckham

TfL's recent report on their consultation last year on possible tram routes has confirmed that there could be great difficulties in accommodating the tram on the roads and through the town square in the crowded Peckham town centre. To deal with these problems Peckham Vision has suggested a one way tram loop right around the town centre, southbound on Consort Road to Heaton Road, and northbound along Rye Lane. A single track would be much less disruptive than a double track. The single track could take the tram one way from Kelly Avenue through the town centre behind the Library and south along Clayton Rd and Consort Rd to Heaton Road, and back along Rye Lane stopping right outside Peckham Rye station, and then out of the town centre via the High Street and rejoining the double track tram near Kelly Avenue. More...