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The Vision for the Copeland Cultural Quarter

CCQ masterplan

Site 63P/71P, was designated in the UDP to be demolished for a possible tram depot. This 5 years of oppressive blight is likely to be lifted in the Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan (PNAAP) being developed which will replace the UDP. Half of this site, the part between Rye Lane and Copeland Road, is already a thriving mixed area of artists' studios, art galleries, a variety of small businesses, retail and creative industry, housing and other community uses, and has the emerging feel of a Cultural Quarter. A major part of the land is owned and operated by Copeland Industrial Park (CIP), and so the area and its immediate surrounds is becoming known as the Copeland Cultural Quarter (CCQ). The draft masterplan here illustrates the concept of a mixed organic development with the gradual rehabilitation of historic buildings ... Read more...