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December 2016 133 Rye Lane history as a cinema


2nd Planning Application March 2016-

18th March 2016 Planning application submitted

Planning application now submitted:

Case no.16/AP/1032 - case documents

Peckham Peculiar report

133 Rye Lane First Planning Application Nov-Dec 2015

133 Rye Lane

5 December 2015 Great Success

The developer has withdrawn the planning application for change of use of 133 Rye Lane to 11 luxury flats and extensions upwards and downwards, and has declared they want to work with local people for the long term non-residential future of the building. This is a success for the building, for the businesses that would have been so badly affected if it went ahead, and for the town centre to get a development that suits the needs of the town centre and that isn’t at odds with it. But there is an even greater significance to it. This developer listened to the community, dropped their residential plan, and said that “by taking a longer term interest in this building, we hope to develop good relationships with our neighbours and be a part of all the great things which are happening and will no doubt continue to happen in Peckham.”
The key thing is that a property developer has listened and changed tack and wants to collaborate with local people and businesses. This is a huge success in the battle across London where local interests are being overridden all the time by the inwardly focussed corporate property development world. An important part of this particular victory is that this shows it does not HAVE to be local v developer, but we can be all in it together to get a good result for all. It just about makes the pain of the existing hopeless system bearable to have this result. Welcome to these developers in pioneering a collaborative development approach. More info

24 November 2015 Westminster News TV

Report from Kait Borsay: “… they won’t roll over without a fight.”

17th November 2015 Public Community Meeting

We had a wonderful community meeting where the overwhelming view was that the building at 133 Rye Lane, which is the entrance there to Copeland Park, should be conceived as part of the whole Copeland Park site in terms of its function. This building is the one that has the passage way into the courtyard in front of the Bussey Building. It is not the Bussey Building itself. More later on why does this have such big implications for the future of the Bussey and Copeland Park. There were many contributions from the heart about the importance to people and the local economy of everything that the Bussey Building and the rest of Copeland Park now offers. The developers who have bought the building at 133 Rye Lane and made the planning application were present to listen to the community’s voice. They had already asked the Council to ‘pause’ the planning application while they reflected on their proposal in the light of the hundreds and more objections. There is no new deadline date for comments. The planning application may proceed or it may be withdrawn and/or a further application with a new proposal may be submitted. We will keep you in touch as soon as there is news. You can still put in comments on the current one, but the Council and the developers seem to have got the community message that the proposal is not acceptable. The Council has never had so many objections to a planning application. Their website crashed several times. To get a flavour of the meeting please see the tweets here: https://twitter.com/hashtag/savebussey?src=hash UPLOAD pics from event

17th November afternoon stall in Bussey courtyard

Before the public community meeting about 133 Rye Lane planning application last Tuesday in the Bussey Building, we had a stall in the Bussey courtyard for over three hours with info about the developer’s plans and also about other developments around there in Central Rye Lane. It was the beginning of a weather storm with the wind so loud it was a challenge to talk! Even so we had a steady stream of visitors from people dropping in as they walked along Rye Lane and people who knew about it from email and social media. It was great to be able to explain what was proposed, with the drawings and plans, right in the place where it would happen. The photos show the conversations in the space between the Bussey Building and the back of the building at 133 Rye Lane – the space where people hang out to smoke and talk and socialise who are at Bussey events, and also where people walk in and out of the Copeland Park site. It is a small space just right for that but the concern is that it is not compatible with residential housing above. The high risk is that, however much the flats would be designed to try to reduce external noise intruding, they wouldn’t manage it enough in practise. The developers will be saying next Friday what they are going to do after thinking about the objections. The Design and Access statement is the document to read. It is in four parts here: http://planbuild.southwark.gov.uk/documents/?casereference=15%2FAP%2F3666&system=DC

UPLOAD PICS of afternoon stall

15 November 2015 Publicity for Public Community meeting

Tuesday 17th November 2-6pm drop-in; 7-9m public meeting @ 133 Rye Lane. Please come to find out more and take part in the community discussion about the development plans for the 133 Rye Lane building. Also discuss other changes and plans in that Central Rye Lane area, and how to safeguard the growing cultural economy and have a clean environment. POSTER

13 November 2015 Noise v new housing

A big issue across London is the way evening and night time businesses, especially entertainment venues like CLF Art Café and Canavans, are being shut down as a result of residents’ noise complaints. The residents are usually occupiers of new residential units built after the entertainment businesses were established. This is therefore a great concern to the businesses in close proximity to the new residential housing proposed for 133 Rye Lane. It is the same issue raised by the plan for 22 housing units at 190 Rye Lane next to Canavans night club, (planning application expected any day now). Developers say that the way they have incorporated new acoustics designs and technology will solve the problems, as they have both said in each of these Rye Lane cases. But Planning Resource, the planners’ journal, reports: “Noise complaints from the residents of new homes next to live music venues are partly blamed for contributing to a 35 per cent drop in the number of such establishments in London since 2007.” http://www.planningresource.co.uk/…/planners-help-save-lond… So the businesses on site think it is too big a risk to put new housing beside their existing evening and night time businesses. More information about these issues:

The public events on Tuesday 17th November will give more detailed information about the proposed plans and the issues arising from them, and an opportunity to discuss them with the businesses and other local people. Please do come and take part:

  • 2-6pm drop-in @ Bussey Court in front of Bussey Building.
  • 7-9pm public meeting in CLF Art Cafe. Developers invited.

PIC CLF front

Public Meetings Tuesday 17th November

2-6pm: drop-in at Bussey Courtyard in front of Bussey Building, entrance through 133 Rye Lane. 7-9pm: Public Meeting in CLF Art Café, Bussey Building. Developers invited. Do come to one or both these events to get the information, hear the issues discussed and how to make your comments. POSTER

12 November 2015 133 Rye Lane major redevelopment proposed

Major development is proposed by the new owners of the iconic building at 133 Rye Lane. The building was bought in early 2015 by private company Frame Property. They want to extend it by two floors on top, and two basement floors below, and convert the floors above the ground shop into 11 flats. The documents for the application are here: http://planbuild.southwark.gov.uk/documents/?casereference=15%2FAP%2F3666&system=DC The key ones to read are the 4 parts of the Design and Access Statement: Part 1 Introduction & Overview Part 2 Analysis of existing site and context Part 3 Project proposal Part 4 Access & sustainability. These proposals raise several issues and lots of concerns from the many small businesses behind in the Bussey Building and Copeland Park. The documents are now being studied to prepare the detailed responses. Issues raised include:

  • Damaging impact on the businesses of new housing so close to this important part of Peckham’s local economy.
  • Unacceptable high density for the housing.
  • The provision of high priced residential housing out of reach of local people.

Come and take part in the public discussion of how this part of Central Rye Lane should develop. Further information and details will be posted here over the next few days. Planning Case reference: 15/AP/3666 Council weblink: http://planbuild.southwark.gov.uk:8190/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=_STHWR_DCAPR_9562425 PIC of building