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These are copies of some of the feedback we have received over the last 12 years. A continuous record has not been kept but these excerpts include some archive material.



  • Thanks for all your updates and hard work over the years. RM 15 May 2024.
  • Thank you for all the work you do and wishing you well on all future journeys. AH 15 May 2024


  • I would like to say Eileen I am so impressed at all the things that have been accomplished by Peckham Vision led and inspired by you. Are you doing fewer newsletters and passing on actions because you are thinking of retiring. If so what a loss to the community that would be, EB 27 Aug 23.


  • Best wishes and keep up the excellent work! Joe.S 22 Aug 2022
  • l just wanted to say thank you as your work and email updates have been invaluable during my time in Peckham. Mathew T. 25 July 2022
  • Thank you so much for this [newsletter], wonderful job you’re doing for the borough of Southwark. I get all the messages you sent me. Keep up the good work. JB from Nunhead. 9 June 2022.
  • Keep up the good work and good luck with everything! AS 18 May 2022
  • I have moved away and sadly will not be in the area much in the future, but I have enjoyed receiving these updates. It has been really enjoyable receiving this really useful digest of what’s upcoming in lovely Peckham. CF 16 May 2022.
  • I was made to feel welcomed at this session [ACA event] and I thank you for this. My previous experience with community meetings has not been so. MG. 24 January 2022


  • I didn't respond but do read links and appreciate receiving them - so keep sending them my way. The latest planning policy commentary from Clare D seems extremely interesting and sensible. Thanks, as ever, for your work on this. AD 10 December 2021.
  • Thank you for Peckham Vision's recent newsletter - it was very informative. Jack L. 24 August 2021
  • I am interested in Peckham Vision because through several interviews conducted with some locals, I have noticed that they trust you as an organisation and how you are encouraging local engagement, hence limiting social polarisation, and therefore resisting the process of gentrification. I encountered your name when I was studying the Peckham Coal Line project, but read about it as well when Rye Lane was designated a conservation area, and when I asked the locals about an active community organisation, Peckham Vision came first. Habiba J. 28 June 2021
  • Just to drop you a line to say thank you very much for engaging with my >tweets on the Peckham Place pocket park. It's always so difficult to engage the landlord (nhg) to do anything. But as [twitter] is a public space I thought it made sense to go a bit more public with my pleas! Fingers crossed we make some progress... Chris H email re @peckhamvision tweets 17 June 2021
  • Thank you all for representing us, the people who live in the area. It sounds like the meeting [EiP hearing] was stressful but I am confident with the enormous amount of work each and everyone of you put in any improvements will reflect the views of local residents. Alberto S. 27 April 2021
  • I found the SPN workshop on heritage and tall buildings very helpful in formulating ideas about my submission to the EIP. Thanks very much to you and the SPN team for putting it all together. Catriona S. 22 April 2021.
  • Lots of useful information and appreciate you sending this [Peckham Vision April News email] out. Phyllis M. 14 April 2021
  • thank you for inviting me along [to Peckham discussion on housing developments], it was a great learning experience and as you say, a great portal into knowledge exchange amongst different Southwark groups! Caitlin. 6 April 2021
  • Great to see the new manifesto on public participation from @centreforlondon and @ftwork_org capture the idea of place-based audits, long championed by @PeckhamVision All credit to you, Eileen Conn! Matt by tweet - #mayor4communities - https://twitter.com/MattBell3/status/1366753289723916291 2nd March 2021


  • I hope this email finds you well. You may remember I put in an application for CIL funds for our local garden. After months of hearing nothing I received an email and learned that we are up for a £7K grant - to be decided at a meeting on the 8th December. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement. It was and is much appreciated. Thank you. Andy W. 3 December 2020
  • Brilliant at local activism, inclusive, aware of what is going on, not afraid to speak out, endless energy, keeping local places affordable and in scale for locals, simply fantastic all around. Sue H. Facebook 1 May 2020
  • Peckham Vision are some of the unsung heroes of Peckham - volunteers giving up their time and energy at all hours of the day and night to give local people the confidence and resources to participate in decision-making on their local area. I learnt so much from Eileen Conn and the rest of the team - about community activism and the day to day issues that come up in town planning but might never reach the courtroom or inquiry venue - which has been invaluable in putting my work as a barrister in perspective. I suspect there are many people who are unaware that they owe the continued existence of much-loved local venues to the work of this small and minimally-funded organisation. Esther D-R. Instagram 13 April 2020
  • Congratulations! Community activism is why Peckham has stayed vibrant and creative - not another sea of glass blocks like Elephant! Caroline M. Facebook 10 April 2020
  • Congratulations! Tireless campaigning for all the right reasons. Andy M. Facebook 10 April 2020
  • Peckham would have been very different (in a bad way) without your indefatigable direction of Peckham Vision. Abby T. 8 March 2020
RTPI President in discussion in Peckham Vision studio
  • Thank you so much for your assistance I can’t begin to tell you how much relief it is to have someone to reach out too in times like this that can help by pointing some light in the right direction, many thanks again. Alan L 5th Marc 2020
  • Agreed. She's amazing. A complete force of nature. Peckham wouldn't be such a great place without her hard work & commitment. Facebook Terry H. 18 January 2020.
  • Eileen Conn is a rare gem. Facebook Bill G. 17 January 2020
  • I’m also referring to a number of direct discussions I’ve been privileged to hold in the course of the year. The first was in Peckham where, thanks to RTPI London, I was introduced to Eileen Conn of Peckham Vision. A retired civil servant, Eileen has a carefully considered view of where planning goes wrong and what we could do to improve. At the core, her argument is that we approach communities in a structured manner from our councils and organisations with our appointed leaders and roles. And we expect communities to follow suit. But communities are not structured bodies – they are a wide range of people and families and businesses and groups who come together for widely differing reasons and in each area form an organic cluster of communities, not a single community. To plan well for an area, planners need to take the time to sit down with and understand the various community groups and their objectives and desires. Eileen’s arguments resonated on the other side of the world... January 2020 - extract from speech by RTPI President Ian Tant President of the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute). See extract with photos here. See full speech here.


  • Thank you for the SPN meeting last Monday which I found a very helpful and inspiring introduction. Alison B. 20 December 2019
  • Spotted in #Peckham, #communityorganising at work. Sorry I missed this [the open studio weekend 7-8 December], but well done @PeckhamVision. You've made a massive difference to my community. Deborah D. tweet 9th December 2019
  • just to let you know I do read your emails - public toilets - how wonderful! I do remember signing a petition years' ago. Wyn J. 2 Dec 2019.
  • I think the transformation of Peckham which I have seen since I moved there in 1984 has been remarkable and I would like to thank you for your constant championing of what is a really beautiful area! If there is a downside, it is that other people k ow about it now! Sue B. 1 Dec 2019.
  • Visit the @PeckhamVision people (open studio)! They’re brilliant and inspiring! Peckham Heritage 28 Nov.
  • Wonderful to see the tireless Eileen Conn featured in @TimeOutLondon. She has spearheaded @peckhamvision and her work behind the scenes has saved numerous Peckham landmarks, including our very own Bussey Building! https://pic.twitter.com/PeW8v8zoEC
  • Eileen Conn and Peckham Vision have probably achieved more than any other locality in building a strong local centre in opposition to the prevailing forces. Michael E Aug 2019.
  • Thank you for all your emails on the NSP. I was completely intimidated by Southwark's consultation form when I tried it a few months ago, but with the help of your emails and your template I have managed to submit something. John B 15 May 2019
  • Thank you for this... I wish you all the best with your important campaigns. Anna M 24 April 2019
  • I would like to take this opportunity to say well done to you and all those involved for working tirelessly over the years in keeping the local community informed. Colleen M 24 April 2019
  • Yet again, a stellar piece of work, in making it possible for the rest of us, mere mortals, to get our heads round the complex issues of planning policies. Many many thanks! Clare B 16 April 2019
  • Eileen Conn we love you. Thank you for making Peckham the success it is! Oliver S. Facebook. 11 February 2019
  • Tendai Chagweda recommends Peckham Vision: "Community Champions in every sense of the word, Eileen and team are LEGENDS and have helped Inspiring DJs and many other Peckham & Southwark based organisations in HUGE ways. I personally recommend them for their resilience, persistence and support not just for Peckham but for the people of Peckham. If it wasn't for these guys, Bussey Building and Peckham Levels would either still remain derilict or turned into non-community high rises and Eileen and team fought long and hard to make sure that didn't happen. This has resulted in the community being able to partake in various projects from Digital surgeries to DJ workshops and if it wasn't for Eileen pushing and supporting my recent DJ projects, it wouldn't have been the success that it was. She enabled me to find girls and women to take part in a 6 part DJ program at Peckham Levels and a trip to The Shard to teach the fundamentals of DJing (qualities that promoters look for when booking them, having a good attitude and energy, how to brand yourself etc....) Peckham Vision were instrumental in my project and 10s of others throughout the Borough. These are your GO TOO for all things PECKHAM :-) (And so are Pempeople) THANK YOU SO MUCH xxxxxxxxxx" from Facebook 27 January 2019: https://bit.ly/2WpnFMD


  • I am moving to West Yorkshire, I have deeply appreciated the emails and action and wish you well in the future. Ben R 6 Jan 2018.

New Southwark Plan:

  • HUGE thank you for all your work on NSP and how to respond. I have very little time, but your notes and pointers were really useful. Really appreciate your help and wiki. Well done for you and your team. Without your efforts I probably would not have been able to make any submission. Hope to see you at the oral examination/public hearings! FB
  • Fabulous work all of you. AT
  • You've done a really fantastic job of helping people to feel able to respond and highlighting the issues. TJ. Community Southwark.
  • This is really amazing work! Thanks everyone who put these templates together. DT.
  • Thank you very much for all your hard work in putting together the briefing documents this is very helpful. GE
  • I just wanted to thank you for all your incredibly hard work on all this, and to convey my gratitude for the fantastic information you've put together. We and our members will have or will be responding to the NSP. AC
  • Thank you for spearheading and coordinating this process. I did send in my comments and it was incredibly useful to have the meetings and templates you provided. ES
  • Thank you for all your help and advice. SL
  • well done for all your amazing and utterly tireless work on the NSP. JL
  • Thank you so much. - also JM -for all the invaluable information and direction which you and your team have sent re the NSP. I have forwarded it as widely as possible. It is all hugely appreciated. Julia R 14 Feb 2018


  • I think the work your group does is amazing & essential for the well being of Peckham. John K. 12 Feb 2018
  • just wanted to reiterate how useful was the Peckham Vision website in my research on the Pioneer Health Centre. I found it to be one of the richest sources of information on the legacy of the PHC and a dynamic reflection of its enduring meaning for the neighbourhood. Giulia S. 5 March 2018
  • Many thanks for this info about the exhibition. I cannot believe the effort that Eileen and Corinne go to - it is really exceptional. Jeremy L. 16 March 2018
  • thank you for passing me on the emails! I will get back to you when I finish writing up my project. And thank you again for being so kind and welcoming me into Peckham Vision. I will definitely come around to future events, its been a pleasure to get to know you all. Dorothea T 24 April 2018
  • Wev'e not met but I've been aware of the fabulous work you and your network have put into Peckham planning. Toby B 26 March 2018
  • Excellent independent community lead and funded event! Keep up the hard work. LayersW tweet 28 April 2018
  • Big up @PeckhamVision for all their hard work! - Super happy the space is not luxury flats... you're an asset to area and people like you should be celebrated. PEIGH tweet 29 April 2018. Couldn't agree more. Thank you for all your great work. PBHF tweet 29 April 2018
  • We couldn't be more thankful for the work you and Peckham Vision have done. We live just behind the car park and it has transformed our neighborhood and offered of lots of opportunities to collaborate with young creatives and has given us a great place to hang out with our friends. Sophie 9 May 2018.
  • Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into our community, it's just great. Caroline H June 2018.
  • I think you have done astounding work. Changed the course of history. Abby T. 2 July 2018
  • It (Peckham Vision) is brilliant and we are lucky to have it. Sue H. 4 July 2018
  • Your emails are very informative, inspiring action. It was wonderful to meet so many engaged members of the community, very inspiring. Phil D. 4 Aug 2018
  • It's been interesting to hear what's been happening in the old neighborhood. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in over the years. Neil A 8 Sep 2018
  • I hope you guys manage to keep Peckham lovely. I used to live there and still miss it after 20 months away. Mat C 9 Oct 2018


  • Just to wish you a very happy New year and congratulations on the work you do. An amazing document this about Peckham developments. (in Denmark Hill, no longer Grove Park but still interested!) Carole W, resident, via email 2 January 2017
  • Many congratulations on your web site and information about planning. Peter Frost Chair Peckham Society, resident. via email 2 Jan 2017
  • Thanks for this [Peckham Vision News January 2017]! Really impressive and comprehensive. Helen P, resident by email 5 January 2017.
  • Well worth a visit on Tuesday or Saturday afternoon to Peckham Vision in Holdron's Arcade for information on all things Peckham. Lorraine L Facebook 20 February 2017.
  • After moving to Peckham about 16 years ago, I have witnessed the very many changes that have taken place in the neighbourhood. As things started to 'take off' and many creative and community level events and initiatives came on my radar I started spotting that Peckham Vision was always there or thereabouts and rather than being the 'no go zone' of media headlines, I began to see Peckham as a thriving and unique area of London. Either instigating, championing or challenging the changes, I have realised that at the core of the 'Vision' is an integrity that change be positive for the community of SE15. What Peckham Vision's interventions have taught me is that good things can be done at grassroots level and that these things need to be cherished, championed and protected, and not be simply building blocks from which others can profit or bulldoze with their own agendas and motivation. I was impressed to see this in action at the Bold Tendencies events where visitors enjoying the views and the events are reminded that what is around them didn't just happen - they could be swept away by unchecked development. Bartley S local resident by email 4th March 2017
  • Please could I unsubscribe from these emails. They've been great but we've sadly moved from Peckham. Charlie F by email 15 March 2017
  • Thanks for all the information. Do keep us informed. Kenya by email 21st March 2017.
  • I am inspired about your work with Peckham Vision and what you do for the local community. Please do stay in touch. Rachel M, South London Gallery by email 23 March 2017.
  • How are things re Peckham? As I say, I feel a bit out of the loop at the mo. I know there is a lot. I know there is a lot going on though, reading your newsletters. Even since finishing the film, a lot has changed!!! Marcus H by email March 2017.

The Peckham 4 sites walk 1st April 2017:

  • Thanks for all the organising of a most interesting tour. Peter B by email
  • thank you for organising the event. It was impressive, particularly having people speaking at the different sites. Anne C
  • On behalf of myself and Kevin thank you for an enlightening walk around Peckham yesterday. We found the tour very informative and certainly support you all in your quest to preserve Peckham by keeping as many of the original buildings where possible. Sue H 2nd April.
  • Thank you very much for your informative tour of Peckham. Myself and my daughter Elle were fired up by the speakers we heard. Steve F.
  • Best wishes for the good work you are doing. Imogen 8 April
  • The 4 sites walk was a great event, really informative, very accessible. The template email about the multi storey is a fantastic idea. It's been really easy to pass onto friends and neighbours. It was worded clearly and effectively, and very easy to complete and submit. A good idea. Corinne G 15th April.

on PV News email 6 April 2017

  • Thank you so much for sending this round. Both Rachel and I have responded and will follow this story Chris 8 April.

on PV Facebook 1st April 2017

  • i agree there are some pleasing shapes. And I really would rather see it developed rather than bulldozed. Keep up the great work, by the way. Sarah B 8 April


  • Please can you remove me from your mailing list, as I no longer live in Peckham. Very best wishes for the future vision of Peckham! Anne 13 April 2017
  • Please can we go on your mailing list. We live in Barry Road. Many thanks. We have both written using the template letter re:multi storey and cinema. Thank you so much for all your hardwork. Joy M 18 April 2017
  • Many thanks for this comprehensive document [Guidance on the NSP consultation.]-it is really helpful. Cllr Cleo Soanes. 27th April 2017
  • Thanks very much for making the PPN function for this time. I have learned a lot from the process. I think that keeping it going to feed into the NSP response is a good one that builds on what is already there. Paula O 23 July 2017
  • I feel like I've learned a lot from the PPN meetings I've attended, thank you for all the effort you've put into organising them. Louise C 23 July 2017
  • "Volunteering with Peckham Vision allows a unique insight into one of London’s most exciting town centres and a chance to play an important role in protecting and shaping its future." Peckham Peculiar August 2017.
  • I was impressed with your website and the way that PV provides a hub for community engagement in current concerns. Good to hear from you and keep up the good work. Will Y 31 August 2017
  • I personally think Peckham Vision is a really important feature in the area and as someone who has lived here for 9 years, am very glad there is something like it in place as Peckham continually changes! Lydia S 3 September 2017
  • Just wanted to quickly thank you for flagging up Athina's work and project to me; I'm going to be working with her to develop the food surplus scheme at UFWTW! https://www.ufwtw.org Jenny W 1 September 2017
  • Many thanks for this and for the comments on the amendments. They ... are applicable throughout the Borough. It is impressive research by your teams. The press have taken up the issue of Industrial sites being given to mixed use in neighbourhoods viz housing. Julia R 14 Sep 2017
  • I will be moving on from XXX at the end of next week. I wonder if you could please replace my contact e-mail with info@XXX to make sure we stay in the loop with your good work? Jemma G 12 October 2017
  • I dropped in to see you because I keep hearing about the fantastic work you do and have come across your various comms here and there. Simon E 10 October 2017
  • Your exhibition was really interesting and multi layered. So much work, and open thinking, and a very warm and welcoming space. bravo to you, Corinne and all involved! Claire H 19th October 2017
  • You have been fundamental and tireless in this entire campaign [Peckham multi Storey]. Many thanks and congratulations! Bartley S. 20th October 2017
  • [Peckham Multi Storey} Wonderful News!!! Well done and thank you, oh thank you Peckham Vision! Laura L. FB 23 October 2017
  • Thank you @PeckhamVision for all the brilliant work you do. Nicky T tweet 25 October 2017
  • Many congrats on what you have achieved in Peckham - that is an amazing result. [Peckham Multi Storey] Jeremy L 25 October 2017
  • I would be happy to volunteer with you again if you think I would be able to contribute with the outstanding work Peckham vision do to shape our local area. Pamela LP 31 October 2017.
  • Just a line to thank you, and your Team, for all you arranged and carried through at the meeting of the SPN on Monday last at Cambridge House. It was impressive and very constructive. Julia R. 6 December 2017
  • I have moved away now but thank you for your updates. I was very happy to see the achievements!! Noa S 8 December 2017
  • Thank you for all your tireless hard work, and campaigning over the years, you are truly an inspiration. This is what a fighter looks like. It looks like you. Thank you. Janine L 8 December 2017


  • hi I attend camberwell university of the arts. I am currently doing a project and the theme is peckham. At the moment I'm in the research process and I am wondering if you could send me an information pack or email about the historical aspects of peckham. thankyou for your time. Your website is very useful. Christine T email 8th January 2007.
  • Thank you for all the helpful news and information in the past couple of years. Alexander P 21 Sep 2008.
  • Thank you for all your hard work over the years and I hope to find a new Eileen in Bristol! Scott L 17 Dec 2010
  • Many thanks for your emails: I do appreciate all the work you do for Peckham! Sue D 18 Feb 2014
  • I am just writing to thank you for your beautiful paper (I have come to it late!) I love the elegant description of the relationship between public sector organisations and citizens. The models you describe feels genuinely empowering - because they provide a platform for practical action - whether it is as citizens trying to strengthen our voice and influence or as organisations trying to engage better. Mark G Nov 2015
  • We moved away 2010, but while we there your news kept me in touch with the sense of community and preserving local history and making a place that connects with what it was and what it is now. Thanks again for all your work, Sarah W November 2016
  • I wanted to thank you for all the work you and PV do on behalf of ordinary people in Peckham. I am saddened to read about the multiple changes proposed by the council in recent months. Your work is greatly appreciated . Christopher A by email 1st December 2016
  • I follow your group on social media and my mother Elizabeth has been forwarding your interesting news-emails and informing me of your meetings for ages! Hugely impressed by your group’s activities. Now I’ve become a co-chair of Friends of Warwick Gardens, I thought I really ought to subscribe myself! I hope there will be opportunities to collaborate in the near future! Alex C via email 7 December 2016
  • It was interesting when I lived in the area, but we moved away about 5 years ago, I just kept forgetting to unsubscribe myself from the list. via email 7 December 2016


Who's your favourite resident? - Eileen Conn - Exiled Geordie and Founder / Chairwoman of Peckham Vision - a community led organisation that unites the parallel communities of Peckham in order to aspire for a better future for the area. Eileen is a local hero who has successfully lobbied against Southwark council on a number of their disastrous plans for the area.

  • Peckham the new place to party Metro March 2013

http://metro.co.uk/2013/03/21/peckham-the-new-place-to-party-in-london-3552421/ The jewel in Peckham’s counter-cultural crown is the CLF Art Café, aka The Bussey Building (www.clfartcafe.org), running the musical gamut from one-off Hyperdub all-nighters to a regular funk, soul and rare groove club. ‘For me, it’s about having eclectic music billing that doesn’t rely on the popularity of any one genre,’ explains The Bussey’s prime mover Mickey Smith, a local of nine years’ standing. His Chronic Love Foundation took over one block of the vast building in 2007, when it was a run-down mix of storage spaces, garment manufacturers and a church, earmarked for demolition. The council scrapped plans to clear the site and The Bussey is now protected.

  • V&A presents Friday late Peckham Takeover July 2013

including: Peckham Vision Seminar Room 2, Sackler Centre 20.40 – 21.25 26 July 2013. Join local resident and co-ordinator of community group Peckham Vision Eileen Conn as she chairs a Peckham Vision community meeting, starting with a visual tour of Peckham’s diverse parallel communities and economies. Get involved in a lively discussion about wider issues of connections, integration and realising the potential of our town centres. www.peckhamvision.org artcurio blog

Around Peckham there's so many things going on, just takes a bit of an effort to find. But it's out there. So although i personally don't buy into the hype, preferring to focus on and keep doing good music, theatre and art projects, it is as important that as well as the press needing to stop the hype, those who should know the area should not be as dismissive of all that we [that includes, Hannah Barry, Peckham Visions Eileen Conn et al] have achieved over the last decade. And as importantly any so called 'setting the record straight type article" should at least be accurate. Mickey Jazzheadchronic Smith.

Despite the disparate origins and diverse motives of those involved, there are structures specific to the area that act as a form of social glue and over the course of these interviews, one name cropped up more than any other. As the community activist and campaigner behind Peckham Visionwhich, among countless projects, is active in protecting the area’s artistic communities, Eileen Conn has left a particularly big impression on both Gilla and Bradley. “When you couple grassroots support like that with the huge numbers of arts students in the area it can really help to sustain a creative environment,” explains Gilla. Picking up the story Bradley describes the longevity of her impact in binding the area to its musicians. “In the ’70s, Eileen was involved in a protest as part of the Peckham Action Group, to resist the rebuilding of Southwark town hall,” explains Bradley. “In fact, as part of the protest, a local punk band made this amazing 7” record called ‘No Town Hall’. I got hold of a copy. Interesting fact: the address on the label is Nutbrook Street, still Eileen’s house, and it’s one road over from mine, which is the address on the Rhythm Section International label.” It’s a sensitivity to details like this that make Peckham feel like the exception rather than the norm. Somewhere along the line it has retained a semblance of the diverse and conscientious communities that are being bulldozed out of other areas of London and the personalities that are brought to the fore in a culture of physical record trading is about as good an expression of this as anything else.

And this sense of community built from the ground up is what makes Peckham’s change more than Timeout or the Metro’s hype of parties at Bussey and cocktails ingredients at Frank’s. It’s been rooted here since Eileen Conn, who has through Peckham Vision, a resident-led organisation focused on supporting the town centre of SE15 as a “thriving and sustainable social and commercial centre.” Most recently, the organisation put forward the opportunity for locals to “co-design” the future blueprint of the Peckham Rye station area. Though the concept has been tested at hospitals, Southwark council’s move is recognised as the first time the community has received so much freedom in the concept generating stage of a project of this scale.

High streets are facing considerable change following the move towards online retail and the impact of the pandemic. However, there is an opportunity for local residents to work alongside businesses and urban designers to rejuvenate local centres. South London citizens’ action group Peckham Vision has been shown to be successful, but can its approach be adopted elsewhere? ...


  • PECKHAM VISION AND THE SAVIOUR OF COPELAND PARK: Artefact March 2016 video 10 mins. "The fate of Peckham has been precariously hanging in the balance for the past decade. A town built from the migrants of the first and second World War, there’s been an evolution in the area’s culture which conspires to become one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London. What makes this rise to power more notable and what distinguishes itself from most gentrification occurring in this area of London is its resilience against culture jeopardisation. Described by many as “the new Shoreditch” and “London’s newest hot-spot“, this has resulted in a rebellion against the common standard. Artefact went to investigate the area’s history and met a few of the people we have to thank for broadcasting this area’s real capability and saving Peckham from being constantly labelled as a dangerous and dead-end area."
  • We Live in Peckham. March 2017 A film (60 mins) filmed by local resident Marcus Hessenberg in 2013-2015, when Peckham was beginning to change fast. The pace of change has relentlessly continued to increase by today 2017. The film will be published in 2017.