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20th August 2014 6-8pm launch event: Peckham Gateway co-design

All Peckham residents, workers and business-owners are invited to the launch of the Peckham Rye Station co-design. The event takes place on Wednesday August 20 from 6-8pm. It will be held on the top level of the multi-storey car park at 95A Rye Lane, with drinks sponsored by Frank’s Cafe. Representatives from community engagement specialists and architects Ash Sakula and What if, who are spearheading the co-design, will attend the launch. Cllr Mark Williams, Southwark Council’s cabinet member for regeneration, planning and transport, will also be there. Cany Ash from Ash Sakula has said invites to the event will be posted to the 10,000 homes and businesses closest to Peckham Rye Station.

23rd July 2014 3-9pm launch of community-built model

Over 30 local residents have been working together since May 2014 to build a model of the Station Gateway site and adjacent streets and junctions in central Rye Lane as they are now. The community event on 23rd July will display the model in the CLF Art Café, in the Bussey Building at 133 Rye Lane. The programme will be:

  • from 3pm: demonstrations and hands-on experience of aspects of model making, Peckham Vision’s town centre exhibition, including information about the Station Gateway project and other developments;
  • 6pm: short documentary film about the Station Gateway development;
  • 7-9pm: slide show, mini film, talks, discussion.

There will be CLF Art Café refreshments throughout the event. The event is organised by Peckham Vision with many thanks for their generous and welcome support to the Peckham Society, Whitten Timber, Complete Fabrication, CLF Art Café and Southwark Council. download poster for Peckham Vision’s Community Event: Wed 23rd July launch of community-built model of central Rye Lane.


Ash Sakula announcement:

24th January 2014 South London Press on Gateway project

23rd January 2014 Southwark News on the consultation

"It’s like an embryo growing in the womb, hacking off its leg and still expecting it to grow’ - that’s probably a first for describing plans to redevelop a train station. Yet that’s the strength of feeling - ‘bubbling hatred’ - even, at the designs for a £25m revamp around Peckham Rye station. The investment is long overdue, but as we’ve long argued in this paper, there is no point in regeneration’ if it doesn’t benefit those who lived and worked there before council planners got to work. Peckham, or at least the area around the station, has changed drastically since this investment was first mooted, with a crop of trendy restaurants and shops springing up. The anger at Saturday’s meeting should be a warning shot to the council - don’t destroy this organic regeneration in what is a well-intentioned bid to trigger further regeneration."
babies & bathwater
Peckham Rye Station Uproar

Station Gateway consultation 18th + 20th January 2014

This next consultation will be on the design proposals for the station Gateway project:
Saturday 18th January at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, 3pm public meeting architects’ presentation & discussion
Saturday 18th January at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, 11am to 5pm drop-in exhibition
Further information on displays and feedback here.


Peckham Vision Community Pop-Up 16th-18th December 2013

Peckham Vision’s 3 day community pop-up provided a pop-up cafe with snacks, and an exhibition with display panels on five consultations of significance for Peckham town centre. The pop-up was run by about 20 volunteers from the Peckham Vision team.

  • Summary of the five consultations
  • PNAAP Modifications proposed by the Inspector
  • Major planning issues & Southwark Plan review
  • Draft Conservation Area Management Plan & THI project
  • Peckham Rye Station Gateway project & planning application
  • Rye Lane Pocket Places

The exhibition included guidance and background material to make comments on each of the different consultations. Each of the panels can be downloaded individually here For the PNAAP modifications, a sample letter was provided for those who wished to support the Inspector’s proposals to strengthen the PNAAP’s protection of workspaces for the creative and artistic industries. The deadline was 5pm on 6th January 2014.

Station Gateway consultation 30th November 2013

Network Rail's architects held a consultation in the Old Waiting Room on 30 November 11am–3pm. Deadline for comments is 7th December. Some of the points to think about in all this are in the short briefing note we produced for visitors to the consultation. This consultation appears to be testing the public response to the preferred option. The consultation boards from Saturday’s event in the Old Waiting Room (see photo) are now up on the architects’ blog: Display Board 4 identifies questions about the architects’ thoughts for redevelopment of the whole site. These would require as expected the removal of the buildings in front to create the new square. But they also extend to the buildings alongside in Holly Grove and Blenheim Grove and behind the station. These buildings currently accommodate new creative businesses. Do they really need to be demolished when they are regenerating the area themselves in the existing buildings? The architects will hold another event in January to present their detailed ideas as the basis for the planning application in the Spring. It has been a disappointing wasted opportunity to leave the public engagement so late in the process, and then leave just a week to absorb and comment on the design ideas being used.

Peckham Rye Station Gateway Project Developments Aug-Oct 2013

The Peckham Vision mobile exhibition and the public community conversation about the project continued at several public events, and on social media summarised here. A petition for public toilets to be provided in central Rye Lane in relation to the station developments was presented by Peckham Vision and the Rye Lane Traders’ Association to the Peckham and Nunhead Community Council on 30 September 2013. Peckham Vision supported a deputation to Cabinet on 22 October 2013 of some of the businesses affected by the developments to clarify the impact of the plan.

PNAAP Public Hearings 23 July–1 August

Examination in Public (EIP) Hearings will start on 23 July 2013, in Council offices in Tooley Street. Further details of the daily programme of topics and more information are here. These are important discussions open to the public.

5th January 2013 Peckham inter faith walk

On Saturday 5th January 2013 between 11am and 3.30pm, people from all faiths and none visited Christian, Muslim and Bahai faith groups in Peckham town centre. It was a gentle walk, and an enjoyable and interesting way for us all to learn more about each other as neighbours. The unanimous conclusion was that this was an excellent way to develop good connections between people of different faiths and cultures in Peckham.Short report and photos here.


2nd to 4th August 2012 The Old Waiting Room in use again

entering the Old Waiting Room at last from platform 3

We had a non-stop stream of visitors to the 3 day exhibition, about Peckham town centre in the Old Waiting Room, as part of the Peckham Cultural Olympiad. Over 600 visitors all keen to know more about the Old Waiting Room, the station restoration, the new public square and the town centre generally. It is clear that there is great local enthusiasm for the planned changes. See more for an insight into the magical experience for three days.

27 July-10 August 2012 Peckham Cultural Olympiad

From the brochure: "This is a collection of some of the thoroughly exciting events that are taking place in the ever-lovely Peckham over the time of London’s Olympics. We are a collective of organisations and individuals, all with the aim of creating and exhibiting artistic projects of Peckham. We hope to see some new faces in our spaces, enjoying the events and getting to know those that have made them happen. Details in the brochure 'Peckham Cultural Olympiad', which gives individual contributors' websites for further details on timings of events and locations." Peckham Vision's exhibition in the Old Waiting Room is a contributor to the Olympiad.

8th June 2012 Exhibition 2-4 August in Old Waiting Room

Peckham Vision is arranging an exhibition about the town centre in the Old Waiting Room in Peckham Rye station on 2nd – 4th August as a Peckham Rye Lane contribution to the Cultural Olympiad. There will be talks and more each day.

Exhibition times: Thurs 2nd Aug 5pm – 9pm. Fri 3rd Aug 1pm – 9pm. Sat 4th Aug 11am – 3pm. Volunteers are needed for a few hours during the afternoon or evening on Thurs 2nd Aug or Fri 3rd Aug, or morning or afternoon on Sat 4th Aug? To find out more, email: Read more…

14th March 2012 Rail industry support for community initiatives

This was a fantastic community meeting celebrating recent achievements for Peckham town centre. Over 200 locals from Peckham's diverse social, economic and ethnic communties crowded in to the CLF Art Café in the Bussey building, to hear the latest news from Peckham Vision and the Council. Senior figures from Network Rail, Southern Railway and the Railway Heritage Trust voiced their support for community initiatives at Peckham Rye station in Peckham town centre; see video clip.

17th January 2012 Community exhibition & meeting on 14th March

For latest news on all the new developments at and around the station and discussions about the future come to the community meeting on Wednesday 14th March 7pm, exhibition from 4pm, see details here.