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Peckham Rye station

The station as it was c. 1880.

Peckham Rye station began operating in 1865. The building was Grade 2 listed in early 2008 by English Heritage after years of campaigning by the Peckham Society. The station was built with an open square in front: see picture. The original building remains but the square in front was filled in with commercial buildings in the 1930s. The Council’s agreed policy is in the longer term eventually to have the buildings in the square removed, and the square reopened as an open space in this central part of the town centre. This is part of the integrated plan produced by Peckham Vision for Rye Lane Central.

In the short term, the Peckham Society and the Rye Lane and Station Action Group (RLSAG) with support from the Council, are working together on a step by step process to bring the historic original waiting room above the ticket hall back into use, and to get the exterior buildings and forecourt cleaned up. Southern Rail who manage the station, and Network Rail who own it, are working together to produce plans to restructure the interior of the station to install lifts and make it more accessible.

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