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An alternative vision for Rye Lane Central

A new vision for Peckham Rye station: the plan would involve removing the buildings in front of the station and replacing them with a public square and improved facilities for local businesses.

The Council’s plans for the town centre assumed, until recently, that it could be only a long narrow linear shopping street, with relatively isolated opportunity/development sites. But they finally saw the potential for viewing it in a very different way as an integrated mix of old and new buildings interlinked with open pedestrian spaces. The recent agreement between key stakeholders to examine the feasibility of opening up the square in front of Peckham Rye Station is evidence of this. It would create an open public space in the central part of Rye Lane, changing radically the nature of the town centre space there. Instead of a long narrow crowded shopping space, the area would be transformed into one of open spaces linked to other parts of the town centre currently hidden from view on the west side of Rye Lane. They also see now that the same approach can be taken to the other, east, side of Rye Lane. Read more...