On the Tiger trail

From Economist.com Correspondet’s Diary: ‘WALKING home from Peckham town centre, I often detour down the tree-lined walkway along the old Grand Surrey Canal. Completed in 1811, it was intended to link the Thames at Rotherhithe with Surrey. It only made it as far as Peckham. Industry, notably timberyards and lime kilns, grew along its banks.

In the early 1970s, the canal, by then derelict and filthy, was filled in. Although I never saw it, I mourn for it…’

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  1. I wonder if 2020 will be the point of the human race turning retrograde as oil will be so scarce, and perhaps then this filled in canal from Peckham to London Docks will be dug out by BWB again so that cheap, green and quietly efficient distribution can be achieved once again whilst creating ‘tourist attractions’ once again too?

    Jennifer – Peckham Town Centre Resident

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