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There are over 60 artists who have their studios in the Bussey building, and numbers continue to increase. They create a context from which cultural events are created and can naturally evolve, such as the series of art exhibitions over the last three years.


"Plagiarise" 19th-24th June 2009, 1pm - 6pm

Opening Reception Thurs 18th June 6.30pm-9.30pm. Amy Smyth will perform “Suite” at 8pm.

- an exhibition devised to question originality and newness within fine art

This is a group show curated by Peckham artists Jo Dennis and Dido Hallett, located in the Bussey studios, in the emerging Copeland Cultural Quarter. This new art exhibition is in the historic Bussey building, 133 Rye Lane, entrance opposite Blenheim Grove, SE15. Amy Smyth will perform “Suite” at 8pm on the opening night. further information: phone: 07947819597; email:

The curators say: "Plagiarise" is an exhibition devised to question originality and newness within fine art. As artists we are informed by art which has come before us; there is no such thing as an original idea. Artists translate and transcode information from one format to another, wandering in geography as well as in history. Our globalised perception calls for new types of representation: our daily lives are played out against a more enormous backdrop than ever before. Artists traverse a cultural landscape saturated with signs, creating new pathways between multiple formats of expression and communication.

Participating artists are: Hannah Alton, Gill Bedson, Jenna Collins, Victoria Deero, Jo Dennis, Dido Hallett, James Alec Hardy, Tanya Kaprielian, Tom Leamon, Gareth Lloyd, Joanna McCormick, Lena Pomford, Richard Somerville, Charlotte Squire, Emma Thompson, Jacqueline Utley, Tisna Westerhof, Gary Whitworth

1st Floor, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham, london SE15 3SN phone: 07947819597 email:

Some artists in the Bussey studios

Here are some of the artists who are working in the Bussey building, also known as CIP House.

Alice White

Alice ( practices as a painter from a studio in Peckham, located on the top floor of the historic Bussey Building, part of the site threatened by the proposed tram depot on the large industrial estate behind Rye Lane. Her studio is one of many on the site, now home to a thriving creative community, with great potential. “I’m the painter paparazzi”, says Alice in an article in Dulwich-On-View. Producer and Reporter Stefanie McIntyre visited Alice's studio recently, bringing a grand total of three film cameras and all sorts of interestingly portable microphones with her. The interview, about Alice's artwork and involvement with the enterprise Art-Switch is now online at the Reuters website: Alice says "You get a sneak peek at the interior of my studio and my current work in progress..." Read More ...

Alberto Ciravegna

Alberto has worked in the Bussey building at CIPHouse since 1998. He says "I am very keen to save these studio spaces."

Dido Hallett

Dido says “This building is unique and loads goes on in it that is unique. Some of the artists are involved with Camberwell Arts Week, 14th – 22nd June 2008. We are planning an open studio event here along with an exhibition of work.” Dido is joint curator of the Plagiarise exhibition June 2009.

Garudio Studiage

"We have been working in the Bussey building for about 3 years and don’t want to move anywhere else. We work across a range of specialisms including graphic design, printmaking, jewellery and painting. As a group and individually, we have produced work for clients including Paul Smith, Nike, & Red Bull. As a collective we have exhibited at several galleries." Read More ...

For more information:

Jo Dennis

Jo Dennis, is an artist working and living in Peckham. see and She says "there is a great sense of community here. I have met other artists and made some new friends. The building is amazing and the scruffiness inspires my work. I love the old lift and the smell of incense. And it is a 10 min walk to my house....perfect." Jo is joint curator of the Plagiarise exhibition June 2009.

Paul Bower

Paul Bower ( has his studio on the ground floor of the Bussey Building. He has worked there for almost 5 years, and thinks it is a very creative place to be. He is an illustrator, and his work the Barcelona Plates has just won the 2007 V&A Illustration Award for best book cover. He also works for charity groups producing adverts such as Christian Aid Ad.