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UDP (Unitary Development Plan) process

Latest News - 5 November 2006

The 6 week consultation period on the UDP modifications ended on 13 October. Council officers are now writing a report on all the comments and objections to the whole of the UDP which covers all of Southwark borough. We are told that the report will be put to the Planning Committee on 5th December, and they will report to the Executive Committee on 12th December. The Executive at that meeting will be deciding whether to modify the UDP in response to any objections, and then making recommendations on this to the Council Assembly which meets on 24th January 2007.

The meetings are all at the Town Hall and start at 7pm. If you want a proper review of the possible depot locations, including a thorough assessment of the impact on Peckham, please come to those meetings and show your support. To keep up to date on this, contact us.

The UDP up to now (September 2006)

The Unitary Development Plan is the 10 year plan for land use in the whole of the borough of Southwark. It is the base line against which all planning decisions have to be made. Until now it has been reviewed every 10 years and a new plan adopted. The current review started around 2001, and is now nearing its completion. Consultations have been happening on various stages of the draft plan since 2002. There was a public inquiry between March and July in 2005, where those who had made formal objections to the Plan text had the chance to appear and argue their points in front of the Planning Inspector. The Inspector's report was received in May (click here to download a copy). The Council modified the UDP in June accepting some of his recommendations, rejecting others and accepting the spirit of some and making their own amendments. The Executive and Council Assembly accepted those modifications in June and the 'modified UDP' is now out for its final 6 week consultation on the modifications. This period ran between 1 September to 13 October 2006.

The final stages leading to UDP adoption

After that the Council will consider the objections, and officers will report on this and make their recommendations on whether to make any more modifications or to reject objections. The Planning Committee will report to the Executive on this, and the Executive will decide on its recommendations to the full Council Assembly. It is said that the Assembly will take this at its meeting on [31] January 2007, though it might happen at the [6] December meeting. The Planning Committee and Executive will take the reports in the few weeks leading up to the Assembly.

The Assembly will agree the modified UDP and the Council will then give 28 days notice of its intention to adopt if formally. This is the last time for actions to be taken to challenge the UDP. This is very rare. The adoption is likely to happen in March 2007.

The UDP and the tram depot

This stage of the UDP is key for the plan to locate the tram depot in Peckham (click here to see the locations). The UDP has been written to 'safeguard' in planning terms a very large area of Peckham town centre for the tram depot, named site 63P in the UDP. This means that no planning application would be approved unless it did not in any way interfere with the plan to locate the depot, whether or not the tram project actually happens or not in the period of the UDP plan, up to 2016. The Planning Inspector, after the public inquiry, rejected the case for the original plan to locate all the tram depot in Peckham, called the 'single-site' depot (click here for information on this plan) because of its adverse effects on jobs, businesses, community and residents' amenities. But he recommended a 'split-site' depot (click here for information on this plan), meaning part of the depot in Peckham and part somewhere else. This was to reduce the adverse effects on Peckham. But the new 'split-site' depot plan providing for 34 trams instead of 48 is spread over an even larger area, and overall is likely to be as destructive and disturbing as the original 'single-site' plan.

Objections to the UDP

There are two main reasons for objecting to the way the UDP 'safeguards' the whole of site 63P for the tram depot:

  1. There is no limit on the size or scale of the land it could take within site 63P.
  2. TfL still have not done a thorough comparative review of the alternative locations for the rest of the split-site nor of the effects of the depot plan on Peckham town centre.

Objections to the UDP need to be aimed at achieving progress on both of these issues, and need to be made by 4pm on 13th October.

Objection to UDP form

A form is available to download and send off to the Planning Department.

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