From Peckham Vision
[[Image:09.12.16 half round DSCF5167 redcd.jpg|left|150px|thumb|PTC Forum 16th December 2009]]
The Peckham Town Centre Forum emerged in December 2009, from discussions in the Rye Lane & Station Action Group – [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum#Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum_Origins|see below.]] It was initiated and facilitated by Peckham Vision as an informal gathering of people in different roles, who are keen to improve Peckham Town Centre and have energy and enthusiasm, who get together to share ideas and take actions. Local residents have come together with architects, urban designers, business people, artists, gallery owners, creative entrepreneurs and others, with ward councillors, and Council officers from town planning and other departments with roles relating to the town centre. This has enabled a continuing dialogue which is leading to more informed actions. The actions have developed beyond fixed meetings into collaborative working across a network of local interested people. Meetings are generally in the CLF Art Cafe in the [[Bussey building]] [see picture] in the heart of the [[Copeland_Cultural_Quarter|Copeland Cultural Quarter]] where Peckham Vision was born, or in the Old Waiting Room, or in All Saints Church Hall Blenheim Grove. In October September 2014, Copeland Park provided an a temporary exhibition studio space for the use of Peckham Vision in recognition of the role Peckham Vision the group has played over the last 9 years in bringing different interests across the town centre together. Discussions are continuing on how that arrangement could be developed.<br> 
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