From Peckham Vision
Since then there have been several well attended meetings in the CLF Art Cafe in the [[Bussey Building]]. They have confirmed the well of enthusiasm and energy and ideas waiting to be tapped for town centre revitalisation. Open Space and other participative processes are used to encourage the development of ideas, networking and the nurturing of contacts for self-initiated actions.
So much has happened and is happening since during 2011 after the last Forum meeting previous meetings there has been was no time yet to write it up in detail for the website. See some of it for [[Peckham_Rye_Station#Original_station_square_to_be_restored_November_2011|Peckham Rye Station here]].
'''See also for forthcoming meeting about All those developments have now been reported at the town centre on''' [ 14th March 2012meeting.]
Previous meetings: