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==Documentary Photography: Rye Lane, Peckham by Tadhg Devlin==
Tadhg Devlin says:
“Here are some photographs of an area in Peckham, South London, shown on the map in the first picture. These are part of my MFA in Documentary Photography which I am studying in Newport, Wales. There are plans to build a tram depot, which will be the size of four football pitches on the area marked on the map. The local council have said that this is derelict but there are in fact many artists' studios, an art gallery, performance spaces, and a number of small businesses and African churches, amongst other things. I started off doing portraits of the people and the space they occupy. Then I wanted to open the work up so started to work in the surrounding streets, working on streetscenes and details, some of which relate to the transcience of the city itself. I'm trying to look at a number of things including immigration, gentrification, regeneration, globalisation amongst other things.
I will be working on this over the next few months and hope to exhibit it on the streets of Peckham, close to the site towards the end of September.”
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