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[[Image:A3_Master_SRUG_-_Peckham_Rye_tube_map_-_ELL_v.08%28f%29_LoRes.jpg|thumb|right|350px|link=|Click the map for a print copy]]
'''OLD KENT ROAD COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN -''' local people meeting to develop Plan B, the alternative sustainable plan. based on re-use-led not demolition-led regeneration. Click here for '''[[Old_Kent_Road#Introduction|LATEST NEWS.]]''' '''SATURDAY 5th JUNE 2021 3pm-5pm''', community drop-in in Burgess Park by the Chumleigh Gardens playground off Albany Road, right next to café and toilets
<br> '''PETITION FOR MEANINGFUL CONSULTATION ON AYLESHAM REDEVELOPMENT''' [[Aylesham/Morrison_site#Latest_News_about_the_development|Latest News]]<br>