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====Media reports relating to Peckham Vision's work====
* Feb 2007 Peckham Vision's forecast of Peckham's Cultural Quarter in Time Out ---------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>
* August 2012 [ Peckham Vision town centre exhibition in Old Waiting Room]
* December 2012 [[Media:Coming_of_Overground_peckham_article_Dec_2012.jpg|coming of the Overground]]
* 4th December 2014 [ The new community: How records are shaping local culture in South East London]
* August 2018 [ Mapping Peckham in South London Gallery Journal blog: contribution from 'Eileen Conn, Founder and Coordinator of Peckham Vision']
* July 2019 [ Defending her area against the soulless and the expensive - Peckham Vision's Eileen Conn is a hero of localism]
* September 2019 [ Extract from page 25 in the 2019 Annual Report of Centre for London*] Our Developing Trust conference was a highly participatory event which encouraged honest, open discussion. It attracted over 235 delegates and 25 speakers, including Jules Pipe, Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills, Eileen Conn, Founder and Co-ordinator, Peckham Vision, Cllr Ravi Govindia, Leader, London Borough of Wandsworth, and Toby Lloyd, Special Adviser, Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street. (*Centre for London is ‘London’s think tank. Our mission is to develop new solutions to London’s critical challenges and advocate for a fair and prosperous global city. We are a politically independent charity. We help national and London policymakers think beyond the next election and plan for the future.)'
'''''Previous media reports on Peckham Vision work are currently being collated.'''''

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