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The Localism Act 2011 gave a number of new powers to local communities to shape their own neighbourhoods. There have been mixed results to these across the country, though some successes like our local ones the Ivy House and the Peckham Liberal Club. There is a new Commission which is taking evidence from around the country about how to improve the Act and the way it works. The workshop on 30th May will bring together our community experiences in Southwark. This is for people who have had any experience of trying to use the powers in the Act, or have thought about it and decided not to, or have an interest in how the community can have more effect on what happens to its neighbourhood. This workshop is a joint effort between Peckham Vision, Southwark Planning Network and Community Southwark. More information about the [ Localism Commission is here.]
* A copy of the submissions sent to the Commission following the workshop are here: [[Media:Eileen_Conn_response_to_Localism_Commission.pdf|Peckham Vision]] and [[Media:Response_to_the_Localism_Commission_final_12jun17.pdf|Community Southwark.]] [ The Commission's report was published] in January 2018.
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