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*[[New Southwark Plan (NSP)]]
*[[Aylesham/Morrison site]]
[[Image:IMG 20171204 191551.jpg|thumb|right|300px|SPN meeting December 2017]]
====Southwark Planning Network (SPN)====
The SPN grew out of the list of community people who took part in the Core Strategy Public Hearings in 2010. Using the successful experience of developing the PPN, Eileen Conn, co-ordinator of Peckham Vision, has applied the lessons to the SPN on a similar model. The SPN is now meeting regularly for mutual support across the different main neighbourhoods in Southwark on planning policy and other mutual interests. Currently this is mainly the development of the [[New_Southwark_Plan_(NSP)|New Southwark Plan (NSP)]] and how to develop more effective and genuine ways for local communities to shape the policies as they affect the local neighbourhoods.[[New_Southwark_Plan_(NSP)#Election_Hustings|An election hustings]] on planning and regeneration is being arranged for Saturday 14th April 2018. More information [[Southwark_Planning_Network|here on the Southwark Planning Network (SPN).]]
====Just Space Network====
===Council weblinks on this page===
'''''Council planning weblinks have all changed. It will take some time to restore all the links.''''' If the link on this page you want is part of the PNAAP process and is broken you can find the adopted Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan (PNAAP) here
The Council says you can also access it from the Area Action Plans page by clicking on the relevant link, along with the supporting and background documents here: which can be accessed from the main planning policy page on the left hand side.<br>For any other broken Council links, Google search the subject or name of the document and Southwark Council. ==2019=====January 2019 London Plan EiP===The [ EiP (Examination in Public) of the London Plan] starts at City Hall by Tower Bridge on Tuesday 15th January. The EiP continues until May 2019. '''[ The whole programme of round table discussion sessions is here.'''] The sessions are in public, and local people are welcome. It is worth experiencing to see this part of the planning system in operation - it provides the umbrella under which everything else in London planning has to conform. This and the nature of these Hearings illustrate a bit why strange things seem to happen in planning. Peckham Vision is taking part along with [ Just Space] and has submitted Written Statements for three sessions: * on the '''[[Media:London_Plan_EiP_E_Conn_statement_M9-converted.pdf|role and nature of the community in Planning,]]''' in the examination of Chapter 1 on ‘Good Growth’, session on 16th January at 2pm.* on the '''[[Media:London_Plan_EiP_E_Conn_statement_M15-converted.pdf|need for close community involvement from the earliest stages in regeneration planning,]]''' This gives the case story of Central Rye Lane as an example of what is wrong with current planning process and how it should be, for the examination of Chapter 2 on Strategic and local regeneration, session on 23rd January at 2pm.* on the '''[[Media:London_Plan_EiP_EConn_statement_M51_-_M53.pdf|role of local community organisations and processes]] ''' in the living nature of 'social infrastructure', without which the Plan will not be able to 'create a healthy city and building strong and inclusive communities' as it aims to do. This will be the subject of the examination of Chapter 5 on Social Infrastructure, in the session on '''Friday 3rd May 2019 at 9.30am - 1pm.''' Here is '''[ a brief report of the discussion at the EiP on 23rd January on Strategic and local regeneration (Matter 15)]''' where the Planning Inspector invited Eileen Conn to open the discussion with a 3 minute account of Peckham Vision's experience of the community role in the self regeneration of the area in Central Rye Lane. Eileen pointed out the need for an '''agreed fact based audit''' of the existing assets and uses and potential of sites before plans for redevelopment were begun. This was echoed by the other community organisations also giving evidence.
===February 2018 Localism Commission reports===
The Localism Commission report [ ‘People Power’ has been published.] Southwark Community [[ Planning#30th_May_2017_Localism_workshop|submitted evidence to the Commission in May 2017.]] The Commission has uncovered a key issue in enabling communities to make a real contribution in shaping their neighbourhoods. This is the imbalance of power between communities and local government. For all this there needs to be a shift in culture which the Commission has recognized. But there also needs to be a recognition of the significant differences between the voluntary sector made up mainly of registered charities, and the community sector covering the much wider and larger activity in community groups and networks. Much more work needs to be done on this. Some of the issues are examined in Eileen Conn’s paper on the [[ Eileen_Conn|Social Eco-System Dance.]] We look forward to seeing what happens next to find ways of genuinely shifting local government and voluntary sector culture to enable real collaborative working at local level. The report quotes (page 34) Peckham Vision as follows:
* ''“The devolution of decision making and managing public services to lower levels of institutions and organisations needs to be distinguished from the processes needed to enable communities and neighbourhoods which are impacted by those decisions to be fully involved in the process leading up to the decisions.” Eileen Conn, Peckham Vision, written evidence''
We will observe with active interest how the Commission takes forward its call for action.
===January-February 2018 NSP workshops===
Peckham Vision is arranging a series of community workshops about the New Southwark Plan (NSP) through the Southwark Planning Network (SPN) and with Community Southwark and Southwark Law Centre. [[New_Southwark_Plan_(NSP)|Further information here.]]
* Further information [ about the workshop is here]
* TO BOOK scroll down to the end of [ this page.]
The Localism Act 2011 gave a number of new powers to local communities to shape their own neighbourhoods. There have been mixed results to these across the country, though some successes like our local ones the Ivy House and the Peckham Liberal Club. There is a new Commission which is taking evidence from around the country about how to improve the Act and the way it works. The workshop on 30th May will bring together our community experiences in Southwark. This is for people who have had any experience of trying to use the powers in the Act, or have thought about it and decided not to, or have an interest in how the community can have more effect on what happens to its neighbourhood. This workshop is a joint effort between Peckham Vision, Southwark Planning Network and Community Southwark. More information about the [ Localism Commission is here.] * A copy of the submissions sent to the Commission following the workshop are here: **[[Media:Eileen_Conn_response_to_Localism_Commission.pdf|Peckham Vision]] and **[[Media:Response_to_the_Localism_Commission_final_12jun17.pdf|Community Southwark.]] * [ The Commission's report was published] in January 2018.* [[Planning#February_2018_Localism_Commission_reports|see our comments here.]]
===May 2017 submissions on Peckham 4 sites===
[[Image:View_fm_MSCP_peckham.jpg|right|250px|thumb|view from multi-storey car park + Bussey building. (Picture: Ashley V on Yelp)]]
* '''Multi-storey car park/cinema site:''' Council ownership; Council still wants to sell for demolition and redevelopment for new commerce and housing in spite of the huge success of Bold Tendencies, Frank’s Café and the Peckham Plex cinema showing its potential as a permanent cultural centre. Local community groups and individuals led by Peckham Vision persuaded the Inspector at the [[Planning#Inspector.E2.80.99s_proposed_PNAAP_modifications_.26_the_creative_industries|PNAAP Public Hearings in July 2013]] that the Council needed to research the car park/cinema complex becoming a permanent cultural centre. The Inspector’s report with his final recommendations [[Planning#June_2014_Inspector.27s_report_published|is now published (June 2014)]] and recommends multi-storey car park to be removed from PNAAP designation for further research: [ see report pages 28-29, paragraphs 127 - 134.] [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#Planning_status_of_the_Peckham_Multi_Storey|See here for the further developments in 2015.]]
**'''SUCCESS IN OCTOBER 2017!'''[[Multi-Storey_Car_Park|The site was taken out of the New Southwark Plan]] 7 days before it was published:
In addition, [[Media:View fm MSCP peckham.jpg|'''the view]] from the top of the car park and from the top of the Bussey building''', which is a significant extra attraction for visitors to the central area of Rye Lane, is threatened. The Council is encouraging developers to build a 20 storey tall building as part of the redevelopment of the site which lies just to the north of the multi storey car park between Hanover Park and Peckham High Street. This is the Morrison’s/Aylesham Centre site. [ See PNAAP pages 165 - 166.] Very few local people or businesses seem to know of this plan. The [ petition launched in August 2014] aims to remedy this, and seeks time for public discussion during the public consultations in the review of the future of the multi storey car park as recommended by the Planning Inspector [ see report pages 28-29, paragraphs 127 - 134.]
* '''Peckham Rye Station Gateway site:''' Network Rail ownership; this has been [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#Network_Rail_plans_reveal_total_demolition_18th_January_2014|threatened with total redevelopment]] of all the commercial buildings and uses around the rail station through Network Rail’s Gateway plans. These were [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#Letter_from_Network_Rail_to_Harriet_Harman_MP_9th_April_2014|put on hold for further detailed discussions]] from summer 2014 with the local community on what would be appropriate on the site.
* '''Bussey/Copeland site:''' in [ private ownership;] now more protected after the Council designation for a high security tram depot was defeated in 2009, the new Conservation Area was set up and includes the Bussey building, and the PNAAP (Council Plan) now encourages protection for cultural enterprises.
* '''Land between the rail lines and viaducts.''' This is designated in the New Southwark Plan for being opened up at some stage to town centre uses. It is also where the Peckham Coal Line route would start. ''[link to the NSP plan to be inserted]''* '''Peckham Liberal Club:''' private ownership through membership (open to all at £20 annual fee). [ The Peckham Liberal Club] was planning to sell most of the land for commercial housing redevelopment. This was halted in 2013 by local residents’ successful nomination of the buildings as a community asset an Asset of Community Value under the Localism Act, and also reviving the Club as a sought after venue for social and entertainment events.
===6th January 2014 PNAAP modifications consultation responses===

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