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===Outline of Co-design process 2013-2016===
====Peckham Rye Station development===='''Background in 2013/2014: ''' The lead up to the Co-Design process started in 2013 when there were indications that the Council was planning to seek possession of all Network Rail’s land around the station at once so clearing out all the businesses. During 2013 there were two deputations to the Council and a Scrutiny Committee seeking clarity about this. The Council said that was not the plan. But when the plans were unveiled in January 2014 it turned out that was the plan. The community rejection of the plan at a public meeting in Rye Lane Chapel led the Council to agreeing to hire new consultants to redesign the plan for the whole Gateway site involving the community, through a ‘CoDesign’ process.
'''Co-design first phase - Ash Sakula, June to October 2014: '''
Website: This website was modified after the first phase so is not exactly as it was during the first phase of the Codesign exercise.
* ‘Atlas of Aspirations’, a report bringing together different aspects from the CoDesign process.
'''Interim stage between the first and second phases, November 2014 to February 2015: '''
* Council issues tender for work to draw up plans and planning application for new station square & Blenheim Grove corner building.
* No information about the remainder of the other land and buildings around station, including Holly Grove, Dovedale Court and access to station platforms.
* Landolt & Brown architects appointed.
'''Co-design second phase – Landolt & Brown, February 2015 to March 2016'''
* 4 evening workshops with presentations of info about the issues and designs of the new station square and the building on the corner of Blenheim Grove and Rye Lane.
* First workshop March 2015, final workshop in July 2015
* March 2016 Planning Committee grant permission.
====Peckham Library Square====
* Mountview planning application submitted and approved in September 2016.
* Library Square planning application submitted August 2016, not yet decided.
===11th October 2016 Co-design review===