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Southwark Planning Network (SPN)

Community Hustings 14th April 2018
SPN at Bermondsey Carnival June 2019
SPN meeting Nov 2018
SPN & SPV training workshop Oct 2017

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Introduction to SPN

The Southwark Planning Network (SPN) is a self-managed informal network of active citizens. It grew out of the list of community people who took part in the Core Strategy Public Hearings in 2010. By 2019, over 40 local groups had taken part in meetings, and over 200 individuals engaged in planning activities in their neighbourhoods were on the mailing list. In 2021 the mailing list members have increased to over 300 and over 70 local groups connected. The SPN Development Group of members is working to increase the SPN capacity to meet the needs of local people who want to share their experiences in local planning in a mutually supportive way. See More Information...

  • If you want to join the mailing list, or have more information, please email - -
    with your name and the name of your local neighbourhood group or name of your neighbourhood.


Working together June 2022

SPN works closely with the Planning Voice project in Southwark Law Centre, and with SGTO (for Council tenants). Extract from Planning Voice article in Town & Country Planning May-June 2022 - "People who want to influence planning need resilience and determination. We are lucky that there are many committed people, campaigners and local activists that can help others, including the indispensable network and peer-to-peer support provided by Southwark Planning Network (which links people in community groups across the borough working on the effects of planning and regeneration) and the overarching, independent tenants and residents organisation Southwark Group of Tenants Organisation. Through working together, we have been able to scrutinise consultation practices, planning applications, and Southwark Council’s policies on regeneration."

Working with Community Activists 26 April 2022

Presentation on the importance of working with community activists in planning, in the Southwark Law Centre webinar 25th April 2022 to launch the evaluation report of their Planning Voice project.

Responsible stewardship of Public Land Feb 2022

SPN worked with the Bartlett Development Planning Unit at UCL (DPU) in the 2021 Autumn term tutoring the MA course in the London project, a case study in relation to responsible stewardship of public land. This culminated in a student led workshop at the end of term in December 2021, which was co-facilitated between DPU and SPN and with the participants half from SPN and half from DPU. This led to an SPN workshop on 26 February 2022 on responsible public land in Southwark. The workshop concluded that Council owned public land was a subject that needed much more scrutiny in the borough and that further work needed to be done to draw to the attention of local elected representatives. These matters were summarised in the paper - Proposals for Responsible Stewardship of Public Land, which has been distributed to the Council and local people. These matters will be followed up with further work with DPU.

Grassroots Networks & Alliances 26 January 2022

Presentation to London Forum of Amenity Societies about the history and development of SPN. This was in their webinar on Fostering Borough-wide Alliances of Community Organisations.


SPN Network meeting 29 November 2021

A Network meeting was held which reviewed SPN’s participation in the EiP, discussed the forward development plan for SPN, and discussed the Council's extensive plans for Council estate infills and rooftop developments, causing many issues of concern by estate residents.

EiP final stages 2021-2022

  • NSP (New Southwark Plan) adopted by Council Feb 2022.
  • The Inspectors' final EiP report was published November 2021.
  • consultation on Inspectors' report July-September 2021: The Inspectors' report was published for consultation with their recommendations for modifications. SPN gave guidance to the Network on the issues raised by the report and on how to make comments.

EiP Part Two ends 30 April 2021

These Hearings covered all the site allocations in the different neighbourhoods. The recordings can be found on Youtube links on the Council's Hearings page, - under 'Matter 10 - Area Visions & Site Allocations - General approach to site allocations' from 19th April to 30th April. Matter 6 Housing Land Supply and Matter 9 - Infrastructure & Implementation were heard on 28 and 29 April. The Inspectors' recommendations will be available in June 2021. There will then be a Council consultation on the recommended changes.

EiP Part One ends 11 March 2021

Over 20 individuals, connected with around 18 local organisations, and linked through the work of the Southwark Planning Network, took part in Part One of the EiP. Recordings of all the Part One sessions are available on the Youtube links on the Council's Hearings page. Names of the participants and links to the recordings for particular sessions or topics, and the timings for community contributions, are on the New Southwark Plan page. Part Two of the EiP is from 19 to 30 April.

Council Scrutiny of Regeneration 2020-2021

The Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee is examining the Council's work on regeneration during 2020-2021. They will publish a report during 2021. They have taken evidence:

  • October 2020 from the Council - Cllr Situ (Cllr for Planning & Regeneration) & Cllr Seaton (Chair of Planning Committee).
  • November 2020 from community representatives - Jeremy Leach (Walworth Society), Amir Eden (Living Bankside), Jerry Flynn (Elephant Amenity Network), Barbara Pattinson (SE5 Forum).
  • February 2021 from Eileen Conn (Peckham Vision). This is the link to the session. The item on Regeneration starts at 1.00 into the recording, followed by a few minutes break and then at 1.08 continued introduction and start of Eileen’s presentation. Q/As are from 1.20 to 1.47. Here is the short paper presented to the Committee.

EiP update February 2021

The Public Hearings will take place from 23rd February to 29th April 2021. The timetable has been changed from the first one, and extended into April. It will now be in two parts. The first part will be from 23rd February to 10th March. Part 2 will be from 22nd April to 29th April 2021. The detailed timetable is here. That shows the lists of invited participants and the topics for each day. Any queries on this should be emailed to <>. SPN is arranging workshops and guidance on the issues and the processes for those taking part. If you need more information, please email SPN <>. For more details see the New Southwark Plan page.

EiP provisional programme January 2021

The Inspectors have issued the draft timetable for the hearings. This is a short version. The final programme with the lists of participants for each session will be issued end Jan/early Feb.

Environment Scrutiny Commission 20 January 2021

SPN has been invited to give evidence to Southwark Council’s Environment Scrutiny Commission, on Wednesday 20 January 2021 6.30 pm. The SPN is a network of independent local groups so does not have agreed positions on policies. Instead SPN working groups focus on particular topics and come to a consensus on matters they can speak about. Two members of the SPN working group on Climate Change and Planning have accepted the invitation and will be speaking at the meeting. This is open to the public via zoom. The zoom link is available from the Council on 0207 525 0514

EiP Written Statements workshops January 2021

SPN zoom meeting preparing for the EiP

SPN has arranged zoom workshops to help local people who are preparing to submit Written Statements for the Examination in Public (EiP) 23 February to 25 March (see provisional programme.) Deadline for submission is now 2nd February. Details for the workshops and booking here:

  • SP1 / P1 - P11 – Housing Date: Monday 18 Jan 7-9pm
  • SP2 – Regeneration for all Date: Tuesday 19 Jan 7-9pm
  • SP5 / P44-P47, SP6 / P55 – P69 – Policies on health and the environment, Cleaner Greener Safer Date: Thursday 21 Jan 7-9pm
  • P12, P13, P18, P20, P22 – P25 - Design, Heritage, Tall Buildings Date: Saturday 23 Jan 2-4pm
  • SP1, SP4 – Economy, employment, workspace Date: Sunday 24 5-7pm
  • Climate Emergency - cross-cutting topic to be raised under Matters 1, 2, 5 and 7 and possibly others. Date: Monday 25 Jan 7-9pm


NSP/EiP process begins December 2020

The Planning Inspectors' Matters, Issues and Questions are now public. see here. Written Statements in responses to the Qs have to be made by 27 January 2021. The Public Hearings will be from 23rd February to 25th March 2021.

Deputation 20th October 2020

Deputation to Southwark Council Cabinet 20 October 2020 on Planning White Paper 35 mins in to 47 mins.

UPDATE September 2020

The Planning Inspectors rejected the Council's submission of the NSP in April. The Council has revised the submission version again as a result and it is out for consultation again 27 August to 26 October 2020. This will be followed by the EiP (Examination ion Public) in the New Year. The Council's information about all this is on their website here. The main documents for the EiP are:

SPN guidance on NSP and EiP

Details are on the SPN (Southwark Planning Network) website here:

SPN meeting 15th May 2020

If you wish to join this meeting please email with your name, address, and something about your interests in local planning and if you are a member of any local neighborhood groups.


SPN meeting 16th December 2019

This meeting had a lively discussion about climate change and planning with the participation of some active members from Extinction Rebellion (XR) Southwark. All agreed to work together because of the damaging effects of unnecessary demolition and redevelopment in full swing across London. There was also discussion about the importance and usefulness of the SPN, and agreement that we should investigate some funding to help develop it further.

SPN meeting 22nd July 2019

This SPN meeting is 7-9pm in PV Studio Bussey Building. The main focus will be preparation to make good use of the Council’s workshop on 1st August on community engagement in planning. The Council workshop is on the revision of the SCI (Statement of Community Involvement) and the new Development Charter. It will be on 1st August, 3-5:30pm or 6-8:30pm at Council offices 160 Tooley Street. (The workshop is repeated twice to enable people to attend afternoon or evening.) To register for the Council workshop email - - to let them know which session you aim to attend.

SPN workshops on NSP consultation April-May 2019

SPN is holding Workshops to discuss the issues and the way to make representations before the deadline 17th May 2019. These are:

  • Monday 15th April 1-3pm Peckham Vision studio, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane SE15
  • Monday 29th April 7-9pm Peckham Vision studio, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane SE15
  • Wednesday 8th May 6.30pm-8.30pm Giraffe House, Burgess Park, 285 Albany Road, London SE5 0AH
  • Thursday 9th May 6.30-8.30pm Drapers Tenants’ Hall, 1 Howel Walk, London SE1 6TL

For more information email:

Public Meeting 20th March 2019

A4 v5 OMB public meeting-converted-page-001.jpg

Peckham Vision have arranged a public event to encourage community interest across the borough in the preparation of the Local List. This will be on
Wednesday 20th March, 6pm exhibition, 7pm – 9pm meeting with Speakers & Discussion
At The Old Mill Building , 72 Copeland Road, SE15, opposite Bournemouth Road.

More information about the Old Mill Building and events.

  • If you are keen to protect local heritage in your area and also to encourage other local people to help in that protection, this is an event for you. We will explore how community groups can take action on this in their own area, and you can connect with others keen to take action.
  • The exhibition and the meeting will look at the Old Mill Building as an example of a local heritage asset, how to think about heritage buildings and spaces, and about the preparation of the Heritage Local List. There will be several short talks followed by questions and discussion.
  • We hope that many from SPN will come to the meeting to take part in thinking of ways to enable local people to say what is important to them in their area's local heritage, and find out how to protect it. If you aim to come, to help us gauge numbers, please register on eventbrite.

Meeting on Monday 11th February 2019

We had a lively discussion about the Council amendments to the New Southwark Plan (NSP), and identified a number of issues that need examination. We will be developing templates for guidance in making representations, and workshops across the borough for local people. Deadline for comments is 17th May 2019. Further information is here. If you wish to contribute to this, please email to seek more information.

Network meeting with senior council people Oct 2018
click to enlarge


Meeting on Monday 22nd October 2018

This meeting was a follow up to the Community Hustings the previous May. The Cabinet Member for Planning & Regeneration and the Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, and the Chief Officer for Public Health & Wellbeing, met with around 40 members of the Southwark Planning Network in a discussion led by local people. See info on eventbrite for this. Notes of the meeting.

Meeting on Monday 18th June 2018 at 7pm

The last meeting was at Bells Gardens Community Centre in Peckham and focused on updates on New Southwark Plan (NSP) and what next, and community action on Old Kent Road Area Action Plan. If you want to join the mailing list to receive information about meetings please email with your name and the name of your local neighbourhood group or name of your neighbourhood.

Introduction to SPN

The Southwark Planning Network (SPN) grew out of the list of community people who took part in the Core Strategy Public Hearings in 2010. The SPN is a self-managed informal network of active citizens. By 2019, over 40 local groups had taken part in meetings, and over 200 individuals engaged in planning activities in their neighbourhoods were on the mailing list. In 2021 the mailing list members have increased to over 300 and over 70 local groups connected. Since 2016 there have been around five SPN meetings a year to share experience and information and for mutual support. If you want to join the mailing list, or have more information, please email - - with your name and the name of your local neighbourhood group or name of your neighbourhood.

Until recently, Peckham Vision (PV) facilitated and hosted most of the meetings and made a major contribution to SPN’s development. In addition, it managed and operated the SPN mailing list. This has now been transferred to the SPN admin support resource. The policy on protection of that data is set out in the statement here. Peckham Vision keeps a record of SPN's actions on these webpages, until SPN develops its own website.

To enable SPN to continue the work to help local people to engage effectively in planning and related matters, it is essential to develop the SPN administration and organisation structure, including the website. Peckham Vision was able to secure, with the support of the Southwark Law Centre in early 2020, a £5k grant to acquire initial freelance administration support for SPN. This has enabled the launch of an SPN Development Project which has successfully created a simple structure as a sound base for further development. A 3 year business plan is now being developed to seek funding to establish SPN as a pioneering citizens self-help organisation.

In addition to that development work, during 2020-2021, SPN focused mainly on the preparations for the Examination in Public, from 23rd February to 29th April 2021, of the New Southwark Plan (NSP), the issues arising from the consultation process around the Old Kent Road Area Action Plan (OKRAAP), developing better support systems for citizens on planning issues, and how to develop more effective and genuine ways for local communities to shape the policies as they affect the local neighbourhoods.

A pioneering election hustings and community exhibition on planning and regeneration was organised by the SPN on Saturday 14th April 2018. That paved the way for closer liaison with the Council on the processes of community engagement on planning, and discussions with Cllr Rebecca Lury (then Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Equalities and Communities) and Cllr Johnson Situ (then Cabinet Member for Growth, Development and Planning).

New Southwark Plan

The New Southwark Plan (NSP) has been in preparation since 2013, and been through a number of consultations. The first one on the Submission version was November 2017 to February 2018. The Council held further consultations on some Amendments to that version of the Plan, from February to May 2019. When this was submitted to the Government, the Planning Inspectors ordered a further consultation on a revised version incorporating all the changes the Council had made. That third consultation took place from August to October 2020. This is the version that the is the subject of the Examination in Public by the Government’s Planning Inspectors taking place during the period 23rd February to 29th April 2021. People who made ‘representations’ on the NSP during any of the three consultations, and said they wanted to appear at the Hearings are being invited by the Inspectors to speak at particular sessions at the Public Hearings. Throughout the several years of the consultation period the Southwark Planning Network arranged many workshops and meetings for community groups and individuals who wanted to know more about the process and make their representations. These were held across the borough. Details of the last few years' events can be found here. In the last two years SPN is working with Southwark Law Centre Planning Voice project and Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations (SGTO) to extend and deepen the workshops across the borough to help understand and discuss the planning policies and the issues raised by them, and to encourage and support engagement in the processes.

Neighbourhood issues

This section records news and information about issues arising in particular neighbourhoods across the borough. These are all part of the planning kaleidoscope - the overall picture is made up of this granular detail including every building, street, open space and person who lives or works in the borough. SPN aim is to link with all community groups across the borough working on planning and related matters in their neighbourhoods. If you are a local group not mentioned here please email us your information to SPN <> and we will contact you.

Canada Water

In 2020, a forum of seven local stakeholder groups with representatives from Friends of Stave Hill, Friends of Russia Dock Woodlands, parents and school governors, and local residents/tenants groups brought a legal challenge to the Canada Water Masterplan. Further information and contact email:


Election Hustings 14th April 2018

Community Hustings 14th April 2018
A4 PV Hustings CC notice A4 final-page-001.jpg

An election hustings on planning and regeneration was held on Saturday 14th April 2.00pm-5pm by the Southwark Planning Network in the lead up to the local Council elections on 3rd May. There was a Community Exhibition at 2pm followed by the Hustings meeting at 3-5pm. It was a community-led event organised by Peckham Vision with Vital OKR and Southwark Law Centre. 13 local groups contributed to the exhibition illustrating the planning issues local action groups are dealing with in their areas. The event was held at Christ Church at 676-680 Old Kent Road. It was in a style similar to BBC Question Time with audience participation.

This was a hustings with a difference, and successfully created a space where community perspectives on important planning policy matters were raised with politicians seeking election. Communities suffer from the problems caused by the planning system, the deficient consultation process, and the impacts of regeneration. These never get addressed properly in the local elections we have every 4 years. This hustings helped to correct that democratic deficit. Further details about the event are here.

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