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The Rye Lane Traders' Association was established at a meeting on 4th October 2012 with the provisional aims:

  • To encourage communication between members of the association and to identify common concerns or interests and take appropriate action.
  • To establish good liaison with community groups representing the interests of residents and shoppers.
  • To establish good liaison with the Council, the Police and other organisations and agencies with a role in the town centre.
  • To help in promoting the business and commercial interests of members of the Association.
  • To contribute to actions that will promote the town centre as a commercial shopping and leisure area.

Emerging issues

In discussions between traders, issues that have been identified as benefitting from collaboration in the Association include:

Safer Rye Lane

  • Safer shops: support, guidance and training for traders and staff on how to handle the difficult situation when someone is seen to be shoplifting and leaving the store. The police are arranging special training sessions for shop staff on what to do while waiting for police to arrive after the incident is reported.
  • Safer streets: identifying places where street lighting needs to be improved, and where any places need other action to make them safer for pedestrians.
  • Safer premises: improving the police reports back on reported burglaries.

Loading in Rye Lane

The traders’ loading arrangements are not clearly marked and signposted, and there are no satisfactory arrangements for customers’ lading.

Refuse collection

This is not working well. Traders are being encouraged to take photos of any problems, including unauthorised dumping of waste, and send to the council. This needs further investigation.

Work Experience

The Traders’ Association has agreed with the Council a new scheme to give local young people paid work experience in Rye Lane shops. Six businesses have agreed to offer one or two work places for 3-4 months. The Council will manage the recruitment and placement of the young people, working with the potential employers. Each young person will have a mentor to support them, and there will be very close liaison with the employer. The scheme is a real opportunity for local young people and for local businesses at minimal cost, and it will improve relationships and links at a community level. The Traders’ Association is encouraging other traders to take an interest in how this works so they can join the scheme.

Collaboration and Solutions

  • The Traders' Association is developing good links with the Council and the local Police to explore the way forward on these and other issues.
  • Peckham Vision is working closely with the traders on the development of the Association and identifying the scope for collaboration between them and peckham Vision in the work of improving the town centre for everyone.


  • 24 October 2012 Newsletter No 1.
  • 29 November 2012 Newsletter No 2.