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This page is a draft page, and is currently under construction.

Council's Plans

The Council are in the midst of developing their planning policies for Peckham town centre. Read more here

An alternative vision to Rye Lane Central

The Council’s original plans rested on the assumption that the town centre can be only a long narrow linear shopping street, with relatively isolated opportunity/development sites. But the case for viewing it in a very different way as an integrated matrix with old and new buildings interlinked with a network of open pedestrian spaces and pathways is now reflected in the Issues & Options report. A variety of aspects of this is covered here.

Peckham Rye Station

The potential is already evident in the agreement in 2008 between all key stakeholders to examine the feasibility of opening up the piazza in front of Peckham Rye Station. Read more

Copeland Cultural Quarter

Half of site 63P/71P, the part between Rye Lane and Copeland Road, is already a thriving mixed area of artists' studios, art galleries, a variety of small businesses, retail and creative industry, housing and other community uses, and has the emerging feel of a Cultural Quarter. A major part of the land is owned and operated by Copeland Industrial Park (CIP), and so the area and its immediate surrounds is becoming known as the Copeland Cultural Quarter (CCQ). Read more

Bussey Building

Read more

Vibrant Artists' Community

Read more

Peckham Town Centre Forum

Read more