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Peckham Vision is constantly under development and welcomes any feedback.

All information on this site tries to be as accurate as possible, but at times may be incomplete, out of date or in a draft format.

We aim to acknowledge all sources but this may at times not yet be explicit or obvious.

Use of forum


Any messages or information you post to the forum become the sole property of the site operator and may or may not be displayed, at the sole discretion of the site operator. The posting of copyrighted or illegal material is prohibited-- you must obey all applicable local laws, including those of the server and site owner. You may not post information invasive of another's personal privacy rights, harassment, libellous, or information of a confidential or copyrighted nature.

This forum is provided as a public service and your usage of this service may be terminated at any time by the site operator without prior notice. Information submitted to the system should not be considered confidential or private and may be revealed as part of normal system operations. No warranty of service is implied.