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Please donate: Peckham Vision is a local group that works to keep local people informed of changes in our community, and how they can take action where needed. We rely on voluntary contributions; please make a donation so we can continue this important work. To make a donation please click here.

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Peckham Vision is a resident-led local citizens' association of individuals who live, work or run a business in Peckham. Its vision is to support Peckham town centre as a thriving and sustainable social and commercial centre, and to contribute to Peckham being a good place for all in which to live, work and visit. The objects of the Group are to:

  • Promote and encourage citizen action to help Peckham town centre to become an integrated and resilient place and links past, present and future for the benefit of all who live and work there.
  • Create and nurture ways of connecting people in Peckham who share enthusiasm and desire to help develop and realise the potential of Peckham, and to make the lessons available beyond Peckham.
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in front of station c. 1880
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An integrated town centre

Since 2005 we have encouraged informed discussion about the development plans for Peckham Town Centre, and stimulated a variety of ideas for transforming the central area of Rye Lane around Peckham Rye station, Copeland Cultural Quarter, and the Bussey building. Some material from this work since 2006 is on this website; see especially Transforming Central Rye Lane and An alternative vision for Rye Lane Central.

We have taken a lead to demonstrate the role of historical and old buildings restoration from an integrated view of Peckham town centre:

We work with and link residents and people and enterprises from the parallel local economies of local independent traders, creative enterprises, main stream retailers, the historic restoration work and the faith and religious world. The early years of this work stimulated the emergence of a Peckham Town Centre Forum which first met in December 2009. It has facilitated many events and interactions since then.

Pioneering new approaches to citizen engagement

Underpinning the historic restoration work is Peckham Vision’s understanding of the significant role that learning about our local history and heritage at all educational ages has, and how it connects with wider issues and aspects of town centre life.

Peckham Vision is committed to developing good quality information to distribute in a variety of ways to local people, and to create innovative ways for them to become engaged in the work. There are:

  • Peckham Vision shop in Holdron's Arcade, 135a Rye Lane open on Saturday afternoons 2-5pm, and Tuesdays 2-4pm, other times ad hoc, and with information displays every day.
  • continuing events, including workshops, seminars, guided walkabouts in the town centre, and public meetings.
  • exhibitions such as the 3 day exhibition in the Old Waiting Room, the exhibition displays in the ground floor foyer of Peckham library and mobile exhibitions at local community fairs.
    IMG 6082 PV displays in Peckham Library foyer.jpg Peckham Rye Fete 2012 041.jpg Peckham Rye Fete 2012 040.jpg IMG 9010 - PV at The Arches Open Studio.jpg
  • regular emails to a mailing list of some 4000 local people on topical matters relating to the town centre and to the wider Peckham community and posted in the PRN blog.
  • Facebook and twitter and local web discussion forums.
  • new ways to cater for 'pop-up' volunteering to tap into the enthusiasm of hundreds of potential volunteers able to volunteer only for ad hoc opportunities.
  • developing and nurturing relationships and working together with traders and with faith groups.
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Working arrangements

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  • Peckham Vision has a community shop in Holdron's Arcade at 135a Rye Lane, donated for community use by the owners Copeland Park. The shop is open on Saturdays 2-5pm and Tuesdays from 2-4pm. It is an information hub and a place for discussions about the town centre, and related matters, and sells for fund raising Peckham themed goods. The arcade is on the site of the original arcade in the Edwardian Holdrons as in the photo. Half the current arcade is embedded in the 1930s art deco building, now occupied by Khan's Bargain store.The other half is housed in the remnants of the Edwardian arcade behind the back of Khan's.
  • Peckham Vision is a constituted community association. The work is managed and conducted by a small community team of residents, supported by a range of local people who volunteer for particular events and activities. A Friends organisation is planned for supporters, and for fund raising to support and pay for the considerable work that residents are carrying out unpaid.
  • There are working contacts with Southwark Council, and the rail companies - Network Rail and Southern Rail.

Contact us through our contact page or email:

The evolution of Peckham Vision

Peckham Vision grew from the community campaign 2005 - 2009 which questioned the wisdom of demolishing a 6 acre site, including the Bussey Building and Copeland Park, for a tram depot, and from the parallel community action to improve the area around Peckham Rye station. A brief summary of the evolution over the years since then can be found here.

The nature of community


Underlying the work of Peckham Vision is the understanding that the strength of a community lies in the connections between people who live, work and run businesses there. Peckham Vision is dedicated to nurturing those connections, and exploring ways to link into the energy and enthusiasm of our neighbourhood. This work is influenced by the two systems approach developed by Eileen Conn, long time resident of Peckham, co-ordinator and founder of Peckham Vision and associate research fellow of the TSRC (Third Sector Research Centre). Further information about the two systems ‘social eco-systems dance’ model can be found here.

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