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The Peckham Town Centre Forum emerged from the October 2009 meeting [link to minutes] of the Rye Lane & Station Action Group, in the CLF Art Cafe in the Bussey building [picture] in the heart of the Copeland Cultural Quarter. As well as an update from Southern Rail on plans for improving the station accessibility, Peckham Vision and the Council Planning Policy officers presented ther respective ideas about the town centre and the revitalisation process. In the discussions, there was a lot of energy to find ways for the dialogue on revitalisation to be a continuing one instead of stop and start at occasional meetings. This would enable those, who have enthusiasm and energy, to get together to share ideas and take actions.

Forum meetings

Since then there have been several well attended meetings in the CLF Art Cafe in the Bussey building. They have been well attended and confirmed the well of enthusiam and energy and ideas waiting to be tapped for town centre revitalisation. Open Space and other participative processes are used to encourage the development of ideas, networking and the nurturing of contacts for self initiated actions.

  • 16th December 2009
  • 23rd February 2010
  • 18th March 2010
  • 22nd April 2010
  • The next date is 13th July 2010

For the details from each including the minutes read more

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16th December 2009

  • Meeting minutes
  • Participants
  • Action checklist

This first meeting was held just six weeks later, arranged in collaboration between Peckham Vision and the Council Planning officers for the PNAAP. This continued the momentum. There were 29 participants. The meeting heard the background, and some of the needs for revitalisation and indications of participants' interests. Then moved into Open Space where all present decided who they wanted to talk with. For the last half hour all came back together and reported on issues and actions. The key conclusions are detailed in the checklist for Discussion Questions, Actions and Ideas, under these headings:


  • Landlords/property owners
  • Improve shop fronts & displays
  • Choumert Street Market
  • Public Realm & Heritage
  • Leisure/Evening/Night Economy/Creative enterprises
  • Town Centre Management
  • Town Centre Brand
  • Local Economy


  • Multiple / parallel communities
  • Other ideas for Peckham generally

23rd February 2010

  • Meeting minutes
  • Participants
  • Action checklist

The Council Planning officers were not able to participate in this meeting as it was deemed not a priority by their Department. Their absence was regretted by those present but it was well attended by 27 participants and as full of life and energy as the first. The discussions included the connections and links between the nef (New Economics Foundation) project, to establish a New Peckham Experiment, and the initiatives of interest to all at the Town Centre Forum. The meeting process from the first Fourm was used again, and the Open Space enabled many connections and sharing of ideas, and the Action Checklist was updated. There was unanimous commitment to continuing with the Forum. [pictures]

18th March 2010

  • Agenda
  • Background email

Peckham Vision teamed up with the Peckham Society and the University of Canterbury Architecture School for a Town Centre Forum meeting. 45 second year architecture students joined in to hear about local aspirations for the town centre, the key urban design issues and the need for an integrated vision for the town centre in terms of archticture, innovation and energy potential. The students were about to start their project in urban design and architecture, using Peckham as their case study. [pictures] The meeting coincided with the news that the historic Holdron's building on the corner of Bournemouth Road and Rye Lane was soon to be demolished following an unsuccesful planning applicatiion. [link to PV blog] The owners had been invited to join in the discussions at the meeting but they declined to attend. However, representatives of the owners of the adjacent Copeland Industrial Park, and of the Council buildings stretching along Bournemouth Road, did attend. These wil be useful contacts to build on for further discussions about the evolution of the Copeland Cultural Quarter. There were also some participants from the previous Forums and some new participants from some of the creative enterprises in the Copeland Industrial Park site.

22nd April 2010

A joint seminar was held with the Pioneer Health Foundation (PHF) on the modern application of the Peckham Principles from the historic Peckham Experiment, linking especially to the now urgent need for community, economic and environmental well-being and sustainability. [pictures] An introduction to the Pecckham Experiment was followed by brief presentations from some local community initiatives demonstrating important links beteeen them and Peckham Principles. These included residents' information networks, social support networks, community energy production, participative art, and nutrition in schools. There was also a brief account of the nef project to establish in Peckham a [link New Peckham Experiment] to demonstrate the key factors and links between social and economic well-being and environmental sustainabilty. It was agreed to bring the ideas at the seminar together with the work of the Town Centre Forum to see how they could be mutually supportive.

13th July 2010

The next meeting of the Forum will take place. The emerging themes include:

  • creativity, entrepreneurship & commercial regeneration
  • local energy and food production
  • town centre physical fabric revitalisation
  • how it all relates to health & well being (linking to New Peckham Experiment, and following up the stimulating seminar held on 22 April)