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LATEST NEWS: deputation to Community Council 12th February 2014

A deputation of local people and local businesses told the Peckham & Nunhead Community Council that the local community supported plans to create a new square in front of the station and improve the area around it. But it was not expected that this would be accompanied by far reaching redevelopment proposals for the entire station site. The deputation explained why the plans were unexpected and had caused a lot of dismay and concern locally, and asked the Community Council to arrange for a collaborative co-design process to develop a new plan. Deputation speech here. Cllr Fiona Colley responded by saying she had been appalled by the plans presented by Network Rail on 18th January and so was asking the GLA to extend the timetable for the submission of the planning application, and would get in touch about the community engagement process.

LATEST NEWS: Council seeks more time to discuss proposals with community

After a build up over the last few weeks since the Network Rail consultation event on 18th January, there has been a groundswell of concerned and anguished local voices shocked at the scale and type of redevelopment proposed by Network Rail for the station site. This got onto the London radar through ITN London News. Constituents began to alert Harriet Harman MP to the news. She has an additional interest in the issues because she is Shadow Secretary for Culture, and this redevelopment proposal would wipe out the creative and cultural industries that have already taken root on the site and they increase in number month by month. Harriet met with the Leader of Southwark Council, then with the Executive Member for Regeneration, which led to the achievement of some key points - especially the Council seeking more time for reviewing the plans. The letters are here:

  • Letter to Harriet Harman from Cllr Peter John, Leader of Southwark Council.
  • Letter from Cllr Fiona Colley to Peckham Residents
  • Note of actions and discussions from Harriet Harman MP's office. This reported: - Since the 31st January, over 60 constituents have contacted Harriet with their concerns about the proposals - On the 5th February, Harriet met with Cllr Peter John, leader of Southwark Council - On the 11th February, Harriet met with Cllr Fiona Colley (Cabinet Member for Regeneration), local ward Cllr Nick Dolezal and Sarah Green (Project Lead at Southwark Council). The following points were discussed and Harriet has proposed the following:
  • There must be extra time for consultation and engagement with local residents - Southwark Council is calling on the GLA (who partly fund the project) to ask for more time and Harriet will write to the Mayor of London fully supporting the Council's request.
  • Network Rail should include an estate management agreement that guarantees that local creative industries and small independent businesses in the area will form part of the plans and not be priced out by large retail chains or high rents, or replaced by betting betting shops and/or pay day loan shops.
  • The 1930's building on Blenheim Grove that houses the Sunday Painter and Peckham Refreshment Rooms should be protected and excluded from the plans.
  • The proposed height of the high rise residential buildings next to the station should be lowered.
  • The plans should include public toilets.