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'''Co-design first phase - Ash Sakula, June to October 2014:''' <br>
'''Co-design first phase - Ash Sakula, June to October 2014:''' <br>
Digital Communications <br>
Digital Communications:
* Website: http://peckhamcodesign.org/stn-sq-ph-1 This website was modified after the first phase so is not exactly as it was during the first phase of the Codesign exercise.
* Website: http://peckhamcodesign.org/stn-sq-ph-1 This website was modified after the first phase so is not exactly as it was during the first phase of the Codesign exercise.
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/peckhamcodesign
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/peckhamcodesign
* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006848925429&fref=nf
* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006848925429&fref=nf
[July 2014 Peckham Vision launched the community built model of the station area at a public community meeting in Bussey Building.]
[July 2014 Peckham Vision launched the community built model of the station area at a public community meeting in Bussey Building.]<br>
July 2014:  Ash Sakula arranged event in Peckham Liberal Club for (about 30) residents to meet them.
July 2014:  Ash Sakula arranged event in Peckham Liberal Club for (about 30) residents to meet them.<br>
August 2014: launch of the project on roof of multi storey car park.
August 2014: launch of the project on roof of multi storey car park.<br>
September–October 2014: CoDesign process including:
September–October 2014: CoDesign process including:
* Events during the week in the station forecourt and at foot of the old staircase, and ‘Weekly’ meetings on Tuesday evenings for creating a weekly publication.
* Events during the week in the station forecourt and at foot of the old staircase, and ‘Weekly’ meetings on Tuesday evenings for creating a weekly publication.
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Peckham Vision's reporting of the Library Square co-design process is covered on [https://www.facebook.com/PeckhamVision Peckham Vision Facebook]<br>
Peckham Vision's reporting of the Library Square co-design process is covered on [https://www.facebook.com/PeckhamVision Peckham Vision Facebook]<br>
Website: http://www.peckhamsquare.co.uk
The Library Square co-design communications are here: <br>
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peckham_square
Website: http://www.peckhamsquare.co.uk <br>
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peckham-Square-Co-Design/349308741923851
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peckham_square <br>
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peckham-Square-Co-Design/349308741923851 <br>
* December 2014 First evening event by Carl Turner Architects in Peckham Platform.
* December 2014 First evening event by Carl Turner Architects in Peckham Platform.
* From January to November 2015 further six evening events where Carl Turner reported on design issues.
* From January to November 2015 further six evening events where Carl Turner reported on design issues.

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Gateway project key documents:

Some key official documents about this station redevelopment project were released under Freedom of Information in August 2013. These can be found here (at Item 5) along with some commentary papers by Peckham Vision on the issues raised by the project. Details of all the stages in the development of this project are below in date order.

To be incorporated below
- Planning application for the Station Sq & Blenheim Grove now submitted
- Council/Network Rail CoDesign statement Feb 2014: promising 'local people full partners in shaping scheme'
Peckham Vision is NOT and never has been part of Southwark Council, nor part of any organisation that has a contract with the Council to deliver any project. The 'co-design' consultation projects are run by commercial architects as Council's agents. Peckham Vision has had no role in how the projects are designed or run.

July 2016 Council weblinks on this page

Council planning weblinks have all changed. It will take some time to restore all the links. If the link on this page you want is part of the PNAAP process and is broken you can find the adopted Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan (PNAAP) here http://www.southwark.gov.uk/downloads/download/4444/area_action_plans The Council says you can also access it from the Area Action Plans page by clicking on the relevant link, along with the supporting and background documents here: http://www.southwark.gov.uk/info/200211/area_action_plans which can be accessed from the main planning policy page on the left hand side.

Co-design process 2013-2016


Following the rejection by the community in January 2014 of the Network Rail / Council plans for the Station Gateway site redevelopment, the Council adopted the suggestion made by the residents' deputation that there should be a rethink using a 'co-design' process. The Council agreed and this new process was put to tender and the first phase began in June 2014. In December 2014 the Council started a process of consultation on development ideas for the Peckham Library Square including the Peckham Arch and 91-93 Peckham High Street. The section below outlines the phases of the co-design process for both the Station and the Library Square projects. The experience of those who took part in various roles is now (October 2016) being reviewed by Council consultants via this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SouthwarkCoDesignReview

Outline of process stages


Background The lead up to the Co-Design process started in 2013 when there were indications that the Council was planning to seek possession of all Network Rail’s land around the station at once so clearing out all the businesses. During 2013 there were two deputations to the Council and a Scrutiny Committee seeking clarity about this. The Council said that was not the plan. But when the plans were unveiled in January 2014 it turned out that was the plan. The community rejection of the plan at a public meeting in Rye Lane Chapel led the Council to agreeing to hire new consultants to redesign the plan for the whole Gateway site involving the community, through a ‘Co-design’ process. Because of this long community background which was led by Peckham Vision, this website has a detailed picture on this page and previous pages of the process until September 2014, when the co-design process started. Thereafter, it is less detailed, and needs to be read in conjunction with the co-design web links.

Co-design first phase - Ash Sakula, June to October 2014:
Digital Communications:

[July 2014 Peckham Vision launched the community built model of the station area at a public community meeting in Bussey Building.]
July 2014: Ash Sakula arranged event in Peckham Liberal Club for (about 30) residents to meet them.
August 2014: launch of the project on roof of multi storey car park.
September–October 2014: CoDesign process including:

  • Events during the week in the station forecourt and at foot of the old staircase, and ‘Weekly’ meetings on Tuesday evenings for creating a weekly publication.
  • Some meetings in All Saints church hall on different topics.
  • A digital ‘Commonplace’ map inviting people to offer comments on places around the station and elsewhere in the town centre: http://peckhamcodesign.org/stn-sq-ph-1/commonplace
  • An email list of ‘CoDesigners’ for info about events and other co-design matters.
  • ‘Atlas of Aspirations’, a report bringing together different aspects from the CoDesign process.

Interim stage between the first and second phases, November 2014 to February 2015:

  • Council issues tender for work to draw up plans and planning application for new station square & Blenheim Grove corner building.
  • No information about the remainder of the other land and buildings around station, including Holly Grove, Dovedale Court and access to station platforms.
  • Four residents take part in architects selection process.
  • Interviews of shortlisted architects in January 2015.
  • Landolt & Brown architects appointed.

Co-design second phase – Landolt & Brown, February 2015 to March 2016

  • 4 evening workshops with presentations of info about the issues and designs of the new station square and the building on the corner of Blenheim Grove and Rye Lane.
  • First workshop March 2015, final workshop in July 2015
  • October 2015 planning application submitted
  • November meeting called by local resident to discuss concerns about designs.
  • March 2016 Planning Committee grant permission.



Peckham Vision's reporting of the Library Square co-design process is covered on Peckham Vision Facebook
The Library Square co-design communications are here:
Website: http://www.peckhamsquare.co.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peckham_square
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peckham-Square-Co-Design/349308741923851

  • December 2014 First evening event by Carl Turner Architects in Peckham Platform.
  • From January to November 2015 further six evening events where Carl Turner reported on design issues.
  • Proposal to remove the Peckham Arch emerges in first half of 2015.
  • Mountview development, also by Carl Turner, emerges during 2015.
  • Mountview planning application submitted and approved in September 2016.
  • Library Square planning application submitted August 2016, not yet decided.

11th October 2016 Co-design review

Council consultants start review of Peckham co-design process by web based survey. Deadline is 25th October. The Council's information message is: "Last year Southwark Council trialled a Co-Design approach to two development schemes in the town centre, Peckham Rye Station Square, and Peckham Library Square. The council is now keen to understand what you thought of the Co-Design process. The council have asked award winning social business Kaizen Partnership to carry out an independent review. We have commissioned this work to enable us to better understand how effective Co-Design was and what could have improved it. To gather as much information as possible, an online survey has been created. We would be very grateful if you were able to share your views and experience of the process through this short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SouthwarkCoDesignReview Once the questionnaire responses have been evaluated, the Co-Design review will be shared not only across the council but will be publicly available and will be used to shape future projects in the borough, so we would be very grateful if you’re able to spare a few minute to contribute to this important piece of work."

January-March 2016

1st March 2016 Planning permission

Blenheim Grove corner
new station square

On 1st March 2016 the Planning Committee gave permission to the plans to create the new square at Peckham Rye station and extend upwards two floors on the corner of Blenheim Grove on the basis of the proposals in the planning application. This was in spite of significant objections from a large number of objectors to the details proposed. This was evidence of a failure in the 'co-design' process, which local people say must be subject to an independent evaluation. Here are some comments on the planning proposals indicating the nature of the objections.

The planning report is available here. The Committee agenda and meeting details are here.

Watching the very poor implementation of the 'co-design' for the station developments was so exhausting and disappointing it interfered with our ability to keep the website updated on it. Some of the actions were posted on Peckham Vision Facebook.

October-December 2015

29th October 2015 Planning application submitted

The planning application from Landolt & Brown for the new square and changes in Blenheim Grove is now in. This is just for the area in front of the station and the building on the corner of Blenheim Grove & Rye Lane. From the planning website: Case number: 15/AP/4337: Provision of a new public square between Peckham Rye Station and Rye Lane, created by demolishing the arcade buildings currently located between the north and south railway viaducts. Refurbishment of the railway arches to provide commercial units facing onto the new square. Refurbishment and erection of a two storey extension to the building at 2-10 Blenheim Grove / 82 Rye Lane, hard landscaping and other associated works. Further information and documents. Information from Peckham Peculiar.

July-September 2015

A1 PV Panel 05 - Gateway - map v.13 - flat 1024.jpg

September 2015 'Co-Design' disappointing

The Co-Design process has been very disappointing. Following the wholly unacceptable plans from Network Rail in January 2014, local people suggested a co-design process to enable public discussions about the different parts of the whole site, and how they relate to the town centre. Unfortunately, it became instead just a consultation about design details of a small part of the site (pink on the map alongside - click to enlarge), and without addressing major issues which emerged in 2013 and 2014. Plans are being developed separately and without public discussion for the three other major areas of the site (blue, white and green). A planning application is expected in the autumn for the pink area, and possibly the other areas. There has been no monitoring and evaluation, and so no joint Council & community learning about the co-design process, its effectiveness or how it could be improved. See letter to Southwark News about this in August 2015, titled "No ‘codesign’ for Peckham Rye station".

29th July 2015 4th 'codesign' station workshop

This last event from Landolt & Brown the Council’s consultant architects was on the design of the new station square and at the building on the corner of Blenheim Grove and Rye Lane on Wednesday 29 July 6.30pm-8.30pm at the Thomas Carlton Centre, Alpha Street, SE15 4NX. (note the change of address.) For more see: http://us9.campaign-archive2.com/?u=25fd80cafe3952ad0b146376c&id=146e79bdc2&e=83ef0156b7 The presentation is here: http://www.peckhamryestationsquare.co.uk/section/presentations/

April-June 2015

24th-27th June 2015

Peckham Vision held an exhibition and here in Peckham Vision Bussey studio jointly with MArch students from Brighton University. A new display panel was included which gave an updated report on the Station Gateway project.

4th June 2015 3rd 'codesign' station workshop

The next PR Station Square workshop will be on 4 June at All Saints Church, more details here: http://tinyurl.com/lns6yyu Here is a report on the workshop from the architect consultants Landolt & Brown: http://www.peckhamryestationsquare.co.uk/presentations/summary-peckham-rye-station-square-codesign-workshop-03 The consultants said there would be a further workshop in July to report on the proposals for the square, and that they are aiming for a planning application to be put forward over the summer.

16th April 2nd 'codesign' station workshop

The Council’s consultants Landolt & Brown report on their workshop, including their slides.
Some highlights:

  • the way the physical supports for Platform 3 are linked into the north side of the station Arcade building is still being investigated by the architects. This means there needs to be an extra workshop (so 4 instead of 3). Once the Platform 3 supports are clarified they can develop designs for the new buildings, and they will present them at the additional workshop during May, date to be announced.
  • their ideas developing for the art deco building on the corner of Blenheim Grove and Rye Lane indicate a preference for an extension of two floors on top of the existing building.
  • they reported that they are talking with Carl Turner architects about the plans for the Holly Grove buildings (Icelands & Hannah Barry Gallery), and expect those plans to be submitted at the same time as the station square and Blenheim Grove buildings (summer). But the Holly Grove buildings have been removed from the codesign process so the public is excluded from all information about those plans.
  • they showed a slide of Network Rail’s plans for new lifts to all 4 platforms, and said they were looking into these. It was not possible to examine these details to make any comments or ask probing questions.
  • they asked us in table discussion groups to report back on several questions including:
- think about how the square should feel when you arrive during the day and at night.
- what uses would you like to see in new premises in the square and Blenheim Grove corner building.
- explain why anything should go in a particular place.
- what could improve safety.
- where could public WCs be located.
- what gets left out but is important?

If you want to respond to these points or any others about this station project email them at: peckhamrye@landoltandbrown.com.

11th April 2015 launch of Peckham Vision’s art deco installation

IMG 5837 adj+crop 2400.jpg
IMG 5836 adj 2400.jpg

At the event on 8th April, we launched Peckham Vision’s art deco installation. Here above the community made model of central Rye Lane, we had the images of the seven art deco buildings which are clustered around the station. The images floated in an ethereal fashion above the information displays of the exhibition about plans to develop, redevelop, and regenerate their place in the town centre. A pause for thought and reflection about the nature of the Art Deco Quarter in the town centre while the Council’s consultation proceeds inexorably towards a decision, possibly to demolish enough of the cluster to destroy this unique feature of Peckham. The installation was co-created by Corinne Turner, Clyde Watson, Sam Watson, Geoff Frosh, Eileen Conn, Benny O’Looney.

thumb displays
thumb displays
thumb displays
thumb displays
thumb displays
thumb displays

8th April 2015 Protect Peckham's Future community event

Protect Peckhams Future scrn grab.jpg


Pre-information: This event will cover art deco buildings, cultural economy, arts, music, architecture, commerce and more. This will be a community discussion about the changes in Peckham, what we all think about them, if they are good for our neighbourhood, and whose neighbourhood is it anyway? The discussion could touch on the impact of:

  • rising housing prices, regeneration, gentrification, loss of social housing.
  • heavy handed redevelopment wiping out local micro economies.
  • tall buildings in Peckham & and loss of Peckham's character.
  • possible demolition of almost half remaining art deco buildings in Rye Lane cluster.

Drop in at the exhibition in both PV and CLF studios any time from 3pm:

  • latest news on key regeneration projects, & info on Peckham's history.
  • Peckham Vision Art Deco installation.
  • Exhibition of CLF history, role, music & creativity.

More information

2015 January-March

23rd March next stages of the station co-design consultation

There will be 4 'periods' in the process.

  • 17th March Period 1 – CoDesign the Brief
  • 16th April Period 2 – Review options
  • W/C 18th May Period 3 - Emerging proposals
  • Mid June Period 4 – Planning, leading to submission of planning application.

For information on what will be covered in each period SEE HERE.
It appears that decisions on the following major issues may be taken in Period 2 around the end of April:

  • the extent of the demolition or refurbishment in front of the station and the corner of Blenheim Grove and Rye Lane,
  • location or relocation of existing tenants; location of public toilets, taxis, buses and drop-off’s; greening extent & character.

17th March Peckham Rye Station square codesign workshop

Outcome: This 'workshop' reintroduced everyone to the project and explained the timetable going towards the planning application. Then the 100 or so people in 7 groups shuffled the 30 Aspirations into their top 13. Those 7 x 13 top ones will feed in to the architects' work to be reported week commencing 13th April.Consultants' report from workshop here.
Publicity: Southwark Council email with latest news about the Station Gateway developments: “Landolt + Brown have been appointed to take forward the designs for Peckham Rye Station square. The Peckham Rye Station square project has been commissioned by Southwark Council in partnership with the Greater London Authority to transform the area around the Station. The project will create a new square as a focal point for the community, and include new and refurbished buildings to make the area more uplifting and less congested. The first co-design workshop of the design stage will be held on Tuesday 17th March 2015 at 6.30pm at All Saints Church Hall on Blenheim Grove (see map below). We want to build on the co-design work previously undertaken and hear from you about how we can work together as the project moves forward. The project design team, led by architects Landolt + Brown, would like to explain some of their initial thinking and observations in the first part of the workshop. This will be followed by a presentation from the Council on associated town centre projects. Please join us."

13th March Station codesign - Questions to ask, Issues to watch

'CoDesign' for Peckham Rye Station starts again 17th March 6.30pm-8.30pm, at All Saints Hall, Blenheim Grove. Main topics now include:

  • the design for the station square.
  • whether the Rye Lane corner buildings on Blenheim Grove and Holly Grove (Iceland), and 4 Holly Grove (Hannah Barry Gallery) will be demolished to be replaced with tall buildings.
  • preservation of the Art Deco cluster of buildings.
  • what Network Rail are planning for Dovedale Court.
  • what Southern Rail are planning for improved access to the platforms.
  • where the public toilets will be.
  • and more…

If you want to hear the latest and contribute to the discussion, come along on Tuesday 17th March 6.30pm

3rd March Update on the Station developments

  • There has been news from Brixton where Network Rail are planning a clear out of what are reported as successful long-standing businesses in railway arches for 'refurbishment', with promises of returning. It sounds familiar from a year ago at Peckham Rye station. This approach may yet return to Peckham as Dovedale Court and the Holly Grove buildings were not covered by the 'co-design' consultation that was conducted last Autumn. So it seemed worth remarking on that somewhere: see Peckham Vision letter to SLP.
  • We may know more once the next 'co-design' process starts. The new station 'co-design' architects, Landolt & Brown, were announced on 9th February But there is still no news from them or the Council on how they are going to conduct the 'co-design' of the brief for developing the planning application, or what the new timetable is.
  • Landolt & Brown were the architects hired by the Council and Network Rail in 2012, and they produced the option that became the 'preferred option' which was clearance of the whole site. The new architects Weston Williamson then used that option to develop the proposals for the planning application. They presented those proposals in January 2014 at the Rye Lane Chapel meeting, and they were strongly rejected by the many local people there.
  • After that the idea of co-design was proposed by the deputation to the Council about the way forward. The idea was to have constructive and informed public discussions about the future of the whole of the Network Rail land around the station and the feasible options for it. Sadly the co-design process that finally took place last September and October was not that at all as it was focussed on details of the appearance of the new square in front of the station.
  • This was an unexpected and disappointing outcome of what had been thought a promise to have a more collaborative process for developing ideas for the site as a whole. It leaves undiscussed the future of Dovedale Court, and the buildings in Holly Grove, and how it all fits into the town centre itself.

20th February Co-Design shrinks to small consultation

thumb displays

from Eileen Conn, Coordinator, Peckham Vision:
Dear SLP Letters,
You reported (13 February) the appointment of the architects for the design of a new square in front of Peckham Rye station, and asked for comments on the priorities. One priority is to hear what is happening about the plans for the buildings on Holly Grove, and in Dovedale Court behind the station. Both these areas were a key part of the site to be wholly demolished in the previous plans. The plans were stopped to enable a 'co-design' process where local people could engage in serious discussion about the options for all the different parts of the site.
It was perplexing to discover last autumn that the 'co-design' process had shrunk to a 'consultation' just about the design of the small area in front of the station. This defeated what we thought had been agreed last year for local people to take part in thinking about the whole site around the station on the west side of Rye Lane, and how it fits into the self regenerating dynamic of that part of town.
The silence on what is happening on the Holly Grove and Dovedale Court arches is worrying when we see the reports of Network Rail's plans to demolish and clear out the successful vibrant arches in neighbouring Brixton, and Herne Hill. It raises the same questions we wanted to explore in the 'co-design' - why does anyone think of demolishing an area to regenerate it when it is already self regenerating successfully, and in Brixton's case already self regenerated?

9th February Architects announced

Council announced the appointment of [http://www.landoltandbrown.com/ Landolt & Brown as the station square architects. 11 days later (19 February) there has been no news of the timetable or when local people will be allowed to say anything at all about either the consultation process or the design of the new square and buildings. This is the brief for the contract.

25th January architects selected

Four architects Ash Sakula Architects, Weston Williamson & Partners, Landolt & Brown, Henley Halebrown Rorrison were shortlisted and interviewed on 14th January. Two self nominated residents were part of the shortlisting and interviewing panel. The result is expected to be announced by end January. A public meeting is planned for early February in Peckham Vision Bussey exhibition studio on the process, the news and the way forward.

2014 October-December

9th December: Architects meet residents during tender period

architects meet the CoDesigners

Nine architects have been invited to tender for the contract to develop the design and planning application for the Peckham Rye Station development project. These are: Ash Sakula Architects, Weston Williamson & Partners, Landolt & Brown, Sarah Wigglesworth, Adam Khan Architects, Cottrell & Vermeulen (local consortium), Duggan Morris Architects, Peter Barber Architects, Henley Halebrown Rorrison. Submissions have to be made by 23rd December, and the architects will be selected in the early part of January. At Peckham Vision’s suggestion, the Council invited the nine firms to meet on 9th December some 40 of the CoDesigners while they are developing their submissions. This event was held in Peckham Vision’s studio in the Bussey Building, and was a successful first in bringing residents and architects together at this early stage.
website malfunction - pics to be uploaded again

19th November: WEEKLY meetings continue

The Atlas of Aspirations LINK has been submitted to the Council. This will accompany the tender document about to be sent in the next few weeks to architects who are interested in bidding for the contract for the Council’s plan to develop the building around the station. In the meantime, local residents who volunteered to help produce the WEEKLY publication on the CoDesign material continue to meet on Tuesday evenings 7-9pm, now in All Saints Hall behind the church opposite Bar Story in Blenheim Grove.Two of the Weeklies have been produced and another 6 are in preparation. As well as editing the WEEKLY publications the Tuesday evening meeting is also the place where issues that have arisen and are arising, about the station development and about the process, are discussed

10th November: Atlas of Aspirations v2 completed

5th November: deadline for comments

The CoDesign process is ending this week. An 'Atlas of Aspirations' is being prepared, by the Council's CoDesign consultants Ash Sakula, summarising 'outcomes and findings' of the CoDesign process. The draft Atlas is here: http://goo.gl/y4rLBN. The deadline for Comments is WED 5th NOVEMBER.

  • Ash Sakula will submit the Atlas to Southwark Council at the end of this week. They say: ""We need YOU...to give us feedback on the DRAFT ASPIRATIONS. Email us with your top 10 Aspirations from the list. If you feel that any Aspirations are not clear enough or that there are any Aspirations that have not been represented then please email with your comments and feedback."" Email: contact@peckhamcodesign.org
  • The Council's consultants will be giving an update to the Peckham Community Council on Monday 10th November 7pm at Peckham Academy. Agenda: http://goo.gl/QZHhAO
  • The CoDesign remit has been limited to the creation of a square in front of the station between the two rail viaducts. This has been a surprise as it left out the development issues that caused local people to protest very strongly in early 2014 against proposals put forward by Network Rail.
  • It has emerged that plans are still being developed for the rest of the site, including new taller buildings on Blenheim Grove and Holly Grove.
  • Comments on the other parts of the site and how it fits together have been recorded by the consultants. So if you have views on any of the site development and the area surrounding it,send them in as points to take into account in the Atlas. Email: contact@peckhamcodesign.org

As time is now very short, here is a summary list of topics that have stimulated comments, and which you can use to check if you have anything further you wish to say or need to be reflected in the Atlas:

  • Design of the new square, & services & facilities, including public toilets.
  • The station building & access to the station platforms.
  • Future of Holly Grove & Blenheim Grove commercial buildings.
  • Preserving & restoring the cluster of Art Deco buildings in that area.
  • Future of Dovedale Court and improving forecourts in Blenheim Grove.
  • Opening up Eastern arches, & green pathways along the rail lines towards Queen's Rd station.
  • Public realm in central Rye Lane around the station site.
  • Need for integrated town planning.

Links for more information on some of these in thinking about your comments:

October 2014 Blenheim Grove corner feasibility study

In October 2014, the Council commissioned Weston Wiliamson & Partners to carry out a feasibility study for replacing the existing art deco building at 82 Rye Lane & 2-10 Blenheim Grove. The report on this is HERE. It concludes that four storeys is the optimum height for a new building. The question which was subsequently asked in the co-design process at this stage was whether the benefits of such a new building justified its cost, disruption and loss of the art deco quarter.

September - October Some CoDesign comments

Here are some extracts from comments posted up on the CoDesign website:

  • I think we need a coherent plan for the whole area owned by Network Rail rather than a bitty approach. Personally I think all that needs to happen is a bit of painting and tidying up. We don’t need any new tall buildings and I think we need to preserve the Art Deco buildings around the station. I think Dovedale Court and its businesses should be protected. Maybe just open out the front of the station a bit but please keep businesses that have been in Peckham for years! There is no need at all to turn Peckham into Clapham- peckham is beautiful as it is, it just needs a lick of paint. Olivia Brambill
  • Why are the development issues that caused local people to protest very strongly in early 2014, against proposals put forward by Network Rail, not part of the scope of the Co-Design process? Planning issues in the central Peckham area need to be looked at in an integrated way. Extract from Sally Mcintosh & Kevin OBrien
  • The new opened space in front of the station will be a core part of the town centre. So its design needs to take into account fully how it will function socially, physically, commercially and economically in relation to the area close by – notably Elm Grove, Holly Grove, Blenheim Grove, Rye Lane between Elm Grove, Cinema/Moncrieff Place, Bournemouth Road and the future potential developments in the eastern arches. We need to develop an overall holistic town centre plan for this central Rye Lane area for the day, evening and night time economies. Extract from Eileen Conn

September - October 2014 CoDesign Process for comments

Comments have been contributed in a variety of ways:

Thursday 16th October Community exhibition & Peckham Society symposium

THURSDAY 16th OCTOBER 4pm Exhibition. 7-9pm Forum with slide show: the Peckham Society's annual symposium, jointly presented with Peckham Vision

Tues 7th October Community Discussion: Re-imagining Peckham Rye station area

This event on 7th October 6-9pm was the first in our new temporary exhibition studio space, and was busy from the moment the doors opened. It displayed the community model of central Rye Lane, and also the Nicholas Cobb model of the multi storey car park in 100 years after some cataclysmic event. The Peckham Vision mobile exhibition displays were available as were specially produced wall displays of photos, maps and diagrams, about the station area, collected from a variety of sources including local people's imaginative sketches. They all supported lively discussions between local residents re-imagining the buildings and the spaces around the station.

Earlier dates 2007 - 2014

Click here for earlier dates:

April 2007 – January 2013 http://www.peckhamvision.org/wiki/Peckham_Rye_Station_stages

April 2013 to November 2013 http://www.peckhamvision.org/wiki/Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway/2011-2013

January – September 2014 http://www.peckhamvision.org/wiki/Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway/Jan-Sep_2014