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Cross-River Tram planned route.

The Cross-River Tram is a project to link Camden, Brixton and Peckham by tram. The project was organised by TfL (Transport for London), for the Cross River Partnership and the previous London Mayor. The current Mayor has removed the project from TfL's long term planning. It was intended to run from Camden Town, Euston and Kings Cross in the north, down to Aldwych. It would then go across Waterloo Bridge to Waterloo Station where the line divides. One branch would go down towards Brixton (possibly via the Elephant), and the other branch towards Peckham. The route between the Elephant and Peckham was not decided, but both the main options avoided Walworth Road and Camberwell. One suggestion followed the route of the 343 bus - down Heygate St, Thurlow St, across Burgess Park and the Wells way and Southampton Way to Peckham. The second option was slightly more direct and crosses Burgess Park to meet Chandler way before arriving in Peckham. More...