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The area designated as Site 63P. It was renamed 71P when the UDP was finalised.

The Council are in the midst of developing their planning policies for Peckham town centre. They have completed the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) for the borough's land use, and this includes a statement about certain commercial areas, including Peckham town centre. Click here for the statement for Peckham. The next stage is the development of the PAAP (the Peckham Area Action Plan). From May 2007 for several months, the Council will be issuing for public consultation a number of papers on different aspects of this. See the Willowbrook Centre Website for more information.

The proposed Cross-River Tram is a main feature of the Council's plans for Peckham town centre, and this promises to improve public transport to and from Peckham, help to create employment prospects for Peckham people both locally and elsewhere in London, and help to stimulate trade and businesses in Peckham. More...