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Peckham Area Action Plan and Opportunity sites.

The Council proposes that the PAAP should cover Peckham town centre, and along Queens Road. See the PAAP map. This map identifies what the Council calls ‘Opportunity sites’ and also called 'Development sites’, three of which were identified in the UDP–

  • Peckham Rye station, off Rye Lane to the west;
  • the multi-storey car park and cinema, off Rye Lane to the east, behind Woolworths
  • Peckham Square, Peckham Pulse, and Peckham Wharf, near the High Street.

Two new ones have been identified–

  • The Aylesham Centre, near the High Street, including Morrison’s and the car park;
  • Wooddene Estate, on Queen’s Road.

The largest site identified in the UDP as a development site, named site 63P/71P in the UDP, has been omitted from this map, see Tram depot proposals for its location. Read more...