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Old Mill Building, a potential nomination for the Local List


After a campaign organised by the amenity groups in Southwark, leading up to the local elections in May 2018, the Council agreed to introduce a Heritage Local List. This has now been included as a new policy in the proposed New Southwark Plan (NSP). The Council are aiming to consult on the preparation of the Local List in the autumn of 2019 in a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). Further information is shown on this webpage below.

Public Meeting 20th March 2019

Peckham Vision have arranged a public event to encourage community interest across the borough in the preparation of the Local List. This will be on
Wednesday 20th March, 6pm exhibition, 7pm – 9pm meeting with Speakers & Discussion
At The Old Mill Building , 72 Copeland Road, SE15, opposite Bournemouth Road.
More information about the Old Mill Building and events.

  • If you are keen to protect local heritage in your area and also to encourage other local people to help in that protection, this is an event for you. We will explore how community groups can take action on this in their own area, and you can connect with others keen to take action.
  • The exhibition and the meeting will look at the Old Mill Building as an example of a local heritage asset, how to think about heritage buildings and spaces, and about the preparation of the Heritage Local List. There will be several short talks followed by questions and discussion.
  • We hope that many from SPN will come to the meeting to take part in thinking of ways to enable local people to say what is important to them in their area's local heritage, and find out how to protect it.

If you aim to come, to help us gauge numbers, please register on eventbrite.

Historic England Guidance

Historic England produce guidance on the criteria for nominations to a Local List. They say: “There may be many buildings and sites in a local planning authority’s area that make a positive contribution to its local character and sense of place because of their heritage value. Although such heritage assets may not be nationally designated or even located within the boundaries of a conservation area, they may be offered some level of protection by the local planning authority identifying them on a formally adopted list of local heritage assets.” More from: https://historicengland.org.uk/advice/hpg/has/locallylistedhas

Protecting our Local Heritage

Peckham Vision's display panel explaining the heritage Local List for events in Peckham.

Protecting Local Heritage Final.jpg