Copeland Cultural Quarter

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Half of site 63P/71P, the part between Rye Lane and Copeland Road, is already a thriving mixed area of artists' studios, art galleries, a variety of small businesses, retail and creative industry, housing and other community uses, and has the emerging feel of a Cultural Quarter. A major part of the land is owned and operated by Copeland Industrial Park (CIP), and so the area and its immediate surrounds is becoming known as the Copeland Cultural Quarter (CCQ).

See here for a satellite view of the Copeland Cultural Quarter, showing its location, and here for a street plan showing its links with the Peckham Rye station area, which is also emerging as a cultural quarter.

CCQ masterplan.

The draft masterplan here illustrates the concept of a mixed organic development with the gradual rehabilitation of historic buildings integrated with new build, creating linked squares and courtyards, and the Copeland Cultural Quarter providing a comfortable transition between the town centre in the west and housing to the east.

This plan complements the similar vision for Peckham Rye station and its adjacent environment behind and in front, which Southwark Council are developing following the agreement to explore opening up the piazza in front of the station see here.


CCQ masterplan.
A streetplan of the Copeland Cultural Quarter and the proposed redevelopment of Peckham Rye Station.
A comparison of the split-site tram depot and the Copeland Cultural Quarter.