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This is an updated version of Councillor's briefing October 2006.pdf, updated in January 2007.

This briefing pack is designed to outline the issues raised by the proposal to locate the Cross River Tram Depot on Site 63P/71P in the heart of Peckham Town Centre, and to indicate the way forward.

The briefing pack is also available to download on a per-page basis in pdf or jpeg format:

  1. Download page one (jpeg) - Front Cover
  2. Download page two (jpeg) - Summary of Briefing
  3. Download page three (jpeg) - Comparison of size of Single-site and Split-site plans
  4. Download page four (jpeg) - Role of Site in Integrated Growth of Peckham Town Centre
  5. Download page five (jpeg) - Selection of Peckham for the Tram Depot
  6. Download page six (jpeg) - Impact of Tram Depot on Peckham Town Centre
  7. Download page seven (jpeg) - The Way Forward