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January 2019

[[ information on the campaign to save the Old Mill Building.]]

9th September 2018 Open for visit

The Old Mill Building 72 Copeland Park, SE15, the home of Communities Outreach Ministries, a Pentecostal church will be open between 12pm – 1pm on Sunday 9th September for the start of the Southwark Inter Faith walk. There will be a talk about the Pentecostal church Communities Outreach Ministries and their work to restore the historic building, and then the walk will visit other faith places in Peckham and on to Bermondsey and Burgess Park. To book a place register on eventbrite here. Click here to print a copy of the poster with the map of the walk.

SLP NSP Blackpool Rd - Mill building 1280 300.jpg

23rd February 2018 Submitting comments

Comments on the Council’s consultation on the redevelopment plans for the Blackpool Road site have to be sent to by 27th February 2018. It is important to get emails in:

  • to support the preservation of the Old Mill Building, on the Blackpool Road site, as a heritage and community asset, See here for a short video about the building,
  • to say you value BuildBase being there if you use it, and
  • for the whole site redevelopment proposals to be revised following real discussion with local people and users of the businesses on the site.

The Council will present all the comments to the Government for the public hearings to be conducted by an independent Planning Inspector in 2019. The more comments there are about a particular site the more likely that site will be examined at the public hearings.

  • For the Council's proposals for the site, click here. To see them, click on the link for Peckham in the list of neighbourhoods. There you will find a one page map, one page Peckham Area Vision statement and 2 pages for NSP76 Blackpool Rd on pages 314-315. Look at the map of the site, the 'site vision' text and the 'design and accessibility guidance' text. That is all that is said and it is an inadequate guide for the redevelopment, as well as ignoring the current viable businesses and uses of the site.

This is a suggested format for comments. The text in that can be copied and pasted into an email (after adding your personal details) and you can add or edit it as you wish. It would be good to tweak it to personalise it, but this is not essential.
Please email if you have any queries. You could also drop in to the Peckham Vision shop in Holdrons Arcade, 135A Rye Lane on Saturday 24th February 2-5pm. We will be glad to help on this.

Introduction to Blackpool Road site

This is an industrial site with Blackpool Road running across it from east to west (site 4 in the map below). This site is the second half (the other half being Copeland Park, including the Bussey Building) of what 10 years ago was proposed for redevelopment as the tram depot. The site is still occupied as it was then in the north part by the bus garage, Council streetworks base, a large Victorian industrial building (now restored by and occupied by a church), and a small block of flats; and in the south half by Buildbase a large builders’ merchants.

The council propose to turn both halves of this into a site for a mixed development of housing and small office type business. A key issue here is that London is losing small industrial sites like this for housing at a very alarming rate and much faster than envisaged in the London Plan. It is alarming as the London economy and social structures need land like this all over London for necessary functions. So there is a case for saying that this land should continue to be allocated as light industrial space and not given over to housing and office type uses. This is about land use designation preserving it for light industrial uses into the future. Local people are exploring ideas about the way the building merchants use of the land could be linked with horticultural uses so encouraging more environmentally friendly construction. There is also a case for keeping the Victorian mill building as it is part of Peckham’s industrial heritage and a good solid building with potential for many uses in the future. Here is a short video about the building, which is entered from Copeland Road opposite Bournemouth Road.

18th November 2017 Community Outreach Ministries community event

This was a boot sale and event for the local community in the lovely spacious Old Mill Building which is part of our local Victorian industrial heritage, near the Bussey Building across Copeland Road. It has been restored by the Community Outreach Ministries church over the last few years. Peckham Vision had a stall at the event to give information to Church members and local residents about the Council’s redevelopment plans and the local efforts to save the building from demolition.
Photos from the community event:

IMG 20171118 100314.jpg
PVStall COM 18Nov 2.jpg
IMG 20171118 115851.jpg
IMG 20171118 115821.jpg
IMG 20171118 120533.jpg
IMG 20171118 120225.jpg

8th October 2017 The Old Mill Building

The Old Mill Building is thought to have been a wood mill when first built over 100 years ago. It is one of the few remaining parts of Peckham's industrial heritage along with the neighbouring Bussey Building and the former Holdrons warehouses in Copeland Park across the road. The building has been restored over the last 10 years by a church of the Community Outreach Ministries. On 8th October 2017 the Peckham Vision team met the congregation to share their mutual interests in saving the building from demolition.

May 2017 submissions on Peckham 4 sites

The Council’s consultation on the NSP Preferred Options for site allocations and Area Visions originally ended on 28th April, but has now been extended until 7th July. Here is a copy of the submissions from Peckham Vision's coordinator from the collation of the comments and discussion facilitated during the consultation for the following Peckham sites:

4 sites walk map

April 2017 4 sites walk

On 1st April, Peckham Vision facilitated a walk around the 4 Peckham sites. allocated in the New Southwark Plan for re-development in Peckham. Around 40 joined us for the walk on a busy Saturday morning. Here are some brief Facebook reports and pictures from the event:

April 2017 comments on the NSP

Over the last several weeks our Peckham Vision community team has facilitated a number of discussions through meetings, site walks and email exchanges about the proposals, and helped many people to engage with the planning policy documents and processes. We have brought together in four pdfs, one for each of the 4 sites, the basic facts about each site, and some of the comments that have been made in this process together with the Council's own NSP text. These 4 pdfs can be used as a checklist to consider what comments to make on any of the sites. This is the pdf for Blackpool Road:

  • NSP57 Copeland Road Industrial site: this is the industrial land on both sides of Blackpool Road which houses several businesses including BuildBase and the bus garage. Pdf here.

Further information on previous NSP work here.