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This is an industrial site with Blackpool Road running across it from east to west (site 4 in the map below). This site is the second half (the other half being Copeland Park, including the Bussey Building) of what 10 years ago was proposed for redevelopment as the tram depot. The site is still occupied as it was then in the north part by the bus garage, Council streetworks base, a church in a large Victorian building, and a small block of flats; and in the south half by Buildbase a large builders’ merchants. The Council is proposing it should be redeveloped for mixed use as housing and small business spaces.

Local people are canvassing their neighbours to prepare for a local discussion about the plans. If you would like to take part please email

May 2017 submissions on Peckham 4 sites

The Council’s consultation on the NSP Preferred Options for site allocations and Area Visions originally ended on 28th April, but has now been extended until 7th July. Here is a copy of the submissions from Peckham Vision's coordinator from the collation of the comments and discussion facilitated during the consultation for the following Peckham sites:

4 sites walk map

April 2017 4 sites walk

April 2017 comments on the NSP

Over the last several weeks our Peckham Vision community team has facilitated a number of discussions through meetings, site walks and email exchanges about the proposals, and helped many people to engage with the planning policy documents and processes. We have brought together in four pdfs, one for each of the 4 sites, the basic facts about each site, and some of the comments that have been made in this process together with the Council's own NSP text. These 4 pdfs can be used as a checklist to consider what comments to make on any of the sites. This is the pdf for Blackpool Road:

  • NSP57 Copeland Road Industrial site: this is the industrial land on both sides of Blackpool Road which houses several businesses including BuildBase and the bus garage. Pdf here.

Further information on previous NSP work here.