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*[[Peckham Town Centre]]*[[Planning]]
*[[Peckham Town Centre]]*[[Planning]]
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*[[Transforming Central Rye Lane]]
*[[Transforming Central Rye Lane]]
[[Image:Aylesham Pano.jpg|thumb|center|900px|Morrison's car park]]
[[Image:Aylesham Pano.jpg|thumb|center|900px|Morrison's car park]]
==Latest News about the development==
==Latest News about the development==

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Morrison's car park

Latest News about the development

NSP Area Visions and Site Allocations Preferred Option draft (web) (1)-209.jpg

February 2017 Local voices

6th February 2017 New Southwark Plan (NSP)

The Council has published its Preferred Option of the New Southwark Plan (NSP) the borough land use planning policy for the next 15 - 20 years. This contains a revised plan for the Aylesham site which was first designated as a development site in the PNAAP (Peckham Area Action Plan).

First consultations November 2016

Tiger Developments held their first public discussions with local people in November 2016 at two developer organised workshops in Rye Lane Chapel. The reports from these workshops are here. To be kept up to date with future events organised by the developers email: info@ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk . Their website is here: http://www.ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk

Background to Aylesham & Morrison's site development

Aylesham Plan.png


The largest re-development site in Peckham town centre is the Aylesham Centre and Morrison’s car park.

Southwark News has reported that up to 1000 new flats, with shops, evening entertainment and public space could replace the current shops and car park. The site is owned by a joint enterprise between Tiger Developments and hedge fund Blackrock. For such a large and important site it is essential that local people have a chance to contribute their ideas and their needs before the site owners develop their plans for discussion with the Council.

For a long time we asked Tiger Developments and Blackrock, the owners and developers, to meet with us to discuss how local people can contribute before the plans are further developed. We had no response. Out of the blue in mid November 2016 we received an email about a consultation workshop on 23rd November 2016. This was far too little notice, and places limited to 50. After protestations at the limit on numbers they arranged a second workshop for the following evening. The developer's report on the workshops is here. Developer's information about the development is here. People should email info@ayleshamcentrepeckham.co.uk to ask to be on their mailing list for further events and information.

What local people say

Local voices from summer 2016

Each year, Peckham Vision takes its stall and mobile exhibition about the town centre developments to several community fairs and festivals. The fairs are well attended and over the years since 2008, we have discussed the town centre developments with hundreds of local people. In 2016 one of the displays was about the Aylesham Centre redevelopment and we asked people to put comments on post-it notes. All the comments were typed up and are shown here. Selections and summaries of the comments are shown to illustrate the themes that emerged under these headings: • Scale & height of buildings • Street scene • Housing • Uses on the site • Facilities on the site • Consultation process.

Spring 2016

We held an informal event in March 2016 at Peckham Library Square together with UCL students who presented their design proposals for the site, all with the purpose to bring awareness to the demolition and potential changes and to received feedback from locals on what they want.

Their survey showed that local people think they should be allowed to decide how the development goes, who it's for, how tall the buildings are and how it contributes to the local economy. The survey reflects well known opinion about the town centre:

  • We wish to keep Peckham mixed and diverse
  • A call for more public toilets
  • Traffic flow considerations
  • Provision for the disabled
  • A call for green space
  • We need safe spaces and activities for the elderly, children and community use
  • We wish to support local business
  • Keep parking capacity that currently serves the site and help local businesses
  • A call for a market, garden growing, and fresh produce for Peckham people
  • we want a street scene and not a closed shopping mall
  • We want the gaps filled in basic quality high street provision

Oliver Goldsmith Estate (Peckham) resident, Peckham Vision volunteer and UCL academic John Bingham-Hall said:
this is the biggest development in the town centre and will fundamentally shape Peckham’s character. The developers are working on plans without having asked residents what they would like to see happen here - they’re missing out on so many good ideas. Many people are positive about change but want to see it happen in a way that benefits them. So rather than wait to be consulted we decided to start the conversation ourselves and get people talking. It’s fantastic that we could link up Peckham Vision’s energy with the skills of the Bartlett students, who were looking for a community project to work on. I just hope Tiger Developments can see that this will be better for everyone if we work together.”

Upcoming events and consultation dates

  • Community-led workshop Sat 21st January 2017 to develop communities' ideas and aspirations for the site.
  • Developer's workshop on 23rd November 2016.
  • Peckham Vision's stall has information about the development. The photos show the stall and display informing people of the Aylesham's redevelopment and asking them for views on what they wanted on that site, at Goose Green community fair on 8th May 2016. We have had the stall at several community fairs over the summer - Nunhead Cemetery Open Day on Sat 21st May, Choumert Sq Open Gardens 5th June, Brimmington Park Festival 2nd July, and at the Peckham Rye Fete on 3rd September. The information is also available in the Peckham Rye shop in Holdron's Arcade at 135A Rye Lane on Saturday and Tuesday afertnoons 2-4pm. Do come and visit.

thumb displays
thumb displays
thumb displays
thumb displays

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South London Press (29 March 2016)

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