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12-16 Blenheim Grove


"The central part of Rye Lane in Peckham has a remarkable cluster of Art Deco buildings, markers of the commercial vigour and enterprise of local business which made Rye Lane South London’s premier shopping destination in the late 19th and 20th centuries. These buildings also demonstrate how London’s commercial architects were quick to adopt the new modernist architectural style which was making waves on the Continent and in the United States. Peckham’s Art Deco Quarter comprises more than six buildings in the central part of Rye Lane, with a further three which were alas demolished in the last decade along the Lane. This group includes the arcade and the buildings around Peckham Rye Railway Station, The former department store opposite at 117-125 Rye Lane, Holdron’s department store & show rooms at 135 Rye Lane and on Bournemouth Road, the former C&A store at 72-74 Rye Lane and the former Marks and Spencer Store at 54-58 Rye Lane…" - extract from an article by Benedict O’Looney M.Arch RIBA on ‘Rye Lane’s Art Deco Quarter...

A1-PV-Panel-Art-Deco-Quarte 1024 web.jpg Download map and pictures of the Art Deco Quarter around Peckham Rye station.