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There are four major statutory procedures which govern the development of plans for Peckham town centre. They also each provide different arrangements for public opportunity to comment, contribute and object formally. These are:

  • UDP (Unitary Development Plan) process - The statutory process for developing the 10 year land use plan for the borough.
  • LDF (Local Development Plan Framework) - The new statutory arrangements which over the next three years will replace the UDP process.
  • The PAAP (Peckham Area Action Plan) - The next stage after the adoption of the UDP which will set the planning policy for Peckham.
  • Transport & Works Act - The statutory process which will govern the planning decisions on the tram route and the tram depot.

This section outlines those processes and indicates how they will affect the processes in Peckham. For further information on planning see the Willowbrook Centre website.