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'''This page is under construction.'''
There is a huge programme of development coming to Peckham town centre. It will have a big impact on us all. This is made up of planned development projects and planning applications. The sites are at different stages in the planning system. Some are at very early stages, some leading up to planning applications, and others on their way through the planning application process. Some are identified in the PNAAP (Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan) approved in 2014, others have emerged since then. Those that are known to be active (April 2016) in the planning system are identified on the map below. '''The key to the numbers is below the map.''' Already a number of issues are emerging which result from the large number of planned developments and the scale of each of them. This page will record the These issues are being collated as they emerge for the town centre. There are already separate pages for some sites shown on this map, where Peckham Vision's work has been in progress for some time. These are:
* [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park|06. Cinema/Multi storey car park/Bold Tendencies/Peckham Levels]]
* [[133_Rye_Lane|07. 133 Rye Lane]]

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