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==2016 Planning applications submitted==
'''[[Planning_Applications_Individual|A summary is shown here ]]''' of basic information for each known case, including the link to the Council Planning webpage. You can see other comments on that Council weblink. Remember that the dates for comments are often extended beyond the date shown in early information, and unless it says comments closed you can submit comments on the website. If in doubt, email the case officer and/or ===25th June 2016===These are live planning applications:<BR>'''CENTRAL RYE LANE''' * PNAAP 4 38-42 Rye Lane'''TOWN CENTRE SOUTH'''*[ Bournemouth Close] (Peckham Palms, between Atwell Estate and Rye Lane, behind the shops) * [ 213 Rye Lane] (Lobos, fish shop and factory)* [ 269-275 Rye Lane (PNAAP 23)]* [ 33 Sternhall Lane] + 190 Rye Lane   * '''TOWN CENTRE NORTH'''**[ 95 Peckham Road] (former petrol station)**[ 108 Peckham High St] (current Corals) **[ 1 Rye Lane] (new Costa) *'''CENTRAL RYE LANE'''**[ 95a Rye Lane](Peckham Levels)**[ 133 Rye Lane] (Front of Bussey)*'''TOWN CENTRE SOUTH'''**[ Bournemouth Close] (Between Atwell Estate and Rye Lane, behind the shops) **[ 199/201 Rye Lane] (loss/relocation of Post Office)**[ 213 Rye Lane] (Lobos, fish shop and factory)**[ 218-222 Rye Lane] (Foxtons)**[ 285 Rye Lane](opposite Pedlers & Old Spike Roastery)**[ 269-275 Rye Lane] (opposite Nigel Road)(new application, not in the pdf list)

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