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===Identifying issues===
[[Image:269-275 Rye Lane tumblr inline o7bow3Z3P11reu5wk 500.png|right|300px|thumb|proposed new building 269-275 Rye Lane. PP]]
Here is a checklist of topics to consider:
* Housing – type, who can afford them, how much social housing/affordable housing [[Planning_Applications_Overall#Social_housing_provision|See below.]]
[[Image:1 Rye Lane for Costa Coffee tumblr inline o727dhxUzx1reu5wk 500.png|right|300px|thumb|1 Rye Lane proposed Costa Coffee site. PP]]
[[Image:Tumblr inline o7o6h9QeTd1reu5wk 500.png|right|300px|thumb|proposed new building 'Peckham Palms' in Bournemouth Close. PP ]]
==2016 Planning applications submitted==

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