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** [ Council Cabinet recommend Planning Committee adopt immediate Article 4:] informed citizens’ in action
[[Image:IMG 5837 adj+crop 2400.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Art Deco installation|art deco installation launch April 2015]]
'''Working together:'''
[[Image:IMG 5837 adj+crop 2400.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Art Deco installation]]
* [[Local economy]]
* [[Rye Lane Traders' Association]]
'''Peckham Vision's floating Art Deco installation'''
* [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#11th_April_2015_launch_of_Peckham_Vision.E2.80.99s_art_deco_installation|launched at community event on 8th April 2015>>>>>]]
==Peckham Rye Station Connections==
Peckham rail services to central London are run by different rail companies. Each rail company has maps of just their own services. So the [ Tube map] shows just TfL services, and none of the other several direct connections with the Tube. Network Rail's maps don’t give a clear picture about Peckham’s Tube connections. So we produced this map showing Peckham's direct connections to the Tube, and to central London. Click the map for print copy.[ Click here for more background].

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