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[[Image:IMGP0044.JPG|thumb|right|300px|Goose Green Fair]]
[[Image:Peckham-Rye-Station-2013-01 lo.jpg|right|thumb|270px|Original Victorian staircase to [[Old Waiting Room]].]]
[[Image:IMG 9542 adj 2400.jpg|thumb|right|270px|Community talks about Peckham's future]]
[[Image:IMG 5467 adj lo.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Peckham [[Multi-Storey Car Park]].]]
[[Image:IMG 5837 adj+crop 2400.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Art Deco installation]]
{{notice|'''Please donate:'''Welcome to Peckham Visionis a local group that works to keep local people informed of changes in our community, and how they can take action where needed.We rely on voluntary contributions; please make a donation so we can continue this important work. To make a donation please '''<br>[[Donate|click here]]'''.}}Visit our shop in Holdron's Arcade, 135a RYE LANE: <br> Open Saturdays 2-4pm, Tuesdays 2-4pm Traders’ drop in<br>
Peckham Vision stall[[Image:Fete 16 final rgb.jpg|thumb|right|200px|click picture to enlarge]]* '''Sunday 8th [[Image:IMAG7618.jpeg|thumb|right|200px|Nunhead Cemetery Open Day May 11am21st 2016]][[Image:Peckham-Rye-Station-2013-4pm01 lo.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Original Victorian staircase to [[Old Waiting Room]].]][[Image:IMG 9542 adj 2400.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Community talks about Peckham's future]][[Image:IMG 5467 adj lo.jpg|thumb|right|190px|Peckham Multi-Storey]][[Image:IMG_6385 RLTA social networking event.jpg|thumb|right|190px|Rye Lane Trader'' - Goose Green Dulwich festivals networking]]Peckham Vision stall:<br>* '''Saturday 21st May 11amSat 3rd September 12-5pm''' - Friends of Nunhead Cemetery Open dayPeckham Rye Fete <br>
==='''Recent Events===* '''27th January<br>*<small>''' - Peckham's future community meeting: [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#27th_January_Town_Centre_Community_meeting25th_May_2016_Town_Centre_waste_.26_recycling|report & picturesLaunch of Peckham Town Centre Cleanup!]] Tues 19th July drop-in 3-8pm,meeting 6.30-7.30pm.'''*[ Sat 2nd July Brimmington Park Festival]] *[ huge turnoutWed 29th June Deputation to Community Council cumulative impact planning applications] *'''[ at Community Sunday 5th June Choumert Sq Open Gardens Day''']*[ Saturday 21st May Frds Nunhead Cemetery Open day]<br>* [ Sunday 8th May Goose Green Dulwich festival] [ more]* [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#27th_January_Town_Centre_Community_meeting|27th January 'Peckham's future' community meeting: report & pictures]].</small>
==Current topical issues==
* '''[[Planning_Applications_Overall#17th_May_2016_current_applications |Current planning applications]]'''
* '''[[Major_developments|Major developments in Peckham town centre]]'''
* '''[[Aylesham/Morrison_site|Aylesham/Morrison site]]'''
* '''[[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#April_2016_update|Peckham Multi Storey future]]'''
* '''[[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#Campaign_to_protect_Peckham.27s_rooftop_views|Protect Peckham's rooftop views]]''' ([ '''Sign the petition'''])
* '''[[Transforming_Central_Rye_Lane#Central_Rye_Lane:_Two_New_Green_Paths|Two new green paths from Rye Lane]]'''
* '''[[Old_Waiting_Room#4_March_2016_ITV_News|Old Waiting Room & Staircase restoration]]'''
*'''[[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#January-March_2016|Peckham Rye Station Gateway redevelopment]]
==Key pages==
** [ Copeland Park], [[Copeland_Cultural_Quarter|Copeland Cultural Quarter]], and the [[Bussey Building]]
** [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park|Multi-Storey Car Park]]
**[[Transforming_Central_Rye_Lane#Central_Rye_Lane:_Two_New_Green_Paths|Two new green paths from Rye Lane]]
** From the archives: [[Visions_for_Peckham#An_alternative_vision_for_Rye_Lane_Central|alternative vision]]
* '''[[Planning|Town Centre Planning]]'''
** [[PeckhamPlanningNetwork]] (PPN)
**[[Planning_Applications_Overall|Planning applications]]
** [[Major_developments|Major developments map]]
** [[Aylesham/Morrison_site|Aylesham/Morrison site]]
** [ Council Cabinet recommend Planning Committee adopt immediate Article 4:] informed citizens’ in action
* [[Local economy]]
* [[Rye Lane Traders' Association]]
* [[Inter faith|Inter-faith]] '''Peckham Vision's floating Art Deco installation''' * [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#11th_April_2015_launch_of_Peckham_Vision.E2.80.99s_art_deco_installation|launched at community event on 8th April 2015<br>>>>>]] 
==Peckham Rye Station Connections==
[[Image:A3_Master_SRUG_-_Peckham_Rye_tube_map_-_ELL_v.08%28f%29_LoRes.jpg|leftthumb|500pxright|390px|link=]] <br>Peckham rail services to central London are run by different rail companies. Each rail company has maps of just their own services. So This means:* the [ Tube map] shows just TfL services, and none of the other several direct connections with the Tube. * Network Rail's maps don’t give a clear picture about Peckham’s Tube connections. So we produced this map showing Peckham's direct connections to the Tube, and to central London. It shows how they link with TfL's underground (Tube) and overground services. '''Click the map for a print copy'''.[ Click here for more background].   {{box|“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” <br>''Margaret Mead''}}<br>
''“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”'' Margaret Mead''<br>
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[[Image:donate.gif|160px|center|link=|Donate to Peckham Vision through PayPal]]
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