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<p class="title">Donate to Peckham Vision</p>
<p class="content">Peckham Vision is a not-for-profit community group that works to keep local citizens well informed. If you use any of our material, please acknowledge Peckham Vision as its source and consider a donation for Peckham Vision funds. <br>
[[Image:donate.gif|160px|center ]]
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<p class="title">Events</p>
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<p class="title">Visit our shop</p>
<p class="content">'''We have a shop in Holdrons Arcade!'''<br>Open Saturdays 2-4pm, Tuesdays 2-4pm Traders’ drop in.</p>
<span class="hpimg">[[Image:HoldronsArcade.jpg|200px]]</span>

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